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  1. Tony Coe

    I have the chance to buy the following Tony Coe's lps: Pop Make Progress Brian Lemon Trio Coe Existence Tony Basement I did not listen to them, actually I didn't know they exist until now. I wish to know your opinion about it before buy them, because they aren't cheap.
  2. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    Just two are still available. On discogs the set is more then 250 euros, Shade of blue, 50. the others 30, if you add shipping costs, still not a bargain at all, but "men will still say, This was his finest hour."
  3. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    No way to buy the vinyl box set, unless you are the ex wife of Jeff Bezos
  4. Branford slams Miles

    I haven't got any records of Marsalis' firm, but I've got dozens of John Zorn's one. Said that I found this thread quiete interesting.
  5. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Ajax plays the best football I saw in the last years, it deserves at least the final, IMO.
  6. I have no words to express my sadness, Guy.
  7. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Like an organic french fries at McDonald?
  8. Nearly 1.5 million posts.

    I couldn't agree more.
  9. I started to sell on Discogs some time ago. Since lately I have lots of free time, unfortunately, I started to use the "collection" option to organize my stuff. Any experience on it?
  10. Discogs Collection option

    My main problem with them is the pressings, editions issue.
  11. Discogs Collection option

    For my experience until now, the main problems with discogs is the same of many internet things: although a knownledge based of free contributors does taste of freedom and democracy, the lack of check and control from a board of recognize experts undermines reliability. There are great contributions that even indentify the pressing plant from run out etching and useless entries that make only mess. I mean democracy is good but not for scientific research, if the majority voted against Newton's laws, laws wouldn't change.
  12. Discogs Collection option

    Does it work for apple computer too? I am too old for the small screen of cell phone.
  13. Discogs Collection option

    Thanks! Seems it has more personal flexibility, all the informations you add are readily available for search and file, correct?
  14. Discogs Collection option

    Not selling my collection, I just wondering if it would be easier to file different pressings and editions, on discogs I just look for the right entry, but often there are dupes or the infos are redundant and useless, moreover it doesn't have many options for filing and searching, the first name/last name for example.
  15. Discogs Collection option

    Too bad they don't have a one month free option, just to try if it would fit my needs.
  16. Discogs Collection option

    Rest assured that if your heirs known the exact value of the collection, jackals will be left high and dry.
  17. Discogs Collection option

    The issue of value have sense IMO, expecially for my heirs, I don't want some jackals stole from them what I built with passion, research and money. I don't type the conditions of records I leave it to my nephews, as far as possible.
  18. Discogs Collection option

    Yeah, when the machines will take control they will erase human beings starting with the guys named Aaron.
  19. Discogs Collection option

    Some years ago I bought a Joe Henderson BN mono pressing I already own, but I sold it now and I had my profit, I can't say the same for other dupes. I used some lists I made, but I often forgot to update them.
  20. Discogs Collection option

    Certainly it's not a true archival grade system. So far I loaded only my cds and I had some problems to identify some records, expecially the most widely repressed, so I picked up the one as close as possible, I tried to add my editions, but gave up after a couple of tries, I mean what is the purpose of a new edition of U2's Pop cd that is pratically identical to another one a part that is "pressed in Holland" instead of "EU", medium value 1,67 euros? What I realized until now is that I payed big bucks for those damn small pieces of plastic and most of them are valueless. Fortunately things reversed with the vinyl box set of Mosaic. I am going to load single LPs in the future.
  21. Discogs Collection option

    Yeah, the First Name issue is pretty common in most parts on the web.
  22. Nearly 1.5 million posts.

    Does it includes all the fighting post in the now dead political thread?
  23. Any *early* Pink Floyd fans? (67-72 era)

    I like them till The Wall, but I despise Waters for his views, fortunately I am italian so I can easily neglet most of the lyrics and listen to sound.