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  1. Have always wondered whenever I catch the film - just who is in the Basie Band for that 5 seconds or however long it lasts? Just found a snip of the scene, so who is on screen? I'm sure its KB on guitar (though I don't know that he ever actually performed with Basie otherwise?). But who are the reed section?
  2. Basie Band - Blazing Saddles

    I've not seen photos of Freddie Green wearing glasses. I always thought "KB" by general appearance and that he was based in LA at the time (I assume).
  3. This is a contract dispute about living up to the terms of the contract and you won't find out about the terms of the contract until discovery? Don't all parties to a contract get, you know, a copy of the executed contract?
  4. In terms of filing a cause of action in a timely manner in relationship to the date of the fire? Doesn't the fact that Universal lied to everybody about what was lost in the fire have an impact on such a defense?
  5. Eddie Johnson - RIP

    I was recently thinking about the Nessa Eddie Johnson recording and came to wonder about other recordings after he went back into the music scene .... I guess I slept on this one and his Delmark leader date because I didn't hear him until Chuck reissued the Indian Summer CD. Both of the Delmark CDs are terrific and I think I atoned for my slowness by snagging this one. Lejeune is a younger boogie woogie type pianist and he and Eddie are a terrific pair. Anyone who sees this should snag it.
  6. Duke

    Faxes ain't done yet - anyone who works in an insurance office gets at least one a day from a lender needing to update the mortgagee clause on a homeowner's policy. And all of them take faxes back with proof of the change.
  7. Who's totally misreading the market?

    I don't know someone who has that one? Someone who has a few Wes CDs and heard about new archival recordings but isn't an insane collector who has to have it all?
  8. Is this reflected in Movie Mars rating? Or are there too many people buying the popular stuff for the randomness of the esoteric stuff's availability is washed out?
  9. Who's totally misreading the market?

    Is it possible there are people interested in Wes who don't want every single thing Resonance has put out? They must think so ...
  10. I certainly understand the frustration, I have not had an issue with Movie Mars in the past. I've also never paid attention to when cards are billed and have always assumed cards must be billed in order to even start the process of shipping or procurement. Since I can float 10-$20 without impacting the grain or hay budget for the horses I've never cared about it ... anyway they pissed you off so don't use them again. In my world that is called Permanently Banned (tm). Previously Import CDs got that designation, and its been so long I can't even recall the circumstances. And much more recently, Beef O'Brady's is gone from our rotation, for making me complete the take out order payment online without ever making it clear that I was ordering from one that is 20 miles away, not the five mile away closest one. (in the Tampa area you can't piss in the wind without hitting a Beef O'Brady's so a little clarity would have been helpful). I called the location and got some cockamamie BS about they don't have access to the online payment system so you're SOL, call your card issuer.
  11. Hub Songs

    It's under Printup because I was pretty consistently picking up his BN releases back then. But I think it will be re-filed with Hubbard discs as I found this one located there, Apparently Javon Jackson was the go-to tenor for this kind of thing. Eddie Henderson, Marcus Belgrave, Wallace Roney but not so much interaction, only one track with more than one trumpeter.
  12. Hub Songs

    Had it for 20 years (a group of Young Lions playing a classic songbook - that was a no-brainer to me back then if not now) maybe I should pull it out for a spin. Now where did I file that one .... Hagans, Printup or Hubbard? Printup or Hubbard, I'm betting.
  13. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    There is a 2016 release of new material: 1005 Guy Lafitte - Nice Jazz 1978 / All tracks recorded at Nice Jazz Festival, 1978 Three tracks with Wig; three more with Wig, Sweets and Hank Crawford, two with Hank Jones and Sweets and one more with Sweets, Hank and Illinois Jacquet.
  14. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    Definitive was the series of CD reissues with unissued tracks from the sessions. Original CD reissues (the first section of Tom's list) will not track exactly with the Definitive issue.
  15. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    The Definitive series was really great, with usually 3-4 unissued tracks and at least 1-2 new tunes, not alternates. But its something of a discographical mess, I noticed yesterday, when one of the Cobbs came out on CD they added three tracks but the Definitive version has other bonus material. Different group backing Arnett is surely the reason why but now I've got to figure out if those three bonuses on the 80s CD showed up somewhere else or are truly "orphans".
  16. Chewy IPO raises $1 billion

    All I know is I pay $52 about every 3 1/2 weeks for the big bag of crunchies that Gracie can eat (highly allergic) with free shipping and delivery in one day and I was also able to leverage their super cheap Heartworm meds into a new deal with the Vet, instead of $83 for six treatments, or $33 or so from Chewy, I am paying $44 for seven chewy treatments. So basically half off what they were trying to get me to pay. Basically I'll stick with them until they flame out a la pets.com.
  17. Happy Birthday, Bresna!

    and now finally I understand ... mum's the word.
  18. Al Cohn

    Agreed, here's one that I just recently acquired, recorded just 8 months before his untimely demise. Not sure how many people know of this one, Amazon has a couple of cheap copies right now.