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  1. Whither Moms Mobley? With an "O"?

    ...and I am the Ghost of Stalin! And now back to my Saturday afternoon musical pleasures.
  2. Hey, Red Menace...Are You An Okie?

    He defeated us with his dirty dancing!!!
  3. Hey, Red Menace...Are You An Okie?

    That and a man called Swayze!!!
  4. Hey, Red Menace...Are You An Okie?

    Thank you, yes!!! The last time we attempted such an invasion things did not go so well.
  5. Hey, Red Menace...Are You An Okie?

    What is the best highway route into Oklahoma City for a parade of T-34s???
  6. Hey, Red Menace...Are You An Okie?

    Just as this Vladimir Pootin is no Joseph Stalin!!!
  7. Hey, Red Menace...Are You An Okie?

    Hmm. So the general populace is not yet ready to overthrow their capitalist overlords and establish the collectivized farming system of which I have long dreamed??? In that case, why do they call themselves "Sooners"??? It seems to me they should be called "Laters"!!! But yes, there is much surprising radical history to be found in many unexpected pockets of these United States!!! In the meantime, back to "The Price Is Right."
  8. Hey, Red Menace...Are You An Okie?

    Dear, dear comrades!!! I have not been back to the state since then. What are our chances of fomenting a similar uprising and establishing a soviet Oklahoma today???
  9. Because music fans suck?!? ☝️
  10. Verve new releases

    Gaillard fans might want to check this Zev Feldman project as well: The Lost Singles Of McVouty 1958-74 ... also discussed in a previous Organissimo thread: Searching For You: The Lost Singles of McVouty
  11. Mosaic Records is releasing a Savory collection set

    I also picked up the Stash Fats Waller on Larry’s recommendation and second Brad’s comments.
  12. Night Lights topics?

    Maybe the “Gerald Wilson: Last Of The Lions” thread? I was going to up that one for his centennial this Tuesday. Thanks so much for all of your work on this, Jim.
  13. Night Lights topics?

    It’s utterly baffling and appears to have happened yesterday. I’ve had some contact about it with Jim A (who speculated that the board may have been hacked) and Magnificent Goldberg, who couldn’t ascertain the source of the issue upon first examination. I’ve also contacted Jsngry and Larry about it.
  14. One from the Night Lights archives in memory of Mr. Weston: The Randy Weston Songbook