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    i can't find my "i giganti del jazz" right now. could you post a snippet of the fifth tune?

    the track is cantaloupe woman, but played as a 12-bar blues instead of the original 16-bar blues form. the only thing they add at the end is the chromatic fall to the VI chord. but they still leave out 4 bars of the original tune.

    the material is from the 1966 newport guitar workshop. GG plays cantaloupe woman, zoller plays straight no chaser and darn that dream, and burrell plays an untitled blues. hth
  4. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    the antibes is probably quartet with organ. did you guys notice the extra footage from ronnie scott's at the beginning of the sharony green movie? so there *is* more out there.
  5. BFT 165

    wow. looking very much forward to the reveal on that one. i can't come up with a single name. it's not sonny greenwich either.
  6. BFT 165

    track 2: the guitar player is fantastic. really channelling early 70s grant green but adds a little something. it's not grant but incredibly close. not benson but again very close. i'd say GG jr. but the recording seems older? i want more.
  7. BFT 165

    track 5: bass player drives me totally nuts. richard davis? jack wilkins on guitar?
  8. new wes montgomery?

    weren't the montgomery/johnson dates supposed to be relased on CD after record day? i cant find anything on the resonance page. also didn't a member here mention another wes in the pipeline? thanks!
  9. neither have i. but even if there are those versions, as porter implies, his post in the comment section still makes no sense. he promises another post on the topic. looking forward to that.
  10. thanks, i see now. i always thought that the "lamp is low" quote was a part of the tune. after all it's a "pavane" as well (by ravel), so i always thought of it as trane's little inside joke. but i find porter's response in the comments still mildly confusing: " You might have read in my book that the bridge was possibly taken from "The Lamp is Low." I no longer believe that, because in fact it is false that Coltrane plays the same bridge in every single performance. As I wrote above, "the bridge is basically the A theme played a half-step higher, as Coltrane himself sometimes performed it." even if it's false that trane did play it *everytime* it's still taken from "the lamp is low"? even if there are unreleased versions of trane playing the "turrentine" version (i haven't heard any) do they outnumber the released versions (which all have "lamp is low" afaik) by such a margin that it can be concluded that the "turrentine" version is actually the correct one, as porter seems to imply? that can't be right. i don't get it.
  11. i'm not following. so the half-step up version is the "correct" one, and the "lamp is low" version is the "turrentine"? is that it? forgive me for being thick...
  12. sorry if it's been mentioned before. i really enjoyed it. https://tunein.com/radio/Doodlin-Lounge-p277958/
  13. BFT 162 REVEAL

    that's a great recording of milestones. much more aggressive than the other one. did he sound like that in the 60s? greenwich must have taken a few pages out of symond's book as well. do you remember the chord solos? there seems to be little on youtube that shows what he seemingly was capable of. to floor wes montgomery with chord solos is certainly something! thank you for that blindfold test.
  14. BFT for September

  15. BFT for September

    9. his single lines really sound like they influenced bickert. canadian, huh? the guy wes endorses in that tv interview? nelson symonds (sp?)?
  16. BFT for September

    just a guitar player.
  17. BFT for September

    not good, just lucky with the selection of tunes. 3. milt jackson on guitar with ray charles. he plays with his thumb like wes. mindblowing track. did he ever record on guitar before or after?
  18. BFT for September

    great compilation! 1. wardell gray 3. i love this. some of my most favourite recordings feature great musicians on "second" instruments. wes on 6-string bass, sam jones on cello. john webber plays great jazz guitar too. the guitarist falls into that league. he sounds a lot like wes on that echoes of indiana blues tune. it ain't wes, but man, has he soul. he did record with wes though 4. bird on tenor 5. this is lenny breau. the way he incorporates chords into his single-lines is so sophisticated. beautiful voicings. like a joe pass with more taste. 7. that swung. purely guessing: adrian rollini on xylophone? great rhythm guitar. that sounded so fresh. 9. poorly recorded, "blanket over amp" sound. but he is good. single lines do sound a bit like bickert, but a bit more agressive. would like to hear more. 12. sonny greenwich with bickert. great record and pairing. greenwich gets such a great sound out of his appearantly cheap amp. his obvious admiration for grant green and coltrane make him very enjoyable to listen to for me. and bickert has so much taste.
  19. BFT160 - Discussion

    yea, maybe a tad too technical for ltd. but so many dexter licks. so is it griffin then? this stuff is hard...
  20. BFT160 - Discussion

    haven't found much time to listen yet, but 1 is dexter gordon playing confirmation. europe, mid or late sixties? no clue about the rhythm section. doesn't sound like tootie or riel on drums. never heard this before. outtakes from montmartre?
  21. BFT 159 Announcement and Discussion

    i can't even tell soprano from clarinet so i'll try the bass players 4. nhop and sam jones with catherine. sam jones is my hero. his playing has such a playful quality. nhop rises to the occasion and is on his most tasteful here. but sam's solos, oh man! 10. the elephant in the room? this should be jazz messengers but the bassist carries the drummer. not morgan on trumpet. the drummer also misses the solo pickup. so maybe an outtake? no clue. 11. another bass player with great time and feel. is it george tucker?
  22. BFT 159 Announcement and Discussion

    yes, ranglin. quite unique voice. i wasn't sureabout the protocol regarding names. is 12 some jatp recording? j j johnson on trombone?
  23. BFT 159 Announcement and Discussion

    very enjoyable selection. i'm new to this so please let me know if i'm breaking any rules. 1. i'm already out of my league. paul whiteman? very nice saxophone writing and well-recorded. no clue. 3. and no clue again. is that mingus on bass? jerome richardson on flute? 4. this is easier. very enjoyable to compare the two styles. great guitar playing too. 5. in a sentimental mood. very good singer. don't really like the tinny rhythm guitar. 7. very carribean. guitarist enjoys his chops. gotta be E.R.? 12. stardust. lionel hampton. great trombone. pre-bop alto. clark terry. hawk! 15. in a little spanish town. that was so wierd i had to google it. not sonny criss as i had thought. now it does make a little more sense. must listen and think more about the other selections. thank you!
  24. BFT #158 discussion

    7. is from little milton's "grits ain't groceries" 9. must be bireli, probably with hono winterstein. no clue about the singer