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  1. Didn't get to see the Atlanta show, but man, Gold Sparkle Band's Earthmover was one of the great recordings of Atlanta jazz. Nuzion Big Band's Hallelujah! too.
  2. Happy Birthday DTMX

    Belated thanks to everyone. Haven't been around much this year what with work and family but still enjoy dropping in to see what's going on. Always enjoy the music and general discussions, even if I don't participate. Organissimo is still one of my quick-fix-step-away-from-work websites that brings a bit of light into a gray workday. Best to all! Doug
  3. Happy Birthday BERIGAN

    Sorry to be tardy to the party but happy belateds!
  4. Fleetwood Mac - Boston 1970

    I also have this box set, and this is my sentiment as well. Ditto.
  5. Happy birthday DTMX

    Oh man, another year already and hit the Thanksgiving holiday to boot. Been a good year, added a son to the family, everybody's doing fine and everything looks promising. Thanks for the best wishes! Doug
  6. Happy Birthday jeffcrom!

    Happy birthday Jeff!
  7. Have always been partial to the various concertos. Elliott Carter dies; Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer was 103.
  8. Sylvia Kristel R.I.P.

    I actually remember that music from the movie more than the movie itself.
  9. World's worst sax player

    I was driving to work one morning about 5AM and put the radio on WREK, Georgia Tech's radio station. Listened for about 5 seconds and said "that's the worst saxophone I've ever heard in my life". Then about 10 seconds later I realized I was listening to myself on a CD that I had sent them a couple of years earlier.
  10. Kenny G

    "irreconcilable differences" - he must have walked in on her while she was listening to a Pat Metheny album.
  11. Stan Getz - Your Favorite Albums

    Those two, plus Bossas and Ballads: The Lost Sessions.
  12. Edgewood Sax Quartet

    Jeff - this is some good stuff! And the recording is really good too, considering that it was not intended for release. I've got a lot of professional recordings that don't sound this clear (and I'm listening through headphones/earbuds). I won't be able to attend the WonderRoot gig, but hopefully I can catch a performance somewhere down the line. BTW: I always thought Ornette's "The Legend of Bebop" would sound good in a sax quartet arrangement. Don't know why that song never caught on as a standard.
  13. Edgewood Sax Quartet

    Who's in the line up, Jeff? One of those dudes looks like Ben Davis.
  14. Gambling: PowerBall Mania

    I've never played any lottery game before but I bought 4 tickets for Tuesday. Won $10, minus the original $4 purchase, resulting in a 150% on my original investment. Given my history of lottery winning I bought 4 more tickets for Friday. So now I just sit back and wait for the money to roll in...
  15. Happy Birthday Berigan!

    Happy belated, Beri!