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  1. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Most DEFINITELY an old school player, but not one of those two. I'm tempted to give another hint but I'll hold off for now...
  2. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    I remain hopeful!
  3. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Anyone else? Any more guesses or thoughts?
  4. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    It could be partially, though this wouldn't fall under "early digital" for me... I think of early digital as like 1980 and this track is "a bit" later. That looks good!
  5. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    I actually haven't heard a lot of Jean-Luc Ponty, which I'm kinda surprised at myself because I do enjoy a bit of 70s fusion, but the reason for that album in particular is just because I happened to hear a few cuts and really dug it, AND because it has Ralphe Armstrong on bass, who sounded killer on it from what I remember. But maybe I'll check out a few of these. Anyway, to reiterate, for those trying to follow along: there is no Jean-Luc Ponty on this BFT.
  6. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Nope, not Ponty, but that reminds me I need to pick up a copy of Enigmatic Ocean.
  7. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Missed your comment about WW-- it is not him.
  8. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Damn man, you are good! You got at least one that I thought nobody would get. I know a lot of people won't like #13, and to them I respectfully say: your loss! Correct!
  9. Blindfold Test 188 - link and discussion

    Thanks for the early feedback! I knew you would get those two! Well done! In fact here's an old post that will illustrate where I first heard "Holy Waters" and will also indicate at least one other person who will ID this one correctly. ... I've checked out a little bit of Jean Carn from that Philly Intl era and dug it.
  10. BFT 187 - Reveal!

    Wow, very interesting reveal! You're right, I can't believe nobody got Milt Jackson on track 8! I'm slapping my own forehead right now. Nice to know that was Ibrahim on track 5, I should have gotten that one. I think I even used to have that album. Some great stuff here overall. Thanks for your efforts!
  11. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    That's cool...you got a great deal! And that 2fer sounds good! I actually have never heard of And Then Again. But all this got me to do a quick Googling which reminded me that I need to reinvestigate Dear John C. also!
  12. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    Yes! And I remember being shocked that I didn't love it after seeing who it was. I need to go back and re-listen to that whole album soon. Maybe in the context of the whole album I'll have a different reaction to that track.
  13. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    I may have to go back and try track 8 again. Anxious to see the reveal on a bunch of these! There was a different track on another BFT recently from that same Elvin album that #17 comes from. I've heard this album before but don't own it. I didn't love the other track (from the other BFT) but I DO love this one. Fantastic!
  14. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    And here's the rest... there were a few clinkers for me in this second half but still a lot of great stuff. Thanks so much for your efforts! I'll be really interested to know who some of these are. And will finally dig in to some of the other posts now that I've put this out there... Track 8 - Impressions, taken at quite a clip! Love me some vibes but I can't tell who this is right off the bat. Actually the phrasing in the vibes solo feels a little square to me. This really is a bitch of a tempo though. The rhythm section damn sure is holding it together well. The piano player sure has chops, and a sense of humor. The "So What" tag is a nice touch. Track 9 - Now this is cookin! What a sound on that tenor player...wooo! Love the energy here, this is infectious stuff. How can you NOT tap your foot to this? Short but oh so sweet. No guesses again... I am batting zero. Track 10 - Boy this sounds familiar. Really digging the groove and the tune...I am all in on this. One hell of a guitar solo, precise, bluesy, AND soulful. At first I was going to date this from the 70s but now I'm wondering if it's actually a more modern recording? Hmm. I like the soprano solo too. This is one tight band. Track 11 - Well, it's gotta be Rufus Harley, right? Is there anyone else? Oh man... Eight Miles High!! Wow, this is a riot. Okay... the groove on this is SICK. I actually really love this. And Harley is a monster. I don't even really know what else to say, this is fantastic. I mean, just think of the balls it must have to taken to say, yeah, I'm gonna do Eight Miles High on the bagpipes and it's gonna be killin. Holy shit. Track 12 - OK, bagpipes redux! Oh wow, what is this? This is a fun listen but I have no idea who it is. Mamas & The Papas? Track 13 - Interesting sounds here... some odd vocalizing and maybe digeridoo? And definitely some 80s keyboard sounds. This sounds kind of like it's a theme from some show or movie. Track 14 - Holy shmaltz! I mean that in a good way. This sounds like a slightly more modern take on Esquivel or something. Not sure how I feel about this. It's fun but I don't think I'd listen to it again. It would actually come off better I think if some of the sounds weren't so processed-- I think some of the sax sounds and other instrument sounds are actually synthesized, right? Couldn't begin to guess who or what this is. Track 15 - Nice alto solo but overall this isn't really my bag. I'm sure the alto player is someone of note. Track 16 - Damn that's a lot of echo on that guitar. Again this one isn't really my thing. Track 17 - Oh man, I definitely know this one... Horace Silver? I think that's Freddie Hubbard on trumpet? And Wayne? That's gotta be Elvin on drums. Boy, this is one I really SHOULD be nailing. Killer track! I probably have this in my collection somewhere but can't remember what it is.
  15. Blindfold Test 187 - link and discussion

    Really digging this so far. Have gotten through the first 7 tunes. Life being as busy as it is right now, I have to grab moments and listen as much as I can until I get interrupted! So here's the first chunk... Track 1 - Ha! Nice. It's the Carpenters' Close to You, although for a minute I was ready for Killer Joe. What a groove! Nice guitar solo. This is some classic, great sounding organ trio + horn stuff... I suspect it's a more recent recording than I think though? Hmm. I could be way off but it sounds like younger/more contemporary players who are playing in an "older" style. And that might come off sounding negative but I don't mean it that way. This track is a blast...good stuff. I dig the solos but it's the groove that gets me more than anything else. This is locked down! Track 2 - Oh wow... Gene McDaniels' Feel Like Making Love. Gene is my man and I do love this tune. I like this arrangement. It's always hard at first when it's a tune you love, and they mess around with the melody especially. That can be like messing with something that shouldn't be messed with. But I always appreciate very different arrangements of tunes-- if you're gonna cover something, you've GOTTA do it differently. Yeah... I do like this a lot. No guesses as to who it is, but it's well done. Track 3 - My Funny Valentine, of course. I have to admit this has never been one of my favorite tunes. When someone calls it on a gig I probably groan a little bit to myself. But anyway... this is a perfectly nice rendition. The piano player is excellent but it's not grabbing me. It feels like a very "polite" rendition, and again... don't love the tune, but that's just me. "It's not you, it's me..." Track 4 - A Night in Tunisia, and it's nice to hear it done rubato like this! Great piano playing. This is a hell of a performance. Just the right amount of everything, and it tells a story. I probably know this piano player but I can't make a good guess at the moment. Track 5 - Oh yeeeaaaaah... I love the way the alto player gets all dirty. More of that please. I'm drawn into this one immediately. I feel like I should know the tune but I'm not getting it. The changes sound familiar. Wow... downright nasty around the 2:40 mark! This is pretty cool. I like the range of techniques and dynamics from the alto. Whoever this is is really pushing it. Track 6 - I'm gonna guess right off the bat that this is Sam Jones on bass? Maybe? Hmmm. No, that's not right. Almost does sound like a cello or piccolo bass in the upper register there though. Nice feel on this...the drummer has a great drive and a crispyness that I like. The piano solo simmers along nicely and drops a bunch of quotes. So this is definitely a more recent recording than what I was initially thinking. The bass player is pretty facile, nice solo. Great track overall, and it's bugging me that I can't remember the name of this tune. Track 7 - Oh hell yes... that BASS sound... the low, growly thing. Love it. This is Sergio Mihanovich's Sometime Ago, great tune! The guitar solo is excellent... love the tone and approach. I'm reminded what a fun tune this is to play on. The pianist is having a great time. Oh damn, I love this tenor player too. Wait... is that a bari? This just gets better and better. I would really love to know what recording this is. Again...I will fail if I try to guess any of these players but I surely must know them. Oh yeah, the trumpet player too, jeezus. What a great band, whoever this is! Really beautiful. Haven't looked at any other responses yet and will try not to until I've gotten through the rest!
  16. Marion Brown: Porto Novo

    Should have thought to check Dusty Groove, of course! Thanks.
  17. Marion Brown: Porto Novo

    Anyone know where I can find info on this label online? Did a couple of searches and came up with nothing. I'm interested in the Marion Brown (have heard & love it, but don't own it), and seeing that they're reissuing the Hemphill also, I definitely need to see what else they have coming out...
  18. Blindfold Test 186 - The reveal!

    Well, as is usually the case when I see the reveal, I feel like a damn idiot. I used to have the Robert Ruff!! I can't believe it. That track is so good and I didn't even keep the damn album. I remember liking it, but I guess not well enough to keep it? Funny that I identified the bass player & drummer on the Waldron album, but not Waldron! I need to get a copy of this one, really dug it. The Drake/McPhee recording is phenomenal. Really enjoyed that J.F. Jenny-Clark too, that's a nice surprise. And I definitely need Hannibal's "The Light"... I don't have a copy of that one. All in all, this was really fun, and you and I definitely have some similar tastes. Thanks for sharing all this incredible music!
  19. Blindfold Test 186 - link and discussion

    Once again, thanks for this... a total blast overall and lots of stuff here that I need to investigate further! Track 10 - Huh, this is really interesting...I like the pianist's style a lot...and the whole trio seems to be very in tune with this approach, and a bit "rickety" in the best possible way. This comes off like a much more soulful version of Keith Jarrett. I'm probably going to regret that comment. What I mean is that it's cerebral but it's got a great feeling to it. I like this. It's very elastic, very exploratory, and it swings in its own way. Great sound from the bass player too. Track 11 - Multiple fretless basses on this cut? I'm not super familiar with Richard Bona but he's the first person that came to mind here. This is very nicely done but it doesn't really speak to me. Oh wow, he really goes up into a high register there, which has me questioning whether that's a bass, but I guess it could be a 6 string? I could be into this if I was in a different mood maybe. This has echoes of 80s Pat Metheny Group which is unfortunately not some of my favorite Metheny. Track 12 - This is another one that's just not my thing. Technically it's flawless and the I appreciate the space they're in here. The singer has an incredible voice but the material isn't doing it for me. Track 13 - Already this sounds familiar. Oh wait a minute, Billy Harper? I've heard this before but I don't think I have this album. Hang on, I think I've actually played this tune. Am I right, Thom Keith? Oh man, are there two drummers on this? This feels so good. Harper's solo... this is masterful. The bass solo is good. But BH and the drummers? Just killer. Love this! Is that Harper himself singing? Track 14 - Boom! Lots of energy here...I like it but it might be a bit much for me after the deep journey of that last cut. I appreciate what they're doing here but it's not totally reaching me. The band is firing on all cylinders and it's amazing they can keep up with the pace and energy of this! Damn! The trumpet player is on fire. Great solo. I only wish there were more dynamics in this... they do manage to get the energy level even HIGHER at certain moments, which is amazing...but there are times where the whole thing feels unnecessarily relentless. OK... I spoke too soon. The tenor solo just started and it's a welcome change. Nice! Overall I have mixed feelings about this track.
  20. Blindfold Test 186 - link and discussion

    I haven't looked at the reveal yet and still hope to listen to the last 5 tracks today. I can't believe I both sorta dissed and praised Hannibal in the same test!
  21. Blindfold Test 186 - link and discussion

    Finally had some time to spend with this, and I'm SO glad I did!! Here are my notes as I listened... Track 1 - The tune seems vaguely familiar to me but maybe it's just one of those that have that "familiar" sound. I can't decide whether I like the trumpet player or not, sound-wise, but he/she sure is GOING for it. And speaking of going for it, wow... I DO love this alto player. This solo is a total blast! Adventurous. I really like this track overall. Track 2 - Hell yes, killer bass intro! [Several minutes later, after becoming entranced...] OK, this is phenomenally good. Everything about this is right on...I totally dig the feel, every one of the soloists tells a story and they play together like they are brothers (or sisters). I should definitely know who this is. In fact, Thom Keith will publicly shame me for not knowing it. This is totally up my alley and yet I don't know that I can ID any of the players. The tenor player does this thing that reminds me of Ari Brown a bit. There's a distinctly Chicagoan feel to this and the bass player reminds me of some guys I've heard out there too. Track 3 - And now for something completely different. Hard initially to reorient myself to this piece after being taken to another planet by the previous track... but this is really good. I do enjoy this type of music a lot but couldn't begin to guess who it is. Fantastic groove! Track 4 - Going back in time now. Beautiful, beautiful tenor playing! The changes are very familiar. I'm dancing in my chair. Outstanding tenor solo! The piano player is pure class, elegant. I have no guesses on this but I'm sure these will be familiar names. Track 5 - Whoa! We are all over the map here. And I like that! This is not something I'm familiar with but I dig the energy and of course that bari! Gotta be some European guys, I think. Hmm... I like the way it starts but don't love the middle section with all the electronics. I'd normally love something like this but in this particular case it doesn't speak to me. Track 6 - This is super cool. I already love the sparse groove that they're setting up. This is another one that's right up my alley. The sounds, the sounds! I love this. Killer groove, nice slow build...they are really in the zone here. I like the bass player's sound too. I'm going to take a completely wild guess and say this could be Wolfgang Dauner with Eberhard Weber and Fred Braceful? Whatever it is, I need it! Track 7 - Damn!! I like your taste in music. This is fantastic. Again, something I should know, and I'll probably kick myself when I find out the players. These guys are communicating on another level. I LOVE the way it all comes together after the drum solo, around the 11 minute mark...whooooooooo!! I may have hurt myself listening to this. In the best possible way. I think a name or two is given away at the end of this, but I can't make out what he's saying. Track 8 - There is some heavy bassness going on here. Is this all effects or more than one bass player? Maybe some overdubbing? The production on this is amazing, it's like this exists in a completely different space. I'm listening on headphones and it's really blowing my mind. This is obviously a fairly recent recording. I like what this person or persons are doing, this is a great concept and a very cool listening experience. Couldn't begin to guess who it is. Track 9 - I am seriously digging all the great bass playing so far! Is this Cecil McBee. Whoa... this is venturing into Alice Coltrane territory. Which is just fine by me. Hold everything! Is that Jean Carn? No, it couldn't be. This is absolutely fantastic! Is that cello player? Sure sounds a lot like Diedre Murray, but that can't be either. Wow this is confusing me... but happily so! Damn, that trumpet player... is this Hannibal?? WOW! You are killing me here. I have to get back to work but this has been a blast so far. Will post responses to the last bunch of tracks as soon as I can get to them. Thanks for all this great music!
  22. I look forward to it! Thank YOU!
  23. Thom Keith has sweet-talked me into doing this. I don't think October is possible for me due to my work schedule, but I could handle November if you still need someone. Even though I'm not around these parts too much anymore, I've enjoyed many a BFT in the past and I'm glad the tradition continues! Will also check out this month's BFT to get back into the swing (bad pun intended?)... it's only right!
  24. BFT 184: THE REVEAL

    Wow, that's an interesting reveal! Somehow I didn't catch that Nisha was on there twice, nor did was I able to identify tracks from two albums that I have (the Malachi Thompson and the Corey Wilkes)! Oy. Good stuff. Very clever throwing in a couple of play alongs too. I really like Dana Hall's drumming a lot... have seen him play a couple of times in Chicago, once as a sideman with a group I didn't really care for overall, but he stood out as a great player. I should check that album out.
  25. Coming in just under the wire on this. Some killer stuff here as always Thom! I did listen a little bit ago while at work, and had hoped to write some comments about each track but this month has sadly been kind of a bitch. So all I can tell you is that the Marvin Gaye cut, which is beautiful, is from Louis Hayes' "Variety is the Spice" (which you introduced me to, of course), and there might be a cut on here from Rene McLean's "Watch Out" which I think I introduced you to? It's been a while since I've listened to that one but I *think* I heard something from it here. This was a fun listen during a lousy workday! Will have to go back and re-listen when I have time. Thanks for putting this together and for letting me know to check it out!