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  1. Christmas music

    It's Albany's New Alternative, ALT105.7 now. Wonder if they do the "two Christmas tunes an hour" thing ....
  2. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    I trust MOO-KEY to correct them if MOH-KAY wants his name pronounced correctly. It obviously is pronounced correctly.
  3. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    he's been in the league a few years has no one listened to any broadcasts?
  4. Happy birthday comrade and congratulations again on glorious victory by pretty young fellow traveler. Average age of true believers in national legislature cut in half, numbers doubled! Vlad cannot live forever, when historical path resumes in Motherland, your work here will not be forgotten!
  5. 2018-19 Hot Stove League

    World Series MVP Steve Pearce re-signed for a year. All smiles here.
  6. Art Blakey - Live in Scheveningen 1958

    Well according to the listing this particular concert is new, I was hoping to get confirmation on that marketing claim.
  7. New server and increased cost...

    I'd say set up a poll and find out how people interpret that. But the reality is that no one can draw any conclusion because you can donate off-line and it won't show. The only thing I'd change about the board-centric donate system is to eliminate the amount donated. No need for that info. We're all in this together, right?
  8. RIP Roy Clark

    Thanks for posting, that was great. Had no idea such a recording existed. I should dig out my transfer of the Clark/Gatemouth Brown collaboration.
  9. New server and increased cost...

    Home page has a direct-to-paypal donate button.
  10. New server and increased cost...

    If you'd like the board to be up in December, yes. Donation made. I bet we raise a good portion of 2019 now as well.
  11. Congratulations Guy Berger!

    Or smell deeply from the ass of defeat, and walk away, quicker, while farting in their general direction.
  12. Congratulations Guy Berger!

    If it's set to one article per month wouldn't you have to keep doing that over and over again? Every time you load a new article it tries to place the cookie and says "no more".
  13. Congratulations Guy Berger!

    Defeating the Times cookies is not a big deal, when I clear out cookies etc I have a new set of five articles. I just find it easier to go incognito all the time. The Globe, on the other hand ... we need a middle finger smilie.
  14. Congratulations Guy Berger!

    OH that's right were they forced to sell? Can't remember. I don't follow the Globe for Sox news, I do boston.com for Chad Finn and MLB.com otherwise. Hardballtalk if I want to aggravate myself. As to cookies dear Jim, I delete all such temporary ephemera to reset. The Globe don't care. It knows when it sees Incognito browsing and won't let you do it.
  15. Congratulations Guy Berger!

    Right click the link and choose open in new incognito window (Chrome). Speaking of paywalls/free articles, I continue to find it amazing that I can defeat NYT's limit on free articles with incognito windows. I can only open five at a time now (used to be 10) but how come the Boston Globe, owned by the Times if I am not mistaken, is set up to recognize incognito windows and make you sign up/pay to see anything more than one article a month no matter what? I can't imagine why anyone pays for the Times yet apparently they do.
  16. Post a pic

    He charged you $6 for a blank cassette in 1978? Couldn't you buy a two-pack Maxell for about $4 then?
  17. I've always skipped the waffle cone to avoid the additional calories. Not that I'll get to sample, and I probably wouldn't enter on general principle, but do they at least nail the ice cream part, with "small batch" and super fat milk?
  18. Cellar Live New Releases

    So do you know how it went from your research to Magnarelli choosing these two to play? Since you were unaware I am assuming you didn't have a direct hand ...
  19. Cellar Live New Releases

    My copy of the Mags is en route, and now I see on the Amazon release page, its actually a program of Dameron compositions, including two new ones! This all-star band of trumpeter Joe Magnarelli, tenor saxophonist Ralph Moore, pianist Anthony Wonsey, bassist Dezron Douglas and drummer George Fludas breath new life into the compositions of the great Tadd Dameron. A supremely swinging affair, If You Could See Me Now includes two never before recorded Tadd Dameron tunes: The Dream Is You and Sando Latino. .
  20. Sign Up for a Blindfold Test in 2019

    Yeah I have an absolute last one in me.