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  1. BYG- Actuel re-issues

    Thanks for all the thoughts on this folks. I think Wolff is right on the idea that good sound starts with the recording process and then goes the whole way through mastering, pressing, etc. The items I've heard and bought from Accoustic Sounds and Classic Records I have really loved. I think they do a great job. I've become a (mostly) analog guy and was just hoping someone knew what the story was on these BYG's. I bought them cheap, and the two I have listened to (Art Ensemble of Chicago and Dewey Redmon) sound a little flat and like they have been put through a high-frequency noise reducing filter, so I'm suspecting digital. The music, particularly on the AEC one I liked a lot though, which is really the first priority anyway, right? I recently won a deep groove copy of Miles Davis Volume 1 and compared that to the CD I have and man what a difference. Geez! The LP blew it away. Even on my little system. Full disclosure, it isn't a perfectly up-to-date comparison because I wasn't using the recent RVG edition of the CD, but I'd love to try that too. I've had my turntable for several years, but I still really enjoy these types of comparisons. And to think CDs were marketed as "perfect sound forever" when they came out. Thanks again for all your toughts, and thanks to our host for starting this section of the board.
  2. Bob Dylan lps on hold

    I like the Sundazed monos too. They did a really nice job with those. Too bad it sounds like Sony is playing games.
  3. Sweet Poppa Lou @ Village Vanguard

    I saw this group during their last stint at the Vanguard earlier this year. Great show. If I'm able to get up to NYC around Thanksgiving, I will definitely get to the Vanguard.
  4. Need some Columbia Monk

    Voted for "MONK," because I think it is an underappreciated album, and not at all deserving of its relative obscurity. But "Monk's Dream" and "It's Monk's Time" are simply first-rate. The 2CD Solo Monk set is a must-have also. I like alternating listens of that with "Thelonious Alone in San Francisco" to see the difference in his playing.
  5. I'd be interested if anybody else has experienced the same problem I have had with this LP. The last track on side one has a skip that seems to be a pressing error because both copies i have repeat in the exact same place but are not marked or anything. They look like flawless copies. I actually looked at them both with a loupe and it looked to me like a pressing error that resulted in one of the grooves running into another one, with the result that it catches and repeats at that spot. I bought the second copy because my first had this problem and I was bummed that the second had it as well. So now i'm wary of buying another copy of this LP. Anyone else with this problem?
  6. Johnny Cash has died

    Yep. His recent albums, all of which are awesome in my opinion, contain both Cash-written songs and covers. One of my favorite covers off the newest one is "Personal Jesus," originally done by Depeche Mode.
  7. Johnny Cash has died

    Link works.
  8. Johnny Cash has died

    This is truly sad news. What a giant. Here is a link to the video (I hope I get this right, because for some reason I always seem to screw up adding links here): Johnny Cash Video
  9. Elvin and Hank Jones in D.C.

    Ha! Ok, I meant I WILL be there. Hmmm, I guess I COULD go now though, it would certainly get me out of the office...
  10. I just got it and am looking forward to hearing it. 'Bout time I supported you guys!
  11. Bud Shank in DC

    Soulstation, Thanks for posting that previous thread with all the notes. I'm really looking forward to this.
  12. Bud Shank in DC

    I'm going to see Bud Shank at Blues Alley Thursday night. Has anyone seen him live recently and know what he is up to these days?
  13. Noj, I guess to be more precise, I mean that CDs go in and out of print, and I sometimes find things on LP that either are not now available on Cd or may have never been (or at least I have never seen). For example, the other night i was listening to a 1952 Mary Lou Williams session on Jazztime that I don't think has ever made it to CD. The All About Jazz book I have said as much when I looked it up. Another example would be the early-60s J. J. Johnson albums he did for Columbia, which have been released as a CD set on Mosaic, but I don't think are available as single-issue cds from Columbia (Things like "J is for Jazz," "J.J. in Person", "Dial J.J. 5" etc). I could be wrong, but I could probably find a bunch of others.
  14. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    Oh man, Mule, that's hilarious.
  15. I'm with Mule and Moose.
  16. I'm a YES YES YES. I don't generally see the need for new fora (?), and agree that too many would be confusing, but in this case I think it would be great. There is a lot that is only available on LP.
  17. Sonny Criss: the Prestige years

    Thanks for starting this topic, GoM! The only Sonny Criss I have is "Sonny's Dream," but I really love that. I have it on LP and I like side one so much that I don't flip it over as often as I should. I've been wondering what to buy next, so thanks for the suggestions everyone. Did he ever do anything else with Horace Tapscott?
  18. The Bad Plus

    I really like them and enjoy their CD a lot. Each member of the trio adds signifcantly to the final outcome, and I find myself focusing on a different player with each listen. I also have no problem with them covering rock tunes or having a rock-influenced sound. The two rock tunes they cover on the CD ("Heart of Glass" and "Smells Like Teen Spirt") are a good bridge for some folks I think. I think people mistakenly think this will make them "light," "easy" or dumbed-down, all of which are wrong I think. I'd love to see them live and will go the first chance I get.
  19. OK, this is a ton of $$$. Has anyone here ever heard this material? [url=http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?viewItem&item=2552978108&category=43690&rd=1
  20. Jackie McLean album on EBay. YIKE$$$$

    Rooster, thanks for fixing the link. I'm at work, and came back to fix it then we lost our internet connection for a while and I'm just getting back now. Glad to hear this is availale on Cd, because $1K plus is just a wee bit out of my price range! Jeez!
  21. Nice! I have it on my computer now. Thanks.
  22. Political forums on the Organissimo board

    Hey Brad, I can totally understand your view on this, but I still support keeping them. I think they can be places where there is intelligent conversation and learning. It just comes back to people behaving themselves, keeping things in perspective, and acting like adults. And Jazzmoose, feel free. Unlike SACDs, there's no copyright protection!
  23. Political forums on the Organissimo board

    I've been reading this thread and the other one in the Politics forum that lead to it, and I just wanted to share a few thoughts for whatever they are worth. First, I want to add my thanks to b3-er for hosting such a great site. I came late to the BNBB and was saddened when it closed down because it was such a fine spot with a lot of experts. The rise of your forum here has filled a void, and it's wonderful to have a place like this to constantly learn more about music from folks who know a lot about it. Second, I would vote that the political forum should stay and that it be uncensored in any way. I rarely go to those forums, and to my knwledge I don't think I have ever posted there (After only a few visits it seemed clear that the discussions became dominated by a few who held very strong beliefs on each given subject. Then, as political discussions/debates almost always do, they developed into parsing each other's comments and replying, often in increasingly heated rhetoric). But, for those who want to go to them, they will only work if they are free outlets. That will mean emotional outbursts are included, and that there will be comments made and photos posted that some find offensive -- but that's what political debate is all about. To use a specific example, I personally didn't find the picture of the injured child to be out-of-bounds in and of itself. I thought it was just the kind of thing that could be helpful to good political discussion. However, I do think that all involved in that particular discussion were focused less on the "understanding and being understood" elements of debate and more on "the other guy's a (jerk) and I'm going to prove it" version of debate. And unfortunately I think that picture was diplayed at least partially with that in mind. It isn't the end of the world if someone disagrees with you or is rude to you on a website. Maybe certain folks should practice a new mantra of "don't take the bait" before entering these rooms. Then maybe they can rise above it and hold back from replying to a hateful response someone has posted, or at least reply in a way that sheds some light on the topic at hand and keeps things from spinning out of control. I'm sure most people reading these posts reach similar conclusions on their own as to who is being a jerk in a given situation and who isn't. So pointing out that a particular person is being rude/wrong/silly/dumb/etc isn't really necessary in the first place. Plus, maybe if enough of us join in the discussions and behave maybe we can re-create the culture of the political forum by our own examples so that bad behavior is increasingly obvious and becomes less tolerated. Emotion and strong feeling about the topics at hand isn't bad, but emotion and stong feeling directed again and again at and between the same old people is pretty boring and completely unenlightening.