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  1. Sam Rivers on Blue Note is a real treat. I think "Fuchsia Swing Song" and "Contours" are outstanding. In particular, I really dig "Euterpe" from Contours and "Cyclic Episode" from Fuchsia. And it doesn't hurt that the art on both jackets are among the best on the Blue Note label.
  2. Frank Zappa

    The 5 songs I would recommend... WPLJ Dog Breath In The Year Of The Plague Mystery Roach San Ber'dino The Gumbo Variations
  3. "Very Early: Bill Evans, 1956-58"

    I thought I was in the minority not caring for the Trio 64 lp, but I guess not. On the other hand I really thought Trio 65 was great!
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's very cool. I'll have to go thru my 1960s Downbeats and check it out. Say, you live in Highland Park? I'm a neighbor from down south in Wilmette. By any chance did you know Jim Neumann?
  5. Honi Gordon

    Her lp on Prestige is outstanding. All top notch performances, but her version of Why Try To Change Me Now is the best rendition I've ever heard. Nice to see the discography (above), but I wish she would have recorded a few more lps for Prestige.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Just saw your post from 2020 and wanted to wholeheartedly agree! The Fox is an amazing album with mystery man Dupree Bolton, Elmo Hope & Harold Land cooking well, and yes, Frank Butler is really impressive on this disc. And the Elmo Hope Trio lp on Contemporary? I think it's best piano trio lp of all time. And tonight I'm listening to Smokin At The Half Note by Wes.
  7. Greatest LPs to never make it to CD

    A very moody, serene and underrated ECM guitar lp "Wintereisse" by Hajo Weber & Ulrich Ingenbold never made it to cd.
  8. I found Argo, ECM and Blue Note to have excellent pressings. Dot also had decent pressings. I also feel imports from Japan & Germany were excellent as well.
  9. "Four And More: 1964, The Year In Jazz"

    David, just listened to it and thought it was great. 1964 and 1965 were great years for jazz. With the avant garde gaining steam and jazz finally making peace with rock, plus some interesting bossa nova, there was lots going on. Verve had a nice 1964 with some cool stuff by Burrell, Tjader, Getz and Gil Evans. Thanks for the show.
  10. Let's Talk About Gary McFarland Now!

    Mike, That's a great new cd. I love The In Sound and the Soft Samba cd. McFarland was the epitome of cool. He was a great arranger and I even like some of his non jazz stuff like "Wendy & Bonnie". It's great to revive and old thread when it's about someone who really needs to be remembered.
  11. Jack Sheldon

    Was just listening to my favorite Jack Sheldon album, (The Quartet & The Quintet on Jazz West) when I caught this thread. Great version of "Mad About The Boy"!
  12. What are your favorite jazz bossa nova albums?

    albums.... BRASAMBA - Bud Shank JAZZ SAMBA - Getz / Byrd GAROTA DE IPANEMA - Nara Leao WE AND THE SEA - Tamba 4 BRAZILIAN HEART - April Aloisio DES ANOS DEPOIS - Nara Leao GETZ / GILBERTO - first lp on verve   Individual Songs... DESIFINADO - Lisa Ono ESA MOCA TA DIFFERENTE - Chico Buarque SE E TARDE ME PERDOA - Carlos Lyra & Paul Winter DEXIA - Lisa Ono CHEGA DE SAUDADE - Nara Leao SAMBA TRISTE - Getz / Byrd ELIZETE - Cal Tjader   I'm surprised BRASAMBA hasn't been mentioned as yet. Great bossa nova lp by Shank & Clare Fischer on Pacific Jazz
  13. What Happened, Miss Simone?

    Several years ago I listed to 5 or 6 of her lps on Philips and RCA and was really impressed. Her versatility is far reaching. She covers many musical styles and is effective in all of them. She's not afraid to do a standard in an unusual tempo or style, and the majority of the it works well. And her music wears well on repeated listening. I'm not that concerned or interested in the idea of her music. I prefer to focus on the substance.
  14. Overlooked pianists

    When I first thought of overlooked pianists, two of the first ones that came to mind were Eddie Costa and Lorraine Geller. Both had excellent lps on the Dot label. I'll add several more pianists that had little known lps on Dot... Larry Novak (DLP 25576) & Muriel Roberts (DLP 3173). Then there's Elmo Hope who may be my favorite jazz pianist of all time, and in my opinion, quite underrated. Hope's lp on the Hifi Jazz label, a trio session with Jimmy Bond & Frank Butler is outstanding!