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  1. The Baseball Thread 2007

    Players are paid bi-monthly, on the 1st and 15th, but their entire salary is paid over the six months of the regular season. So if you're making, say, 12 million a "year" you will get paid a million dollars on the 1st and 15th, April through September. The only thing I may be wrong on is the start and end dates. For regular people, you get paid for the work you've performed. That suggests that players get paid starting the 15th of April and carrying through to the 1st of October. Must be rough having to budget for the entire winter.
  2. Anti-recommendations

    "Difficult" music? It's not only that. More like gratuitous.
  3. Blue Note/EMI/Capitol/Pacific Jazz Recommendations

    I think that is actually one of the better sounding of the old mastering jobs. That may partly explain why it has not been RVGed yet. It actually sounds quite good in my system.
  4. Actually, you'd reduce world electricity consumption by about 15% if you replaced every incadescent bulb with a fluorescent bulb. It is not trivial.
  5. Paul's "Memory Almost Full" Debuts at No. 3!

    The piece GOM posted is just about the best/most poignant Bangs I've ever read. Honestly, his other stuff didn't really inspire me to even try to find out what the "cult" was about. But that was a very, very good piece on Lennon.
  6. It isn't small to the coach who was fired, the program that was dismantled, or especially the three young men who had their entire lives turned upside down. But it should be "small" to the rest of us. Chuck is right. Guy No, that's a silly argument. One might just as well say that the wars and genocide going on now are "small stuff" too compared to what might result, long-term, from global warming or the eventual explosion of the sun. There are always "bigger things" to worry about, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the lesser issues. I agree. As somebody who has been involved in criminal defenses, it scares me how easily an innocent person can have their life turned upside down due to the ambitions of a prosecutor looking to further his career. Really. My top issue is global warming, by far, but this is one of many smaller issues that deserves attention IMO.
  7. one member is celebrating life today

    Glad you are ok... that's the kind of thing that will really get you thinking about life.
  8. I don't think that is the point of the graph at all. The point of the graph is "if I (as a society) am going to try to reduce carbon emissions, where do I get the biggest bang for my buck?"
  9. I have to run off to a meeting, so I don't have time to do a review of last night's show, but suffice to say that overall it was very good with a few bumps in the road. The new William Parker composition "Sunrise Over Jupiter" is definitely something to check out if/when it is recorded. Spiritual Unity were about as on as I've ever seen them, and on reflection were really the highlight of the night. The Cooper-Moore set was overall pretty cool, but there were some painful moments. The other band was booorrrr-ing. Tonight it's back for night 2: Wednesday June 20 – Bill Dixon Lifetime Recognition Poet/Host Barry Wallenstein 7:00 Barry Wallenstein and Friends Barry Wallenstein vocals, poetry / Daniel Carter reeds, trumpet / special guests TBA 7:30 Bill Dixon with the Sound Vision Orchestra – World Premiere Bill Dixon trumpet, compositions Graham Haynes trumpet / Stephen Haynes trumpet / Taylor Ho Bynum cornet Dick Griffin trombone / Steve Swell trombone / Joe Daley tuba Andrew Raffo Dewar soprano saxophone / Michel Cote reeds / J.D. Parran reeds Will Connell, Jr. reeds / John Hagen reeds / Karen Borca bassoon / Glynis Lomon cello / Andrew Lafkas double bass Warren Smith vibraphone, percussion / Jackson Krall percussion 9:30 Co-Pilots: Henry Grimes with Marilyn Crispell and Rashied Ali Henry Grimes bass / Marilyn Crispell piano / Rashied Ali drums 10:30 Survival Unit III Joe McPhee reeds, flügelhorn / Fred Lonberg-Holm cello Michael Zerang drums
  10. LED lights are much nicer than any variation on fluorescent bulbs that I've ever seen, and also very low power. The downside is that they are still pretty expensive.
  11. But I can guarantee that FAR more than 200,000 are MBV fans.
  12. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    I mostly agree that the opinions expressed in Guy's link are ridiculous, but I have to say I have always HATED (and I mean HATED HATED HATED) that Stone Roses album. I've tried in vain to understand what people liked about that record.
  13. Best Store for Jazz Vinyl in SF?

    When I was in HS going over to 24th St to hit Streetlight and Aquarius was a weekly ritual. I found some very, very, very cool 7" records in Streetlight over the years.
  14. Paul's "Memory Almost Full" Debuts at No. 3!

    So the guy in '68 was hte double for the double?
  15. I've seen them three or four times before, but not in several months. Honestly, it is my favorite Ribot project. It really captures the spirit of the music, while retaining the individual voices of the group's members. That album on Pi left me very cold though... the shows are where it is at. I'm really excited about the William Parker set!
  16. Actually, the last couple Mosaic boxes I've gotten (both direct from Mosaic) have been mashed up. Nothing worth asking for a replacement over, though.
  17. Vision Festival Night One: Host Lewis Barnes 7:00 Opening Invocation Patricia Nicholson / William Parker / Hamid Drake 7:30 William Parker – “Double Sunrise Over Neptune” – World Premiere Lewis Barnes trumpet / Rob Brown alto saxophone / Sabir Mateen reeds Dave Sewelson baritonesax / Bill Cole double reeds / Joe Morris guitar, banjo Jason Kao Hwang violin / Mazz Swift violin / Jessica Pavone viola Shiau-Shu Yu cello / Brahim Frigbane oud / William Parker bass Shayna Dulberger bass / Hamid Drake drums / Gerald Cleaver drums Sangeeta Banerjee - vocal 8:30 Fieldwork Steve Lehman saxophones, compositions / Vijay Iyer piano, compositions Tyshawn Sorey drums, compositions 9:30 The Keyboard Project: Cooper-Moore Project with Marlies Yearby Darius Jones alto saxophone / Cooper-Moore keyboards Nioka Workman cello / Chad Taylor drums / Marlies Yearby dance Willie Applewhite - trombone 10:30 Spiritual Unity featuring Marc Ribot (with special guest Henry Grimes) Roy Campbell trumpet / Marc Ribot guitar Henry Grimes bass / Chad Taylor drums
  18. VISION FESTIVAL XII, June 19-24, 2007

    Vision Fest is tonight for me!
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoKrMW8giGg
  20. Paul's "Memory Almost Full" Debuts at No. 3!

    Fair point - I was born in the 70s and don't really have that context. The albums are really frustrating.
  21. Paul's "Memory Almost Full" Debuts at No. 3!

    Yes, absolutely. It is really uncanny how much greater the whole was than the sum of the parts. And while I agree that the post-Beatles work of all four is of widely varying quality, I think there is a clustering of points at the "low" end of the scale, and really not too much at the high end.
  22. Meanwhile, I've also heard that the "victims" (the three lacrosse players) have amassed $5 million in legal bills. (That sounds wildly excessive, I know, but what if it was "only" $100,000?) It doesn't sound excessive to me. That is in line with the market value of a top-notch criminal defense.
  23. Paul's "Memory Almost Full" Debuts at No. 3!

    What do you mean? Guy No more running around with various women, no more getting in the news for getting kicked out of nightclubs for stealing maxi pads from the ladys' room and wearing them on his head, becoming a father (and I don't mean having a kid, I mean being a dad), etc.
  24. Paul's "Memory Almost Full" Debuts at No. 3!

    Yes, but also the fact that he at least appeared to clean up his act in his final years. Whether it was misinterpreted or not, I think McCartney's reaction to Lennon's murder ("it's a drag") turned a lot of fans off Paul and put them in Lennon's camp.
  25. Smiles: Genuine or Fake

    Is that a genuine smilie?