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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Pepper-Presents-West-Coast-Sessions/dp/B01N2NTGV6
  2. So is this the several volumes of "Art Pepper presents: West Coast Sessions!"? Is there a box with all of them or no?
  3. Getting back to Coltrane and Dolphy, after listening to the sample I pulled up the 61 VV 4-disk set and listened, which I hadn't done for years. Some pretty great stuff in there (obviously) but I notice it's so high energy for the most part that I can only take a disk or so at a time. Over-stimulation after a point for me. I will buy this new release. It's Coltrane and Dolphy! Tyner, Jones, Garrison! Heck yeah!
  4. After listening to that sample from the new Village Gate release
  5. Yeah I ordered one of those Euro-compilations the other day. Magnificent as Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster and colleagues are, their names are not well known nowadays. Alas!
  6. I was watching PBS Newshour tonight and there was a piece on football player, actor, and activist Jim Brown, who died. Kevin Blackistone was interviewed about Brown's legacy and as he was speaking I noticed some books about jazz on the bookshelf behind him. Each time they cut back to him I would check out his shelves and there I spotted - Mosaic sets!
  7. Still slowly making my way through this. I was familiar with most of the musicians but had never heard these albums. A wealth of stuff with Ben Webster, Billy Strayhorn, Roy Eldridge, Clark Terry and others. I like Les Spann a lot - such a different style - and enjoyed his playing on this. He doesn't solo much but his comping is tasty. At times he plays a role somewhat like Basie in the ensemble. Also some previously unissued west coast sessions with Mel Lewis. Excellent sound throughout. Overall surprised, even a bit shocked how much I like this set! Some great music. Now I may have to pick up a few more Johnny Hodges records and re-listen to some I have.
  8. No, you deleted your posts because you wanted to. Nobody made you do it. I have no objection to you continuing to post here but I think if you want to continue you must drop the attitude of contempt toward other posters.
  9. The problem is these figures are meaningless unless we consider the context of how many female jazz artists were there during the period Mosaic covers. How many female trumpeters? How many of them led a band? Etc. Statistics of female versus male leads getting Mosaic treatment don't tell the full story. In fact they are misleading. These stats tell us nothing without reference to the bigger statistics: what kind of representation as players and leaders did women have during this period?
  10. Not part of the Mosaic wars but can't resist one last... Haha whatever This is really cherry-picking statistics, isn't it? How many lead male vocalists did they have? I'm sorry but this is all so specious! They publish what they can license and what they can sell. They are a private company and are not required to meet somebody's politically correct ratios of male to female artists published. Somebody, maybe you, said previously I'm just assuming they aren't sexist. But whasisname is assuming they are sexist! What I am doing is extending the benefit of the doubt when there is no credible evidence to the contrary.
  11. That sounds an awful lot like you are accusing people here of crass consumerism and insensitivity to music. I find it offensive. It's ad hominem attack. I advise you to drop the attitude. As far as being resistant to political implications... it's just such a shitty, wrong example you've hit on to try to pillory Mosaic. You can put on the Berkeleyer than thou attitude but it won't work here because it's just wrong. No support and quite a bit of evidence against. Come on, you are accusing two people of sexism, two people we are very familiar with and have done business with for decades. It's not right to fling accusation and innuendo around like some sort of ... discussion board Tucker Carlson.
  12. I'm not asking anyone to leave. I disagreed with some opinions from Face of the Bass and probably a few others and made my own reactions clear. When you post something and get blowback and disagreement - that's normal. Nobody gets to post with impunity. Getting back to the original topic - the problem is it's silly. I think we all agree that there has long been sexism and discouragement of female participation in music and most other professions. Mosaic isn't sexist. They publish what they can and what's out there. Oh give me a break! They've published numerous female vocalists. They're output is probably quite proportional to the jazz of the periods they cover. I don't buy the charge of sexism at all. Where's the evidence? None. I regard it as bullshit. Unfair and unwarranted innuendo.
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