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  1. MLB Season 2020

    don't you all want to see the season cancelled after 8-9 games???? anyway, baseball via radio, 1934!!!! WOW! This is the famous game Carl Hubbell struck out all those HOF'ers!
  2. BDT #56 disc 2 answers

    First, sorry for the delay. At first, it was just pure laziness after doing this for disc one, then legit reasons crept in! Now I am sick, and want to at least get a start on it....Hopefully it will at least make some sense..... Disc 2 (Used cd set is $51, but you can get most if not all the tracks on other cds) 1. Jazz Battle. The Rhythm Aces. Jabbo Smith. Omer Simeon, Clarinet. Cassino Simpson, Piano. Ikey Robinson, Banjo. Hayes Alvis, Tuba. January 29th, 1929 Sounds like a great 30’s player trapped in the banjo laden 20’s. Don’t know if I first heard about him reading liner notes on another performer, in a book, or what…but, when I saw this 2 cd set at Best Buy(Sigh, the good old days!) I snapped it up, and really wish he could have gotten a handle on his drinking sooner…. 2. Old Joe’s Hitting the Jug. Stuff Smith and His Onyx Club Boys. Johan Jones Trumpet, Vocals. Hezekiah Leroy, “Snuff” Smith. Violin, Vocals. Raymond Smith. Piano. Bobby Bennett, Guitar. Mack Walker, Bass, John Washington, Drums. Feb 11th, 1936 So many excellent tracks of Stuffs to choose, but I have always been fond of this one. Some say no one swings more on the violin than he does….I don’t know about that, depends on which violinist I have heard most recently….all I know it I like him a lot…and need to grab more of his “stuff” 3.Gin For Christmas. Lionel Hampton. Ziggy Elman. Available on Mosaic set, and on Hampton Cd Tempo And Swing(there seems to be a copy for $1.62, since I can‘t find mine, guess I will buy it!.(this crap version in case you didn’t read on the other thread, is from a Christmas cd!) (O) Ziggy Elman (tp), Toots Mondello (cl, as), Jerry Jerome (ts), Ben Webster (ts), Lionel Hampton (Drums, vcl), Clyde Hart (p, arr), Al Casey (g), Artie Bernstein (bSupervised by Leonard Joy NYC, October 30, 1939 I keep apologizing for the quality of this one, but this should be the last time I do that! I saw a great older jazz book at a store in LA 10 years ago, was surely going to buy it, when the author decided to just go off on Ziggy Elman, how he was a hack basically, terrible tone, all but ruined the Hampton sides he was on….. Got me so mad, I didn’t by the book. Regret that know, but was proud of myself then. To my ears, Hampton and Elman are a perfect paring of high energy guys that somehow don’t clash with each other….I’d love to have heard more of Hampton on drums with Ziggy’s trumpet…. Track 4 from The Rhythmakers, 1932. Jazz Archives. ($41 used, Retrieval has a newer version, in print that’s still $26 for one lousy cd!!!) 4.Who Stole the Lock? Jack Bland and his Rhythmakers-Red Allen Trumpet, Pee Wee Russell, Clarinet, Tommy Dorsey, Trombone. Happy Caldwell, Tenor. Frank Froeba, Piano. Eddie Condon, Banjo. Jack Bland, Guitar. Pops Foster, Bass. Zutty Singleton, Drum and Chimes(likely) Octomber, 8th, 1932 Not the first mixed race group to record, but still early and not just a token white, or a token black, either. Recall liner notes saying how little real jazz was recorded in 1932, I think record sales were down 80-90% From 1927, and there just wasn’t a lot of record work that year. A lot of Tommy Dorsey on these 2 cds! I just love that trombone solo here! There is another take of this song, and it’s a much shorter, less flashy solo. I kinda like Red Allen’s singing here, it just fits. 5-9 from Lost Cords 2 cd set. From the 2 cd set, The Lost Chords: 1915-1945 [iMPORT] Of course out of print, $22 used. 5. It’s Right Here for You. Tommy Dorsey, Trumpet. Arthur Schutt,(Harmonium) Eddie Lang, Guitar. Jimmy Williams, Bass. Stan King, Drums. Arthur Schutt, Harmonium. Nov. 10th, 1928 I have a feeling a lot of folks gave up on this one halfway thru! The muted trumpet is a bit cloying early on, but Tommy Dorsey’s open horned solo during the second half, oh my!!!! Unbelievable trumpet solo for a white guy (Or heck, any guy not named Louis) in 1928!!! If you still have the music around, please give it a second spin!!! It’s like what the Boswell sisters did so often, start slow, and kind of generic, then just do a 180 on a tune. Don’t know who the market for these sort of tracks were, unless it was for me, 70+ years later! 6. For No Reason at All in C. Frankie Trumbauer, C Melody Saxaphone. Bix Beiderbecke, Piano, Cornet. Eddie Lang, Guitar. May 13th, 1927 Best title for a song, ever!!!! And someone thought of it 81 years ago???? I love Tram's C Melody playing, even later on when people claim his playing wasn’t up to par any more. Wish that Bix had played more piano, but then there’d be less Cornet, so what ya gonna do??? Ok, 6 down, only 20 more to go...piece of cake....
  3. anyone ever hear of the O'Keefe music foundation???? one of several schools of rock out would think that in theory, that's a BAD idea, but in's mind blowing, at least to me.... Even the audio quality blows me away. Check out this singer (and the bands very good too, don't get me wrong) This one is kinda jarring with a girl so young singing this song (I have heard her older, this was 7 years ago, and she really has an amazing voice) but the musicianship of the other people blends well. Kinda gives one hope that Rock isn't completely dead
  4. I don't have the DVD/Blu-Ray, Eddie Muller , host of Film Noir Alley, and a big part of the reason this film was finally restored (it had been in public domain hell for decades) showed it on TCM a few years ago, my first time seeing it. Just an amazing film. Here's info in the Blu-Ray release and the extras
  5. might be Lizabeth Scott's best performance, Did you see the restored version?
  6. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    now, do the U.K, France, Spain and Italy compared to the U.S.
  7. May COVID 19 Poll

    I am sure wearing a mask is uncomfortable for many people, especially for several hours. Not sure what the answer is to that for those that have to work in supermarkets, etc. I first noticed the supermarket Publix had told their staff to wear them....well, I saw 1 person wearing the mask properly! Even the female pharmacist wasn't wearing it correctly! she had it over her nostrils (unlike 2 women working with her) but the metal part was unbent. Sigh.... when I was in target late one nite (really try to avoid the peak hours anywhere) and a girl in front of me was trying to return....something. Well, there was some issue (Target closes customer service I guess an hour before the store, so you have to go to a register for returns) she had no mask, no gloves on.. .and proceeded to walk back towards me, stop at my basket, looking for someone I guess, and walked further away from the front of the store. sigh....oh, and more staff there wearing masks below their noses. double sigh! So, if you hear of cases increasing eventually in GA, it isn't likely to be hair stylists who have masks on (and keeping folks 6 feet from each other, or outside the store before their haircut) and plexiglass up for folks getting manicures, it's going to be spreading at the places everyone goes to all along, that 25% of the staff are wearing their masks the way, that you know, work!
  8. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    sadly, I think we are going to find out this is similar to the Measles, and hangs in the air a lot longer than previously thought. and that's why its so important for everyone to find something to cover their faces! I don't know about you all, but here, near the ATL with few cases (so far) I still don't see many masks or gloves being worn...of course, unless you had those before, you are not going to find them now. a few articles I just came across....this one is from mid March and the flu they were saying was spread easier than they thought, in 2018, so....
  9. anyone ever heard of this guy before? A child prodigy, that decided at 13 or so that he'd rather give up touring and.....focus on his studies! Clearly a genius in several areas.... a bit later, I think with Count Basie and in 2007
  10. Stumbled across Singer-Guitarist Charlie Palloy recently, someone that apparently recorded under several names in the early 30s (mainly on the Crown label) then seemed to disappear. Haven't found a photo of him even! More impressed with his singing than guitaring. Obviously tried to sound like Crosby, but still had his own style. There is a cd out there too.... more soulful... more swinging....
  11. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    wow, that sounds like a great idea, hadn't heard of using pillowcases before! I really feel terrible for those working in supermarkets, Target, Walmart, etc...they don't have masks yet, (at least at the ones I've been to) I've seen 2 women that really, really looked depressed/angry, and not a damn thing I could say or do for them perhaps folks who can make these can get together with others and make a bunch to give to folks at stores? talking about ones made out of pillow cases/sheets, more than the bandana types... at least "we" can send that link to everyone we know, put it on fb, twitter...there is so little we can do now.....
  12. thanks Steve! Clearly, my google skills have corroded a bit

    some too brief footage of Duke, Cab and Baron Lee from 1931
  14. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    just saw this the other day.... lets analyze/criticize this to death
  15. It's nice to see a plucky, small market team like the Yankees finally sign a top flight starter! where do they get the money to pay him though? I heard Jeff Passan say the Yankees only bring in $800,000,000....a year.
  16. Yes, Safe in Hell is something else indeed! ( Dorothy Mackaill sadly only shows up for a second dressed like this) Struck me odd how there was no credits at the beginning of the film. Never have read why this was the case, as I can't think of another film that did that from the 1930s (or 40s, 50s, etc) Did ya know Dorothy Mackaill was British? I sure never did. Gave up movies in 1937, but....naturally, her last 2 acting roles were on the original Hawaii 5-0! I about choked when I looked up an old lady that called the police in a 1976 episode and saw her name! She died in Hawaii, no better place to die.
  17. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    amazing, isn't it???? I don't think anyone really gave the Nats a chance....I sure didn't after losing 3 in a row at home. Stephen Strasburg, IF he wanted to become a Free agent, could get a whole heck of a lot of moola....guessing since he re-upped in D.C. when he could have gotten more on the market (must have P.O.ed Borass so much when he told him he was staying put, that he thought about dropping him as a client) he's going to opt out then sign with them again. Nats just won't be good enough to compete next year without him.... Nice to see Houston look mortal. I sure thought it was going to Dodgers vs. Astros, and for the Astros to win it all.
  18. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    well, he hasn't played since 2016, when he won 1 game, and lost 10. Had one game he was pulled in the 4th quarter after throwing for 4 whole yards! But, some team should take on the media shitstorm (and likely fan backlash) that would follow, so they can have a QB who hasn't played in almost 3 years? wait, I thought this was a baseball thread! If the superbowl was the Houston Texans vs. the Washington Redskins....huge ratings, cuz...SUPERBOWL! but, Astros vs. Nats? Nah, I'll watch ...whatever I haven't seen before on Netflix....
  19. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    apparently, the regular season is just least if you are the braves, and their fans I figured there was no way the braves could beat the Dodgers, or the Astros ....of course the Braves won the season series against the Nats, and the Cards, and the last series against the Dodgers (at SunTrust) ...could see the braves beating the Nats if we had faced them, even with our inferior rotation....woulda, coulda, shoulda....still couldn't see us beating the Astros.... Nats are built for the playoffs with their rotation, but so are the 'stros...I could, could see Houston win 4 straight...I could also see Strasburg winning tonight...but, still cannot fathom the Astros being swept. but...who knows? I guess that's why they play them (for now, lets have robot umps and players, now that would be interesting!)
  20. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    saw the end of their game in S.D. 3 walks after a single, for a walk off walk...just don't know how they can do it now losing Baez. Of course, Cards looked beyond terrible for most of the season, still a little time for the cubs...didn't know they are holding the 2nd wild card position as of today....most amazing team to have a change for the Wild card? the Diamondbacks. Traded away Paul Goldschmidt , lost Patrick Corbin to free agency, and traded Zack Greinke away a month ago, yet only 2 1/2 games back in the W.C. race! for some reason, I think of him as a left handed Joe Dimaggio....He may still win the MVP.... buy hey, sure was smart of the Marlins to trade away their young , all star outfield cuz...umm, they wouldn't be the powerhouse team they are now. The braves, Mets, Nats, Phils will be better than them for at least the next 5 years....and even when they get decent, why would any fans bother to show up, knowing they will just trade away anyone that becomes good in short order? they should just move the team to Vegas now, but they won't
  21. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    eventually, I had to of course agree. Ozzie was as good as you can be as a SS. but for a few years, Templeton was one of the most exciting players in the game. from 1977-79, he lead the league in triples. In 1979 he lead the league in hits, and I think he was the first switch hitter to get 100 hits from each side of the plate..Flipping off the STL fans sealed his doom there....bad knees seemed to turn him into an all glove no hit guy with S.D.
  22. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Damn! I sure thought that error had been rectified! I must have dreamed that it happened.
  23. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Don't shoot the intermediary Heh, if that's not the title of some book/song/ should be! thanks for passing it on to Mr. Wallace. well, perhaps Ted Simmons and the Cardinals would have been a better team if...perhaps...they didn't trade Jerry Reuss away after the 1971 season, when he was 22. (220 wins, almost 3700 innings, but hey, they got back Lance Clemons and Scipio Spinks. !) someone else that brilliant GM traded away(don't even know his name, probably shouldn't look it up as I would want to put a curse on him EDIT: Looked him up, Bing Devine, who have certainly heard of, and had a hand in the Cards winning 3 W.S. in the 60's, how did he turn into a terrible GM the 2nd time around? who am I forgetting? another pitchers the Cards traded away, that very same offseason. Oh yeah, STEVE CARLTON!!!!! I wonder if those 2 young, left handed starters would have helped Ted be better? I'm glad Mr Wallace did some more checking on Simmons...I do recall reading that Bill James had praise for Simba. I have also heard everyone from Keith Obermann, to Tim Kurkjian write that Simmons should be in the hall...I also read somewheres the horrible (in my book) Whitey Herzog has had a hand in keeping Simmons from getting voted in by the veterans committee . Simmons, may, may have been doing drugs, that was one excuse given in trading away another favorite of mine, Keith Hernandez (and Gary Templeton as well) Darrell Porter had quit by the time the Cards traded for him (he sadly died of a drug overdose years later) so hard to judge anyone , least of all catchers, towards the end of their careers. Gary Carter was a great defensive catcher, but really didn't seem all that good by the time his career was ending... hey, who could ever get enough Ted Simmons talk eh? found this link while trying to see If I could find where I read ol' Whitey was keeping Simmons from the Hall... very interesting read....still feel he underrates Simmons defense....sad there isn't a way to watch full games from the 70's and 80s (sure, earlier too) to see if folks like me are looking thru rose colored glasses a bit...I just don't recall him not being excellent at blocking balls in the dirt, later on in his career.
  24. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Very interesting on Yogi, et al. No one leading the lead in anything....of course, anyone writing on catchers, always, ALWAYS forgets.... Ted Simmons. Had the bad luck to play when Johnny Bench also played...and Simmons played on a bunch of mediocre teams in the STL. Was Johnny Bench a better catcher? sure, offensively and defensively, but Bench have been the best catcher (defensively) ever. Ted Simmons did stuff Johnny never did though, like hit .300. (7 times, and hit .332 once, 1975 , he was only behind Bill Madlock, .354) Both were basically done at the age of 33, at least being elite players. I know no one cares about RBI's anymore, but Simmons has (a few) more than Bench (1389 to 1376) . More Rbis than HOF'ers Dwight Evans, Orlando Cepeda, Johnny Mize, Mike Piazza, Carlton Fisk, Ron Santo, etc, etc, etc.. Simmons never struck out more than 51 times in a season either. Was certainly the best switch hitting catcher of all time, and I would argue he was in the top 10 of switch-hitters all time. and, what am I forgetting? Oh yeah , he was a Mother____ing Catcher!!!! get this, would they do this to ANY catcher today? in 1973, he played in 161 games! I know, he didn't catch 'em all for sure , but still, 161 games as a catcher, 1st baseman, or a pitch hitter. In St. Louis, on astroturf that could get up to 120 degrees. In fact, from 1972 to 1978, Simmons was in at least 150 games each season. Simmons had 2472 hits. How many catchers had more? 1. Ivan Rodriguez (and like Piazza, he may have had a little help from steroids, or HGH, Simmons drug of choice? Cigarettes) but whenever the best catchers are mentioned, Simmons isn''s a damn shame.
  25. WOW! I wonder if there would be interest in crowdfunding the publication of this manuscript? Or perhaps there is enough interest that wouldn't be necessary ?