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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Miles Davis - On the Corner Feeling at a bit of a loose end... this is not an album that i reach for often but it's hitting the spot right now.
  2. J.D. Allen

    Thanks for posting! I drove myself crazy over the last month refreshing various sites (amazon, youtube, soundcloud) in the hope of getting a taste of the album. Tracks on Soundcloud totally sounds like a typical JD Allen trio album with Liberty Ellman guesting and providing accompaniment. Yes, as you say, not a departure, not 'fully integrated' like the quartet albums with Orrin Evans and Eldar Djangirov. And yes, no complaints, excellent music. Looking forward to hearing the full album when my copy arrives.
  3. Steve Coleman, MORPHOGENESIS

  4. Steve Coleman, MORPHOGENESIS

    I was kind of unsure about the lack of drums too, not because 'no drums = bad' (obviously) but because i was uncertain as to what direction the music would take. It's another evolution. It's definitely not 'Synovial Joints minus drums' but it does lead on from that album. Whatever the reason, drums no drums whatever, it sounds very fresh. I'm wary of hyping it up but i'm loving it. The bass plays a big role. I'm very keen to hear your thoughts if/when you hear the album.
  5. Jason Moran on Yes Records

    Hmmmm, yup. I'm just not at the point where i can see a 'download only' release as being a 'proper' release. Happy to acknowledge that as my failing, sincerely. $20 is too much for a download in my opinion although i could be convinced otherwise. I'm a reasonably big Moran fan... if this is it for him going forward, i may have to invest at some point.
  6. Steve Coleman, MORPHOGENESIS

    My copy arrived today; i had preordered from bandcamp and i guess they shipped early (been a while since i've ordered directly from Pi but i seem to remember early shipping of preorders being a thing for them). On first listen, it's wonderful. My go to Coleman album always seems to be the latest one, but this one in particular will be getting a lot of spins. Maybe it's just because i'm on a bit of a Jimmy Giuffre kick at the moment but i LOVE that there is not a drummer here. The colours just flow... this is one to get lost in.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jim Hall Live (1975)... at work, via youtube.
  8. Jazz record label names

    I like Constant Sorrow, has a kind of weird old timey feel to it. Aside from those mentioned, these always sounded cool to me: Catalytic Sound (actual record label or just a 'collective'? Don't have anything in front of me to check) Relative Pitch Aum Fidelity
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Lots of Sonny Clark today: the Time trio album, Sonny's Crib, Cool Struttin, Leapin and Lopin and the albums from the Mobley Mosaic that feature SC. Great music for a Sunday with the family.
  10. What music did you buy today?

    I'm sure that the subject (ahem) came up either here or on the AAJ board when ATR used to post. I honestly can't remember what the reason was but i don't think it was particularly complicated; from memory he just hadn't done it at the time and the moment had passed. I think i suggested it in the 'future JHL reissue suggestions' thread. Kind of frustrating. Aside from the obscure Live at Koncepts and Pop Start the Tape Stop, Subject to Change is the only release under Threadgill's name that i don't have. Now purchasing: On a bit of a Jimmy Giuffre kick at the moment, filling a few gaps (also at the expense of the new Monk which i will have to get at some point): - The Music Man - The Western Suite - Bremen & Stuttgart 1961 (Emanem reissue from last year) I used to have a rip (from a library copy) of Stuttgart (Emphasis) way back in the day. It was my intro to Giuffre and revisiting it on Spotify recently brought it all back. The versions on the ECM reissue of Fusion and Thesis (1961) are excellent but they were never quite the same for me (always sounded like alternates to what i had first heard). Can't wait to have these performances back in my collection.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Been listening to the Jimmy Giuffre Atlantic albums tonight... sometimes i think that they're just about as good as music gets.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Milt Jackson - That's the Way It Is
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Milt Jackson - Olinga RIP Mickey Roker