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  1. Vince De Rosa RIP

    LA -based studio horn player who played on many West Coast jazz dates (strikingly on Duane Tatro's "Jazz for Moderns") has passed away at age 101.
  2. Vince De Rosa RIP

    Wow indeed. Here he is on Tatro's "Minor Incident" (after Bob Envelodson's v. tb. solo, written out by Tatro). It's brief but DeRosa's horn call has always stuck in my mind.
  3. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Just got my hands on it today. Don't pass this up! Much of it will be new to many of us, but much of what will be new to many of us is superb. Just on disc one, a Cliff Jackson date with lovely fluent, fluid Pee Wee Russell, outside of his then typical Condon framework (not that there's anything wrong with that, but this is different), and another Jackson date with Bechet excelling in a sideman role alongside Sidney DeParis. And Jackson was no slouch as a solo pianist. Fine liner notes by Dan Morgenstern, as one might expect. with others pinch-hitting at times.
  4. Columbia Ellington LPs: Who are the engineers?

    Plaut also did a lot classical recording for Columbia. His wife was a classical soprano who was closely associated with Poulenc.
  5. Jazz Monthly

    Entering this discussion late, but my view is that the responsibility of reviewers/would-be critics is 1) to accurately reflect , as they see it, what is going on in the music in general, as well as to 2) be reliable consumer guides. If the recording under review seems to exemplify a less than positive trend/development, one must say so.
  6. on bari and then on alto, with Mike Holobar, Rick Syracuse, and Dick Berk
  7. Post a pic

    You guys can start up this thread again, but NO political content allowed!
  8. Gil Melle

    Your points about Melle are well taken, but there's still something about him that gets to me. For better or worse, he sounds like no one but himself.
  9. Gil Melle

    I like all of Melle's Blue Note and Prestige recordings. And don't forget Louis Mecca. Melle's pieces had an atttractive "crunch" to them. One of them, "Threadneedle St." has a coy ambling melody that I can't get it out of my head. His solo work was quite distinctive, like Stan Getz translated to bassoon.
  10. Health report

    Just back home from robotic lung surgery to remove carcinoid tumor (non cancerous -- whew) and two weeks of rehab -- thought they'd never let me go.
  11. Jazz Monthly

    jazz Monthly had a quite a roster of critics: Max Harrison, Albert McCarthy, Terry Martin, Jack Cooke, Alun Morgan, Ronald Atkins, etc.
  12. Tell Us How Much You Love Ernie Henry

    I've long been fond of "Two Horns, Two Rhythm" with Henry and Kenny Dorham -- they made a fine team. Drummer Was G.T. Hogan, bassist I don't recall but he was a good one. P.S. Alternating bassists were Eddie Mathias and Wilbur Ware. Whole album is on YouTube.
  13. Tell Us How Much You Love Ernie Henry

    If, as the evidence suggests, Monk liked Henry, that's all I need to know. Not sure what you mean by Jackie's facade, though. He came at us more or less naked on many occasions viz: on "Help" from "Jackie McLean and Co."
  14. Tell Us How Much You Love Ernie Henry

    And what did Martin think of Jackie McLean? He and Henry are points on much the same line. Martin was, as I once wrote, a sober puritan at times.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    And the album itself is at least as magical.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    How many times in my youth did I think what it would be like to disrobe the woman in that cover photo.
  17. Superb Rollins recording from 1958

    I meant that track, not the whole album, which is OK but not top notch. But "What's My Name" sure is IMO.
  18. with Henry Grimes and Roy Haynes. It has several of Rollins' sonata-like climaxes.
  19. What music did you buy today?

    Virgina Black -- Goldberg Variations
  20. Borje Fredriksson

    Anyone familiar with this Swedish tenorman who sadly took his own life (drowned himself) at age 31 in 1968? He can be heard on "Fredriksson Special" (Dragon). Trane influenced but he had his own voice.
  21. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Mel was a piece of work for sure. IIRC I once wrote a review that said that when he sang a love song the effect was like he was holding a mirror in front of his face.
  22. Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz

    Maybe my favorite Dietz lyric: "By Myself" The party's over, the game is ended The dreams I dreamed went up in smoke They didn't pan out as I had intended I should know how to take a joke I'll go my way by myself, this is the end of romance I'll go my way by myself, love is only a dance I'll try to apply myself and teach my heart to sing I'll go my way by myself like a bird on the wing I'll face the unknown, I'll build a world of my own No one knows better than I, myself, I'm by myself alone I'll go my way by myself, here's how the comedy ends I'll have to deny myself love and laughter and friends Grey clouds in sky above have put a blot on my fun I'll try to fly high above for a place in the sun I'll face the unknown, I'll build a world of my own No one knows better than I, myself, I'm by myself alone What is that?