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  1. At last I'm spinning Rendell/Carr' records, now:
  2. 'Portrait in Jazz': K2 vs. Keepnews Collection

    Marital issue a part, I feel the same.
  3. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    This is partially true, the medium price is around 24 € if I could find a seller in EU with all of them I could spare shipping cost, otherwise a single LP with shipping raise at 30 €. or more. I just saw that most of them are again available at Jazzmen site, thanks, I'll grab them now. Done!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZACUDjryok This is one of the rare times I can "hear" the creative thought in itself.
  5. A friend gave me away the Columbia Legacy box set, but it has two disc 2 and no disc 1, is there anybody who could send me a copy of the disc, I'll pay the shipping obviously.
  6. Yeah, and what about JS Bach Cantata's? I mean basically he had to produce a single every fuc**** week of his life. Plus some orchestral music in the free time.
  7. Yeah, but look at Mozart and JS Bach, the complete editions on CD match Jarrett ECM output as dimension.
  8. Happy Birthday Chuck!

    HB, Chuck!
  9. Was Shakespeare a Woman?

    I was always much more fascinated by what "Shakespeare" wrote rather then who he/she/it was.
  10. Sad, sad, sad news. Che la terra ti sia lieve.
  11. I started to sell on Discogs some time ago. Since lately I have lots of free time, unfortunately, I started to use the "collection" option to organize my stuff. Any experience on it?
  12. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    There are lots of "hi end" streamers out there that can be controlled directly from on board screen or with apps on phones or pads, I even listened at them in "my" hifi shop and some of them sounds good. As someone noted before, I grown up with records, music and hifi magazines and collecting records and upgrade hifi rig is part of the fun, as well as hunting records, both online or in real shops. Actually I even own too much music, so music streaming doesn't appeal me. Anyway I recognized that it can be useful for a lot of reasons. I think the same about books and ebooks.
  13. Bargain Audio Equipment

    And damaged cartridge I would add.
  14. Their releases are beyond reproach.
  15. Tony Coe

    I have the chance to buy the following Tony Coe's lps: Pop Make Progress Brian Lemon Trio Coe Existence Tony Basement I did not listen to them, actually I didn't know they exist until now. I wish to know your opinion about it before buy them, because they aren't cheap.
  16. Discogs Collection option

    I started to type my records (vinyl) and I have to correct my previous posts, the vinyl entries are excellent, so far I could find almost every pressings I have on discogs, few problems when I tried to find the correct pressing plant (!!!) of best sellers like Dylan. In general jazz entries are accurate with lot's of helping picts of covers and labels.
  17. Tony Coe

    I didn't, probably I throw money in some other records. "So much to do, and so little time"
  18. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    Just two are still available. On discogs the set is more then 250 euros, Shade of blue, 50. the others 30, if you add shipping costs, still not a bargain at all, but "men will still say, This was his finest hour."
  19. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    No way to buy the vinyl box set, unless you are the ex wife of Jeff Bezos
  20. Branford slams Miles

    I haven't got any records of Marsalis' firm, but I've got dozens of John Zorn's one. Said that I found this thread quiete interesting.
  21. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Ajax plays the best football I saw in the last years, it deserves at least the final, IMO.
  22. I have no words to express my sadness, Guy.
  23. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Like an organic french fries at McDonald?
  24. Nearly 1.5 million posts.

    I couldn't agree more.
  25. Discogs Collection option

    My main problem with them is the pressings, editions issue.