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  1. Happy Birthday Vajerzy!

    It's that time again. Happy Birthday!
  2. Odd Things Found In A CD Or LP Purchase

    Horrors! where the children might find them?
  3. I'm trying to find the article I read on this place. (I can't read the New York Times piece.) " Inspired by some of Tokyo’s incredible hi-fi bars and motivated by the lack of a comparable offering in the Bay Area, we set out to open Bar Shiru, the Bay Area's first hi-fi vinyl listening bar focused on jazz as the musical jumping off point. Bar Shiru features records played in their entirety on an analog, vinyl-centric sound system in a space built with acoustics as a top priority. We sincerely believe in the connective power of music and hope to use it as a force for good. " Yes, these places are ubiquitous in Japan, at least the parts where I spend much time (Tokyo, Kansai (Kyoto, Hana, Osaka), Fukuoka). Trailblazers? Berkeleyside Article from April
  4. Record Stores in Philadelphia?

    I agree that Repo is worth a visit, though I haven't been to the new location. Long in the Tooth is near where I work and stay. 2027 Sansom Street. I have enjoyed this place and the people who work there. Hideaway, 8612 Germantown Ave. is not so close. If you have a car... Wild Mutation, 2223 Frankford may be gone. It's website is gone. If it's still around, I'd pay a visit. It's small and not really jazz-focused. So depending on your taste for punk... Actually, there are a bunch of punk places. Sorry, not really helpful. I'm limited to where I can walk.
  5. My brain has been "down" even longer. Belated Happy Birthday.
  6. Happy Birthday Felser

    Happy birthday!
  7. Controversial Food Opinions

    Putting anything in coffee makes it not-coffee. The same goes for salad with dressing, perhaps excusing some minimal amount of oil and vinegar or some such. I'm against cooking any vegetable that doesn't require it to be edible. (Potato, brussels sprout...) Ketchup on a hot dog? Am I misreading this?
  8. Happy Birthday BillF!

    80! Excellent! All the best.
  9. Happy Birthday brownie!

    Belated birthday best, Brownie. - BeBop
  10. Xanadu Gold Series

    Off-topic, with respect to Xanadu Gold Series, but on-topic for Xanadu and Wardell Gray, there's nice early Wardell with the Earl Hines Orchestra on this one: ...alongside my old buddy Kermit "Scotty" Scott.
  11. Happy Birthday Ken Dryden!

    Happy Birthday. (You'll need to provide your own fireworks.)
  12. Richard Wyands, RIP

    Nice man. We shared a hometown and a few common friends (the amiable Vernon Alley, for one) and so a few pleasant conversations at concerts. Mr. Wyands never seemed his age, so 91 seems almost unreal. I'm glad our paths crossed. Rest peacefully.
  13. Interesting. I just figured that the things I remember squeeze together to fill in the gaps for all the sh*t I forget, compressing time.
  14. Thanks for the tips. Is the Jonathan Fisher with guest Shelley Carrol a standing/regular Sunday gig? I ask just because the calendar for the Balcony Club ends September 19th, then picks up again mid-October. Maybe those are just the non-"standing" shows. Maybe in a couple of days, all will be revealed. Again, thanks.
  15. Up. Coming back in October, just for a few days, 7th through 15th. Any information? Thanks.
  16. Time for my annual trip to the United States. Historically - 33 years - it's been to the United Nations headquarters "near" New York City. So why am I posting here? This year, I'm going to...Richardson, TX (and later to Cincinnati). It's going to be a great change from Manhattan. Ahem. I won't have a car, though I'm near a light rail stop at Galatyn Park Station, and I will be loading the Lyft app to my mobile. The other little bummer is that I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Any suggestions for my annual chance to, like, hear live jazz? I poked around and found this place: ("Ron Jones brings you classic solo saxophone all night". Somehow, I'm not picturing five hours of "For Alto".) This place seems to be dark during my days. This place looks nice, as a place, though I can't say the music offered during my days (pop vocals?) appeals much. And Dallas is pretty far. So, hey, if I'm SOL, I can live with that, but any suggestions appreciated. September 22nd - October 3rd (again, minus Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights). Thanks.
  17. Happy Birthday, Dan Gould!

    I be late too, but Happy Birthday, Dan.
  18. Happy birthday, sssssssssidewinder.
  19. Happy Birthday Shawn!

    Happy Birthday!
  20. Collections

    I haven't had access to my collection since 1999, aside from two or three holiday weeks, now decades past. At that point, my life expectancy aligned well with my collection size. Now, the years have passed and my continuously renewed expectation of "next year" feels delusional.
  21. YEN 200.000 (=USD 1.900+) ....

    But look, it comes with 6,000 points! (Sorry, I live in a world where people are always grubbing for some form of "points" - airline, restaurant, hotel... Or "likes". Jeez, I'm old.)
  22. Happy Birthday CJ Shearn!

    Happy Birthday!
  23. Fast forward six years...Happy BIrthday!