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  1. This one is available on streaming services (and it is not a needledrop - I have the LP as well). https://open.qobuz.com/album/0886446277233 Good album!
  2. Recording videos of one's system is not of much interest (other than to audiophiles), but this version of Autumn Leaves is worth sharing!
  3. Here is a link with some samples: https://www.lesmccannunlimited.com/photography Just bought the book as well!
  4. https://jmih.org/collections/benny-carter-the-princeton-concerts/ These albums are available through streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal. Not on Qobuz. I could not find any session information.
  5. For all practical purposes, you are right. However, WAV can store compressed audio - it is just rarely used, if at all. From the Wikipedia page: "The WAV format supports compressed audio using, on Microsoft Windows, the Audio Compression Manager (ACM). Any ACM codec can be used to compress a WAV file. The user interface (UI) for Audio Compression Manager may be accessed through various programs that use it, including Sound Recorder in some versions of Windows." Addendum: most streaming services offering "lossless" music will deliver it in FLAC format anyway, not WAV, and that is the case with Amazon HD. Though if you purchase files online you usually have the option of which format to download them in. As for the source of the music, I assume that some of the many dubious labels on streaming services issue compilations with whatever they can get their hands on, including MP3. But we are getting sidetracked, and I think we both gave consistent answers to the original question: MP3 at its lowest compression rates is virtually undistinguishable from CD quality.
  6. WAV can be used to store both compressed and uncompressed audio - the file extension says nothing about the quality of the audio content - the compression "rate" does. But this is a technicality. I was just trying to be thorough in my answer. Sorry if I added more confusion!
  7. WAV is just the "container" and the content could be low definition or high definition. What Amazon offers in their "HD" option is CD quality (44kHz sampling rate). They also have "Ultra HD", which is higher sampling rate (up to 192kHz). Non-HD streaming is offered in a more "compressed" format. Spotify, YouTube, for example, currently offer only compressed formats, expressed in kBs (not kHz). To give you an idea of the difference, one hour of a CD quality file (Amazon's "HD") takes up about 630 MB, while the size of the same track compressed at 128 Kbps would only be 11 MB. Spotify currently offers up to 320 Kbps streams, and the difference with "non-compressed" (Amazon's HD) is only audible, in my opinion, if you have a good system (and good hearing). Listening on my computer, with small desktop speakers, I cannot tell the difference between the two. On my main system, I think I can, but it is very subtle. If you listen to even more compressed files, the difference becomes more obvious. You can try yourself by comparing the same tracks played from Spotify, for example, and from a CD, if you are sure that Spotify is from the same "release". There are probably some online sites which offer comparisons as well. Here's a good summary with some comparisons made: http://keithstead.com/and_more/cd_vs_mp3.html
  8. Watched it last night and enjoyed it, especially footage, comments (his and others') on Louis Armstrong's last years.
  9. Duke Ellington - Days of Wine and Roses I recorded this with a portable Tascam recorder (so a step above a phone, but not high quality studio equipment). The speakers are open baffles (meaning - not "boxed"), and they give a big open sound, with lots of detail. They sound great even on poor recordings, of which I have plenty of in my collection! They are heavy, and bulky, but I put them on wheels and move them a few feet against a back wall when I am not listening. Enjoy... There are some small bell sounds mid-way through. That's not part of the original recording, it's my cat scratching his collar.
  10. Thanks, perfect. It is available on Kindle for 2.99$.
  11. I listened to it this morning - very nice, thanks.
  12. Thanks. There are some duplicates with what I have already, but will check in detail.
  13. Thanks, don't know why I missed this one. Not a specific question, I just want to explore... I will see if I can get my hands on this.
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