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  1. Motian In Motion

    Watched this last night on You Tube. It wasn't very well structured, that said, I could watch another hour and a half of Paul just being Paul. Motian in Motion
  2. Ou - One (Inside Out 2022) Waiting for the album to arrive, but listening to the three pre-album singles non-stop. Ou is a...prog metal electronica ambient (?) band from Beijing.
  3. Storing Mosaic Booklets?

    I keep mine in the Mosaic boxes and make sure I go through them during the summer to make sure there's no mildew on them.
  4. What a great idea, I want one.
  5. I'd love to see this if it's streaming somewhere.
  6. Ron Miles R.I.P.

    Oh man, he played on one of my favorite albums of all time. So glad I got to see them live a couple times, what an amazingly odd band.
  7. What Are You Watching

    Watched this last night and it was just what I needed to combat the gloom and doom of the last couple weeks...months...years...
  8. Not so much the 80s Young Lions, but I still listen to a lot of the 90s guys...Brad Mehldau, Josh Redman, Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings, Mark Turner, Roy Hargrove, Jason Moran.
  9. Ty Tabor - Shades (Rat Pack Records, 2022)
  10. Bandcamp Bought By Epic Games

    I was paraphrasing the Pitchfork article above. " The platform’s ease of use and relatively low commission rate of 15 percent made it attractive to independent artists and labels, eventually helping to foster vibrant communities of lo-fi, offbeat, and experimental musicians—all while turning a healthy profit. "
  11. Bandcamp Bought By Epic Games

    You're probably right. As I understand it, it's all about ad sales and number of eyeballs.
  12. Bandcamp Bought By Epic Games

    I'm curious to see how this plays out. I know ZERO about the gaming World, but Bandcamp is making a tidy profit AND paying artists while letting them keep almost 100% control. Let's hope it stays that way.
  13. Words of Wisdom.

    Monk: Thelonious Monk’s 25 Tips for Musicians (1960)