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  1. That almost convinced me of an episode I saw on Mars on the show "What on Earth?" on the Science channel.
  2. Listening again to this fine disk right now as I type this. To add about the artwork, it doesn't bother me either at all (it has the Reid Miles/Patrick Roques approach.) Yeah, flimsy packaging (you get the feel of the RVG sampler packaging way back in 1999 feel) but I'm happy to have it in a whatever official release format. Its hard bop and glad to shelve it among many other great Blakey dates I have.
  3. Just played this last night for the first time, and yes, this is fine music indeed, and if it was released around when it was recorded, I believe it would've shelved in between what was recorded before and since equally as fine. A very fine and enjoyable date, and more Hank!
  4. Improved It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

    I'm diggin' it and probably will buy it, but I grew up with this stuff, so I have a soft spot for it. I like Guaraldi and Peanuts anyway (my wife has a crush on Snoopy.) Charlie Brown Christmas is my go-to holiday album, this will probably turn into my only Halloween album.
  5. Clifford Brown

    And seemingly, by three different graphic artists! Besides Reid Miles above, I can't see/determine (print too tiny) who designed the other two jackets.
  6. Clifford Brown

    Love those album covers. Wish they were issued like that in the US.
  7. Kraftwerk

    I think there's some Kraftwerk fans here, but they are coming here to Cleveland May 29th. Think their tour is stopping at other major cities like Detroit and Chicago. We will be at the Cleveland show!
  8. Best Three Sounds Album

    Easy for me too. Yes, Happy Frame of Mind is indeed a small masterpiece (maybe larger.) Anytime Parlan teamed with the Turrentine brothers (or anywhere they appeared together) was always a winner for me, On the Spur of the Moment being an example. I can understand sentiments towards Parlan's piano trios, but Us Three, I still do like it very much.
  9. Ornette's Tenure At Contemporary

    Why two albums? How Atlantic got in there?
  10. Best Three Sounds Album

    Three Sounds on BN are like The Jazz Crusaders were for PJ [(in my opinion) and I already know, gross over generalizations] were just meant to be entertaining party music. I happen to like the (PJ) Jazz Crusaders, but they are what they are. JC, no particular favorites, but happen to like the Festival albums best. Three Sounds, I can't think of one favorite, but all entertaining enough.
  11. Patio livin' and got some 311 and Sugar Ray happening. LOVE RUSH.
  12. Ornette's Tenure At Contemporary

    This what I meant: MJQ.webp Sorry, not very good at posting pictures.
  13. Sorry, just remember him looking so robust, he looks so frail there.
  14. Hats off to Rafa!

    You're right about that, I see the facts, and I agree about Joker being an all-around, all-surface player. But different eras though too. Rafa squaring against Borg? Love to see that. Hey, we got to see Pete square against Fed at Madison Square Garden, so nothing is impossible. I don't think there's an argument that Roger is the second best (in this era) clay court player. Rafa and Fed have squared off in the French finals many times. The McEnroe, Bjorg, Connors era is one for sure, later, the Pete v. Agassi era. Andre got that French title in at the best time (late in his career '92) whereas Pete never got it. Now we're seeing the end of another great rivalry. Roger will probably never play a major again (maybe Aussie) and Rafa's "literal" Achilles' heel may end his career too. Will Joker get another major? Probably, if he can control himself, probably more.
  15. Hats off to Rafa!

    Thank you my man!
  16. Ornette's Tenure At Contemporary

    Did not know the West/East coast connection, the Etergin Bros, deserve their own discussion. Still don't know much about these dudes. But get the MJQ connection, didn't they name one of their albums "Lonely Woman? or John Lewis at least on Atlantic?" See that connection.
  17. Ornette's Tenure At Contemporary

    Woahhh, cool story. Knew that Free Jazz was a Pollock, didn't know the rest.
  18. Ornette's Tenure At Contemporary

    Wow. Color me impressed. Don't take that the wrong way, that's concentrated history, so there's a lot to deconstruct here. So I'll start with Don Ellis. A Boston guy, who got a one deal with Prestige/New Jazz....why one deal? Its these snippets that puts it all together, thanks Cliff and JSngry!
  19. Ornette's Tenure At Contemporary

    So who did all the talking, why were Atlantic so interested in Ornette so much? Were representatives from Savoy and BN there too during the Lenox show? None of them seemed to walk away with better deals than Ornette. To me, during this time, Ornette should've been on par with Jackie on Prestige/New Jazz. Am I alone here on this point? I should add, John Lewis was different, like Ike Quebec was for BN, so that may be the Atlantic connection.
  20. The Golden Eight

    Could've sworn there was an earlier version of this album cover. Quick searches are doing me no favors, but memory serves it looked like a wheel of astrology.
  21. Hats off to Rafa!

    That's swell. Roger is second best, Joker (like Roger, got lucky with the French). Period. None of those dudes got what they got, because Rafa wasted them in the finals...and when he was in the finals, he wins. 14-14. Stan the Man is the only other one to walk away with two.
  22. Not interested in this boxset. Loooove this pic of Ayler/concept on the cover by HAT. But after Albert was (forced) to fire Donald, there was a major piece missing in his music at this period for me. Impulse though, after they tried to portray Albert as some sort of majestic hippie (like some Rasputin gypsy) but he fought on and none of his music suffered ( severely) thereafter; he didn't strike me as radio friendly either, which was their aim. Impulse did him fine nonetheless. Drove one of the most ingenious minds in the dirt. My opinion of course.
  23. Hats off to Rafa!

    You're cool Brad, it's all good, maybe I just don't have the opportunity to talk tennis much.
  24. Can't get this link to work, tell me that's not George Coleman out front playing.
  25. Tune that affect you emotionally.

    Can I go by albums? Vince Guaraldi, Jazz Impressions of a Black Orpheus, gets me in the mood for fall (include the Christmas album for the holidays) Miles Davis's Collector's Items for those rainy nights. Brubeck when patio living.