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  1. Hey folks. I’m thinning the collection a bit and thought I’d offer these here before going the Discogs route. Prices include shipping to a US address. All are in NM condition, and have only been played once or twice. There may be a stray crack in a jewel case here or there. PM me if interested. I'll deal if you want multiple cds. Thanks! Mosaic Stanley Turrentine - The Blue Note Quintet/Sextet Studio Sessions - 5CD. Very slight wear to box, everything else fantastic - 100 Blue Note CDs Donald Byrd - Byrd in Hand - RVG - 15 Kenny Dorham - Whistle Stop - RVG - 10 Kenny Dorham - The Complete Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia 2CD - RVG - 25 GoGo Penguin - Man Made Object - 10 Richard Groove Holmes - Comin' On Home - Rare Groove - 15 Jimmy McGriff - The Worm - Rare Groove - 20 Jimmy McGriff - Electric Funk - Rare Groove - 10 Jackie McLean - A Fickle Sonance - RVG - 20 J R Monterose - s/t RVG - Sealed - 15 John Patton - Memphis to New York Spirit - Rare Groove - promo sticker - 20 John Patton - Blue John - Collectors Choice - 15 John Patton - Boogaloo - Rare Groove - 20 Jimmy Smith Trio with L.D. - The BN Works 1500 Unissued - TOCJ 1610 with OBI - 50 Stanley Turrentine and the Three Sounds - Blue Hour The Complete Sessions 2CD - Conn - 20 Not on Blue Note Esperanza Spalding - Junjo - sealed - 15 Buddy Rich Big Band/Various - Burning for Buddy Volume 2 - gold promo stamp on booklet, hype sticker on case - 15 Claimed/Sold Titles Lou Donaldson - Blues Walk - 10 - CLAIMED Lou Donaldson - Say It Loud - water143/Blue Note - 20 - CLAIMED Eddie Henderson - Sunburst - Rare Groove - 30 - CLAIMED Brother Jack McDuff - Down Home Style - Rare Groove - 10 - CLAIMED Brother Jack McDuff - Moon Rappin' - Rare Groove - 20 - CLAIMED Ike Quebec - The Complete Blue Note 45 Sessions 2CD - Conn - Sealed - cut out - 30 - CLAIMED Freddie Redd - Music From The Connection - RVG - 15 - CLAIMED Stanley Turrentine - Easy Walker - Rare Groove - 15 - CLAIMED Stanley Turrentine - Comin Your Way - 15 - CLAIMED Reuben Wilson - On Broadway - TYCJ 81061 with OBI - 25 - CLAIMED Reuben Wilson - A Groovy Situation - water 134/Blue Note - 15 - CLAIMED Reuben Wilson - Set Us Free - Rare Groove - 15 - CLAIMED
  2. Hey everyone. It’s been a while! So I have 2 of the new Tone Poet LPs for sale. Both are still sealed in the original poly bags. Prices include shipping to US address. (claimed) Hank Mobley - Poppin’ - $20 - *note - there is a 2 inch split on the top center of gatefold where the record must have broken through during shipping. (Claimed) Stanley Turrentine - Comin’ Your Way - $25. - *note - Poly bag torn open 2 inches or so on top left. Everything else intact. PM me if interested. The story (if you’re interested). I ordered Poppin’ from amazon, and when it arrived I noticed the aforementioned split. Me, being picky, requested to exchange it, and amazon obliged. However, they sent me the Turrentine instead (it has a Poppin’ barcode sticker on the poly bag). When I contacted them to explain what was going on, they refunded me my money and told me to keep the records. A very unexpected outcome. Since Mobley is one of my faves I’d like to get a pristine copy of Poppin’, but if the split doesn’t bother you this is a deal for you. The Turrentine I just don’t want, so I figured I’d make it available to someone else who might and save them a little. I hope everyone is doing well during this kind of surreal time. Thanks for reading.
  3. Record Store Day - Black Friday 2019

    I picked up the two Miles releases, but have not had a chance to spin them yet. Now that the holidays are over, hopefully I’ll have time...
  4. Check this out...lots of cool titles coming, though I'll have to wait a year for Scofield/Metheny My highlights... January 24 Hank Mobley – Poppin’ (Blue Note, 1957) February 28 Chet Baker – Chet Baker Sings (Pacific Jazz, 1954-56) Grant Green – Nigeria (Blue Note, 1962) April 24 Lee Morgan – The Cooker (Blue Note, 1957) June 26 Bobby Hutcherson – The Kicker (Blue Note, 1963) September 25 Bobby Hutcherson – Oblique (Blue Note, 1967) October 23 Tina Brooks – The Waiting Game (Blue Note, 1961) November 20 Lee Morgan – The Rajah (Blue Note, 1966) December 11 Paul Chambers – Bass On Top (Blue Note, 1957) John Scofield & Pat Metheny – I Can See Your House From Here (Blue Note, 1993)
  5. Check this out! Already got my preorder in... Grant Green - Sunday Mornin’
  6. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Just popped over there and heard some sound samples - that does not sound good at all! Here's the Tone Poet sample that was posted - Herbie's solo... Ceora
  7. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Yeah, unfortunately I hear it too. I just compared it to the 2 different masterings on Spotify, and they sound better with no weird warble/phasing. My frustration is these Tone Poets were advertised as the definitive version of these recordings (sorry, I think I've said this before). I guess I have a different idea of what that means than Blue Note/RTI does unfortunately. I'll probably pick up the 2 or 3 remaining titles I'm interested in though - because I can't afford original pressings of these tiles and they are pretty good. I saw an 'Introducing Kenny Burrell' original for $950 at a shop. $950?!?! And it sold, too. Out of hand IMO... My other thought - if you mess up in a production, and someone (or a lot of someones) call(s) you on it, just admit it and move on. Denying it kind of makes you look stand-offish or ignorant. I don't know what happened or where in the process it happened, but something's not right with Black Fire. An example - the last album by the rock band Dream Theater, the Astonishing, had 2 blatant production errors and the band was called out on it online. John Petrucci, the guitar player/producer, claimed he didn't hear anything and it sounded fine to him. Ummmmm...just admit something got messed up, now it's a piece of history, and move on. Sorry for the ramble. BN75 LPs anyone...?
  8. I was just about to share this news - WOW! It would be interesting to look at any reissues from the last 10 years from these labels to see of they say they were sourced from the original master tapes...
  9. Blue Note - Vinyl Me, Please Anthology

    Saw via Instagram that the next two albums in the set are Lou Donaldson - Natural Soul (soul jazz) and Wayne Shorter - Schizophrenia (post bop). The ‘fusion’ and ‘modern’ titles are tbd.
  10. BN80 LPs

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has picked up any of the new BN80 reissue LPs..... May 10 – Blue Note Debuts, Part 1 Dexter Gordon – Doin’ Allright (1961) Herbie Hancock – Takin’ Off (1962) Robert Glasper – Canvas (2005 And if so, whaddya think? I guess they are sold out and awaiting a repress...
  11. “Nonbreakable”

    Hi folks, I just picked up a copy of BRAFF!! By Ruby Braff (admittedly mainly for the classic cover). The LP says it is “nonbreakable”. Am I able to play this with my regular stylus or is this more like an old 78? Please school me. Thanks!
  12. Oh snap! Love it. Nice internet sleuthing btw.
  13. Yeah, that’s the underside of a lot of great jazz musicians, and artists in general. 🙁 BTW, I opened a show for a recent version of Ides of March not too long ago. Jim Peterik came over and talked to us for a bit. Cool guy, cooler hair. 👍🏻