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  1. Recently I've started getting back into all the Blue Note records after taking an extended (roughly 10 year) break. It's been a joy, but one thing I had forgotten about were all the gospel-inspired gems. Listening to Freddie Roach's 'Wine, Wine, Wine" started me searching for more of the Baptist Beat. So, what are some of your favorite examples of this subgenre? It doesn't have to be Blue Note.
  2. I recently picked up an LP reissue of that one, it has long been a favorite of mine. The track Our Man Higgins on that album is a scorcher.
  3. This is such a beautiful moment. I think Griffin was Monk's perfect foil and this little personal insight into their friendship is a joy no matter how many times I've watched it.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Found a mint LP copy of this one, sounds awesome.
  5. You might want to make that "people under 50", I was only a couple years old when this went down and I'm 47 now. I learned more about the era from movies than I ever did in school.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    A studio collective of artists that frequently record for Wide Hive records.
  7. I usually get stoned before I go shopping at Amoeba in Hollywood. In fact, that sounds like a good plan for this morning, I already have the first requirement fulfilled.
  8. Van Halen

    My appreciation of Van Halen has increased over the years; completely distinctive and one of the most influential in rock history.
  9. What Are You Watching

    Finally got around to watching the Luke Cage series on Netflix. Although not up to the same level as Jessica Jones or Daredevil it's still a rewarding show with some great characters. What I like best about these Netflix series is that each one has its own distinct vibe.
  10. I know it's a day early but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY buddy!!! Here's wishing a wonderful b-day to one of the most genuine people I've ever had the pleasure to know.
  11. This one was brilliant... Baby Driver - 2017 (Edgar Wright) This one sadly wasn't... Free Fire - (2017, Ben Wheatley)
  12. A much better film than the disastrous Alien: Covenant. I liked it.
  13. Raise The Titanic (1980, Jerry Jameson) Saw in 35mm at the New Beverly Cinema (Quinton Tarantino's theater) The coolest aspect was the audience applauded when John Barry's name appeared in the opening credits. Barry's score, Alec Guinness' guest appearance and the raising sequence are still the highlights. It's a flawed film, but I loved it as a kid and it started my fascination with the Titanic and Clive Cussler novels.
  14. What Are You Watching

    I've been binge-watching Top Gear on Netflix.
  15. Star Trek Beyond (2016, Justin Lin) Saw this in IMAX 3-D at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday. I don't often spend the extra dough for IMAX screenings but Star Trek is a special occasion. A fun, action/adventure film that basically plays out like a big-budget variation of the TV series. Heavy on action, light on plot, with many nice character moments. Doesn't break any new ground, but in a series this long-running that's not even really a necessity, the fans just want to spend a couple hours with characters they're familiar with. It's not as overtly earnest as the second J.J. Abrams film, feeling much more like a popcorn serial entertainment (which is what it really is after all). Lin put his action chops from the Fast & Furious series to good use here, the film contains many dizzying action set-pieces.
  16. I've probably watched this one nearly a dozen times over the years, just endlessly enjoyable. This was an independent production by Samuel Goldwyn, RKO was only the distributor (that's why the credit states; "released through RKO Radio Pictures, Inc"). Here's a Wiki page about Samuel Goldwyn Productions. It mentions that despite his name being part of "MGM" he never produced films at the studio.
  17. What Are You Watching

    Stranger Things (Netflix) Very enjoyable bit of early 80s nostalgia sci-fi/horror mash-up. Imagine if Steven Spielberg and Stephen King had worked on a film together circa 1983. It's only 8 episodes and left me looking forward to the second season (already green-lit).
  18. Never get tired of this movie, have no idea how many times I've watched it over the years.