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  1. Henry Butler

    I have always enjoyed his Fivin Around recording on impulse. I believe he gave up on jazz and only plays blues now. I think he's in New Orleans now and suffered under Katrina.
  2. Possible Nigerian Scam?

    On a related note - When I worked at one of the big 4 accounting firms as their internet producer I started seeing some Nigerians trying to sign up for courses or events in Toronto (which were typically free events for C-level types). I thought it odd, but possible, since there was no obvious money scam issue. However, I got talking to one of our lawyers who said that the confirmation receipt for these events almost becomes a document with some "validity" if one of these guys hopped on a plane, or tried to leverage it for some other scam. "Look, **** has me registered for their Director Series events. I am therefore important and have a reason to travel, invest money, abuse English language grammar in emails, etc."
  3. Newbie Introduction

    I know I don't participate much lately on Org (though lurking always) but as an internet producer and webmaster by day, I call them as I see them
  4. Newbie Introduction

    Skeptic alert. See his signature links. (Though Earl Hines had some awesome rings.)
  5. Green Onions

    Nice work Jimmy I like how it goes to church around the 7:30 mark and then wails at the end. Where is this location? Never before noticed you had a Moog.
  6. Hank Jones turns 91 (!!!) today...

    Happy Birthday indeed! Piano players seem to have long lives Earlier this month Pinetop Perkins turned 96.
  7. Montreal jazz summer 2009.

    Oh man, there should be a thread, he's done some great jazz photography and writing. I see there's but one article on the web that mentions his death.
  8. Happy Birthday Robert J!

    Thanks everyone. I am in Windsor, Ontario, at my mother's place. It is raining on my birthday, probably the 1st time in 42 years. On July 1, 1967, my mom was still 6 weeks away from dropping me. But on that day they were at an outdoor wedding. My dad was the best man and visible in the sky that very hot day, was the smoke from the Detroit riots rising up across the Detroit river. Maybe a sign. I decided to get out early, on Canada's 100th birthday no less. (I got a medal from the government and a free stroller). But now, at 42, what the.... I have been quiet on Org this past year. A combination of liking my job and a yearlong basement reno with my wife. We somehow survived. I still lurk, but have not really posted much so thanks to those who still know me as a crazy beer drinking Canadian. Maybe I need to get on the Organissimo chat program. On a music positive note, I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago on business. I was able to get out to play an entire set at Buddy Guy's Legends for the jam session with guitarist Jimmy Burns. After being out of performing for a bit, it was a good experience to be in front of a couple of hundred people and not be nervous. In fact it was a very positive experience in terms of what came out of my playing and I am looking forward to getting back to more playing as a result. Anyhow, raining now. I made ribs and salmon for 14 people, and only beers to sustain now. Tomorrow - Thursday - we plan to go over to Detroit for a drive. I promised to take my family to for some classic dogs. Michigan members, we'll be there around 2pm if anyone is interested
  9. Best-known compositions: "Hymn to Freedom" on Night Train (1962) All of the Canadiana Suite (1964)
  10. I just got back from the bookstore which has 14 copies. Maybe because Diana Krall is on the cover and I'm in Toronto? I was wrong - it was 3-1/2 stars! ------------------------------------------------------- There's no shortage of smart, exuberant blues crossed with soul on the first concert album (and third overall) by this Detroit band with three all-stars deserving wider recognition: singer Freddie Cunningham, guitarist Greg Nagy, and organ player Jim Alfredson. From covers of Johnnie Taylor's Stax nugget "Love Bones" and Texas blues standard "Reconsider Baby" to original soul-struts "Keep our Business off the Street" and "Foolish Pride", Root Doctor takes patrons of the Lansing, Michigan club on a fun, suspenseful roller-coaster ride of climbs and dips.
  11. I thought someone had mentioned it so I didn't think to post anything. Don't have a scan, but I read it the other day at a bookstore during my lunch break. It is part of the roundup for blues recordings. If I get the chance at lunch I will go back, write it out and post it in full (about 75 words long) I am almost sure it was 3 stars, but I do recall the reviewer said he wanted to single out 3 of the members: Freddie, Greg and Jim
  12. JG Ballard RIP

    Which has a short story with one of the best titles ever: "Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan". Classic Ballard. RIP
  13. So BBT is promoting his touring band the Boxmasters and did a CBC radio interview yesterday with the band Apparently the CBC interviewer was "instructed" not to mention anything about the actor's career whatsoever. CBC host Jian Ghomeshi did that, but only very slightly as a intro. What else would he say "We have this well-known musician called Billy Bob Thornton who has this band...." So BBT became a jerk and didn't answer any questions clearly. And he makes fun of Canadian audiences. The nerve! Watch the band members cringing. Video is here >
  14. Josef Škvorecký

    I have read most of his novels over the years. His newest is "Ordinary Lives" a recent translation of a novel he published in 2004. I interviewed Josef about 10 years ago for a Toronto literary magazine and we talked about music too ("The Art of Improvisation: An Interview with Josef Skvorecky") It is referred here but OOP. If anyone wants a copy you can PM me.
  15. Well, O'Neal did portray Art Tatum in the film Ray! Here's my recollection. I first met Johnny in Windsor, Ontario when I was 17, around 1985. He was playing with a trio and I was astounded at his playing. Probably the first musician I saw live that made the proverbial "jaw drop" for me. Amazing technique - he was a monster at block-chord soloing. And a good ear too. He didn't read much music. Not sure why, but one night someone requested "Close to You" (the Burt B version, Carpenters) and Johnny admitted he'd never played the tune, but gave it a try anyway. It started as a ballad then became a great greasy bluesy romp. He also has a deep voice and is a natural gospel singer. He played lots locally so I got to see him more in Windsor. I even had some informal "lessons" with him at the piano before a few gigs. He did a number of dates with Marcus and some Toronto players (JO recorded on a small Windsor label called Parkwood Records, which also recorded other pianists such as Sammy Price, Earl van Riper, Dick Wellstood and Art Hodes - all of whom I got to see live!). In fact the first time I went to Baker's Keyboard Lounge was to see JO. He joked that there are always a few first time listeners who walk into the club expecting an Irish guy! He was also a big fan of boxing and told me that he never books a gig on big fight nights. It struck me odd that he recorded on Concord with Ray Brown and moved to NY briefly but seemed to not break from Detroit. I believe he also went briefly to California in the later 80s. I was studying with Matt Michaels one summer at Wayne State and Matt said some disparaging things about JO's experience in LA. Can't recall the basis for that. I moved to Toronto in 1991 and didn't hear much of JO. But he recorded a decent album on Montreal's Just in Time label. He's also a regular on the jazz cruises and I think has had more work because of Ray. He should be heard much more though.
  16. I saw this item while reading Mark's article on Baker's Keyboard Lounge. "Amboy Dukes is the name of the late '60s act, and its original members, including Uncle Ted, are preparing to reunite and perform onstage for the first time in more than 30 years. The occasion arrives April 17 during the 18th annual Detroit Music Awards at the Fillmore Detroit, where the group is being presented the distinguished achievement award. Other highlights on the schedule include a Motown 50th Anniversary Revue and tributes to the late Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton and late R&B-and-jazz organist Lyman Woodard."
  17. Music Minus One Lp

    I have #4007 - Mal Waldron - For Pianists Only! But not really for sale (not played in years) My dad got it for me as a teen when I was learning tunes. This was in the 80s, so not sure how he found a copy. This was probably the first collection of jazz tunes I memorized because of the play-a-long format. Since my turntable was never near a piano (and no remote) you'd have to keep going with the "band" if you flubbed something! Some info with the Mal Waldon discography
  18. Scam letters

    I love this paragraph!
  19. No problem. Servers know my IP address, but they don't give me points for living in a Commonwealth country.
  20. Dear Spotify Visitor, Thanks for dropping by... Here at Spotify we believe that Everyone Loves Music, that's why we aim to legally bring all the worlds music to everyone, everywhere and are currently working really hard to achieve this. With Spotify free service plus a variety of flexible subscription options to suit every lifestyle and budget you'll find we offer everything you need to get the most out of your music. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions we are not yet available in your country. We understand that you are currently in Canada. If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at
  21. Move to California and join one of those cannabis clubs. Seriously. A friend of mine broke his ankle about 15 years ago and got a doctor to write him a prescription. Now he goes once a month to the local dispensary for his pot. He swears the pot is as good or better than anything you can get on the street and a helluva lot cheaper! Your friend convinced a doctor to write a prescription for pot because of a broken ankle 15 years ago? That must have been one helluva break. That's a lot of joints for 1 broken joint