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  1. BFT 176 The Reveal

    Thanks for the recommendations, guys! I don't know when it should be on Cdbaby or WJ3 website, but here is a teaser from a month ago: Mighty fine concert by the two after having spent a day in Paris having an orgy of LP on the very quiet Left Bank while the Right Bank was burning.
  2. BFT 176 The Reveal

    Track 10 Assagai - Akasa (Charles Ononogbo, Fred Coker) Assagai, Vertigo, 1971 Bizo Mnggikana (tenor saxophone), Dudu Pukwana (alto saxophone), Mongezi Feza (cornet), Fred Coker (guitar), Charles Ononogbo (bass), Louis Moholo (drums) MG identified the record and the tune ! It's the mix of South African music, jazz and rock that I really enjoy. Dudu Pukwana is prominently featured and I just love every musical project he has been involved with. Track 11 Jackie Mittoo - Juice Box (Jackie Mittoo) Keep On Dancing, Coxsone, 1969 Jackie Mittoo (organ), prob. members of The Sound Dimension MG has identified Mittoo but I haven't been able to identify the rest of the group, sorry ! Probably the members of the Sound Dimension. Originally on Keep on Dancing, the track can be found on the recent compilation featured above that is extremely well presented and fun to listen to. Track 12 Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble - Mantra Dance (Logan Rollins) Hard Luck Soul, Aragorn, 1971 Reynard Birtha (trumpet), Jesse Barrett (tenor saxophone), Sonny Ward (tenor saxophone), Logan Rollins (alto saxophone), George Williams (guitar), Richard Strokes (guitar), John Grady (organ), Richard Wise (piano), Charles Peterson (bass), Dave Bennett (drums), Ricky Lewis (perc) Raw ! And ROllins , the nephew of Sonny. It's a record made by serving prisoners and the energy from Birtha and the reeds (Logan!) is highly communicable! Track 13 The Art Hodes Quintet - Dardanella Mostly Blues (Some Legendary Art), Audiophile, 1957 Art Hodes (piano), Marty Grosz (guitar), Truck Parham (bass), Freddie Kohlman (drums) (Eddie Burleton (clarinet)) « A pianist who has lived a full life and has something to say » as pointed out by Hot Ptah. That's Art Hodes and his quartet/quintet playing drag, blues and standards with diligence, joy and art. Great interactions all along with Marty Grosz. Track 14 Charles Williams - Trees And Grass And Things (Don Pullen) Trees And Grass And Things, Mainstream, 1971 Charles Williams (alto saxophone), David Brooks (tenor saxophone), Don Pullen (piano, organ), Jimmy Lewis (bass), William Curtis (drums), Montego Joe (perc) Identified by Jim ! I bought this record opportunistically when I saw the name of Pullen. I love every bit of the music here. It captures in a studio recording the vibrant energy that the Pullen/Adams Quartet have had a decade later in so many live sessions but (quite) failed to obtain in studio. I have no other record featuring Charles Williams so far, any recommendation would be appreciated! Track 15 The Mal Waldron Trio - Idaho (Jesse Stone) Moonglow & Stardust, Music Minus One, 1960 Mal Waldron (piano), Wendell Marshall (bass), Charles Persip (drums) Did you sing along ? Thom identified Waldron, MG identified the tune. Of the 3 or 4 Music Minus One records lead by Waldron that I have heard, this is by very far my favorite. Except for Stardust than I find a bit too slow, the rest of the tunes are perfectly arranged and executed by Waldron with a very positive atmosphere all along. Don't hesitate to give this record a try if you find a copy. Track 16 Ralph Moore - Into Dawn (Roy Hargrove) Furthermore, Landmark, 1990 Ralph Moore (tenor saxophone), Roy Hargrove (trumpet), Benny Green (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Kenny Washington (drums) Dan has identified the track&record ! Since I have heard Moore play on live sessions with the Horace Silver Quintet, I have been very enthusiastic with pretty much everything he has done as a leader and sideman. I am glad that he is again recording (a new album to be released soon on WJ3 records) and touring (I just realize he has played multiple times in France in the past 2 years, hope I can catch him soon). The story of Hargrove is truly a sad one. Such an elegance in his compositions and a dedication and talent when he played. Awfully sad. Track 17 Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann - Ironie Du Sort (Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann) Impression - l'énigme Infinie, JAM, 1981 Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann (soprano saxophone), Philippe Maté (tenor saxophone), François Couturier (piano), François Méchali (cello), Merzak Mouthana (drums) A relatively obscure French recording from the early 80s. I only know François Couturier that I have seen playing with Anouar Brahem a couple of times. The compositions might be a bit too written but the arrangements are truly beautiful. Track 18 Johnny Smith - Limelight (Terry's Theme, Charlie Chaplin) (The Complete Roost Johnny Smith Small Group Sessions) ROOST EP311 , Roost, 1952 Johnny Smith (guitar), Joe Mooney (organ), Eddie Safranski (bass), Don Lamond (drums) Beautiful Smith here. The first CD of his Mosaic set is my regular and favorite post-midnight listen. The tune is from the soundtrack of Limelight composed by Chaplin. The organ seems a bit theatrical but for me it matches the atmosphere of Chaplin movies like a charm. Track 19 Sophie Alour and Alain Jean-Marie - Que reste-t-il de nos amours ? (I Wish You Love, Charles Trenet) Live at La Rochelle, 2018 Sophie Alour (tenor saxophone), Alain Jean-Marie (piano) This is not officially released but has been recorded around the release of Alour's Time for Love containing two duets between Alain Jean-Marie and Sophie Alour. Alour has made consistently great records in the past 10 years (Opus 3, Shaker) and Alain Jean-Marie would deserve much more recognition. His early recordings, the ones with Wilen and Romano and the beguine series contain all magnificent compositions and play. Unless the current strikes disturb my plans, I am glad I should be able to see them both in duet format tonight near Paris !
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Next Stop... Soweto Vol. 3 South African Friends - Sangena Bheki Mseleku - Celebration
  4. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    Both correct on #Zim and on #Mittoo!
  5. Hello everyone, after the reveal from CardinalJazzFan, here comes the 176th BFT! After more than ten years on Organissimo, it was about time to present a BFT. It has been a great pleasure to prepare the selection which encompasses old favorite tunes along with recent discoveries. 90 minutes of mostly jazz with a short interlude halfway through. Thanks to Thom for hosting the BFT at the usual address: http://www.thomkeith.net/index.php/blindfold-tests/ With the link on the archive on the left corner of the page. I hope you will enjoy the music and feel free to share your impressions, commentaries, guesses, answers, etc, mainly etc.
  6. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    Not those countries (and not South Africa either)! I have no idea how dry/arid is the region where Shona people live. I would say Greater Antilles consists of most islands western from Puerto Rico.
  7. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    None of these players on the record! Most if not all of them must have played with Baker though. Not East Africa, much southward!! There is actually a pianist from the French Antilles in the BFT, but not on this track. Track 11 is located in the Greater Antilles!
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Gaslini Plays Monk A tad too percussive and built to my taste, but still great fun to listen to. The Bud Shank Quartet - Jazz at Cal-Tech Except from the drums on Side 1, I liked the record a lot! Randy Weston - How High The Moon Mozart Piano Concertos 20&23 / Barenboim and the English Chamber Orchestra First time I hear the 23rd and the Adagio is beautiful!
  9. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    It's St Thomas, It's not Ray, you know the pianist! I initially bought the record for the piano player - who composed that tune, but the leader is the trumpet player! Not Blue though! The drummer is pretty well known indeed. Not Bailey! It's Someone's Blues indeed! Some sort of amplified clarinet! Yes, it Diabaté ! It's further South and it's a Bantu language! Correct both on the record & on the track!! I love Beka too. I wanted Dudu on the BFT but it's true that he's not having one of those characteristic and intense solos on the track I proposed. Nope, we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean! A one-off opportunity to record for these mostly amateur musicians. But those reeds! Not Milt. The record is from the late 50s. No idea if that's recent! Yeahhhh! Congrats, it's Idaho, from Jesse Stone! The tune has been identified. It's the late Hargrove on the trumpet and Benny Green at the piano! No opinion about God, but I really like both Joe Henderson and the saxophonist leading this session (Ralph Moore)! Not quite sure about the money, but I am glad I bought the record I had no clue of the alternate name of the tune!! Yes it's Terry's theme from Limelight. Not the soundtrack indeed. Haha, I thought the organ player was in phase with the atmosphere of the movie. I love that guitarist's sound! That's the song! I thought their complementarity was working as a charm! Thanks for joining in!!
  10. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    Thanks! Almost, 8 to 10 are African artists. 11 is actually from the Antilles, not that far from Louisiana! That's him in a nutshell! Thanks for participating and managing the BFTs. Have no worries for your wallet, the majority of the tracks are easily accessible. Plus you might already own a few of the records already
  11. "South African Jazz"

    Bheki Mseleku - Celebration and Moses Taiwa Molelekwa ‎– Genes and Spirits have been recently repressed by Matsuli Music!
  12. Tal Farlow - A Sign of the Times A beautiful and signed copy where the previous owner had kept a few pictures he took of Tal Farlow in the UK in April 85.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Simultaneously a shout and a chant! Mal Waldron Trio - Blood & Guts Sal Nistico - Neo/Nistico Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy - Serious Fun
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Herbie Mann & Buddy Collette - Flute Fraternity (UK 10") Nat Cole at JATP Frank Rosolino - Free For All Ed Blackwell Project - What It Be Like
  15. And when in doubt, use both.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Waldron/Marre/Gouirand - Le matin d'un fauve Ed Blackwell Project - What it is?
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Excellent Waldron fest recently, soulpope! Listening tonight to: The Duke Plays Ellington Cecil Payne - Bright Moments Earl Hines - Paris One Night Stand
  18. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    That's the song! You might know the players, I plan to catch the duet next month in Paris area. The pianist composed the tune. He is still touring regularly and will be in Paris area next February. The whole album has this MFT nostalgic feel.
  19. BFT 176 Discussion and Access

    Correct, Dan! Hargrove is also the composer of this beautiful tune "Into Dawn" which has not been recorded elsewhere to my knowledge.