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  1. Most disappointing new release 2003

    Yeah!!! We have a proverb in German: One's owl is the other's nightingale ... "Those German's have a word for everthing!"
  2. Quick recovery for an "elder" of the board!
  3. J.J. Johnson: TV/film music available?

    Here's list of the films J.J. Johnson worked on: 1976 Street Killing [TV] Composer (Music Score) 1973 Willie Dynamite Songwriter / Composer (Music Score) 1973 Cleopatra Jones Composer (Music Score) 1972 Across 110th Street Composer (Music Score) 1972 Top of the Heap Composer (Music Score) 1971 Man and Boy aka Ride a Dark Horse Composer (Music Score) Across 110th Street, I know, is easily available. It's one of my personal favorites, and the movie was great also. You can also get Willie Dynamite, Cleopatra Jones, and Top of the Heap on cd. Don't know about the others.
  4. ''Rules of Conduct for Jam Sessions''

    So it's still a go on calling "Lester Leaps In"?
  5. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Speaking of Paul Bryant, just this morning I found his lp Something's Happening, his first record on the Fantasy label. Nice stuff but recorded "hot", there's a lot of organ distortion on this lp. Part of the line up includes Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, and he rips off a couple of good solos. Plas Johnson makes an appearance also, so it's a happening lp to look for. Another obscure L.A. organist whose lp I also pick up is Charles Kynard: Reelin' with the Feelin' that very groovy. Interesting part of the album is Joe Pass plays in the session but he solo's only four times, out of six cuts!!?? He's kind of under utilized here, to say the least. However, Kynard is a powerful organist, and Wilton Felder has some very good moments. These two get a from me, if you find them, don't be afraid to buy 'em. I think I'm getting hooked on these obscure L.A. organ sessions, it makes your day when you find one.
  6. Ebay craziness

    This $2,900.00 Hot Wheel model might have been the one that I dipped in gasoline and then light on fire before I sent it down the track. It was at night and it was SPECTACULAR. Just think how rich we would be if we kept everything in primo shape from our childhood. Less fun=more $$$$
  7. Ebay craziness

    Andy has issues! Hey! It's a slow night for me!
  8. Ebay craziness

    And people make fun of jazz collectors??? What in the world????
  9. Who has an opinion???

    I would rate them, on a practical level: 1. Ellington Reprise: This is OOP, so get a copy while you can. It's a very enjoyable set, and even if you don't like it now, it will grow on you. 2. Gerald Wilson: This is a great set that shows what a great Big Band arranger Wilson truly is. The musicians on the set are outstanding, great solos abound, and Wilson's writting is a wonder to behold. Get this, and you'll never be sorry. 3. Cooper /Holman/Rosolino: I seem to be in the miniorty in enjoying this set immensely -- then again, I'm a sucker for the "West Coast Jazz Vibe" feel this box has. Cooper /Holman/Rosolino all are enjoyable here, with Holman being the tops in my book. Though, Rosolino is very enjoyable, if you don't mind his singing, which I don't. So, final word, anyone you get you will enjoy. Edit for spelling and sense making
  10. (Non-jazz) Band Photos w/captions

  11. Mosaic for Christmas?

    Now redtrumpet tells me thay don't have it. First time that's happened to me with something that RT has listed. Bummer, Santa.
  12. Mosaic for Christmas?

    I was able to buy The Complete Verve/Clef Charlie Ventura/Flip Philips Studio Sessions (9 LPS) from, even was able to get a 10% discount. Was surprised to find there are some copies still out there; the minute I saw it, I knew this was my Christmas present to myself.
  13. Thought people might be interested in this offer by Redtrumpet: SPECIAL SALE NOW THROUGH CHRISTMAS Last minute shopping for those on your list –or- errr…. for yourself? TAKE 10% OFF OF EVERYTHING IN-STOCK or “SPECIAL ORDER” Now through Wednesday December 24, 2003 NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot combine this sale with any other offer or to any outstanding orders. The sale is for items that have been released not pre-orders, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer excludes ALL Analogue Productions items (please contact us to inquire on these) To take advantage of this sale, just shop as usual on our Web site and when you check out, type "LAST MINUTE” in the comments section of your order (not the Coupon section -- it won't work). We will apply the appropriate discount while processing your order, so it won't appear on your online invoice but will be deducted when we process and ship your items. CLICK HERE FOR RED TRUMPET Usual disclaimers: Not connected with Red Trumpet etc.
  14. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    I was looking through the "$1.00 lp Bin" at Amoeba Records this morning and I can across a lp entitled: Plas Johnson with the Grease Patrol: L.A. '55 on the Carell Music label. Well, with a name like that staring me in the face, how could I pass it up? Turns out to be a great session with Plas on Tenor; Art Hillery on B-3, Jimmy Smith, drums; and Billy Rogers on guitar. Really a nice, funky, greazy session, which recaptures the sound of a Los Angeles bar band of the mid fifties. Johnson has a great tenor sound that is smooth, yet soulfull as anything you ever want to hear. Hillery, whom I never heard before, has a style that is light and is able to use the pedal is a creative manner. Rogers and Smith are rock solid. The liner notes even come with a definition of grease! grease (gres). n. that essence which each jazz musician applies to the music, allowing it to slide around and between the notes and rhythms, imparting elements of spontaneity, emotion and personality which defy written notation. So, there ya go! That's what grease is! It's a great lp that I'm sure isn't on cd but look for it if you have a turntable, and groove with it. B)
  15. Happy Holidays, from Organissimo!!!

    Great take guys -- love it.
  16. Least Favorite Mosaic

    For me, the biggest disappointments have been the Elvin Jones & Jazz Piano Mood Sessions, in fact, I sold both of them. Why, oh why, is there a conga player with Jones ??? Just a major distraction, though I loved the trio sessions. Also, I didn't think too much of some of the slick production for some of the dates. Jazz Piano Mood Sessions is music to go to sleep by, I was just bored by the whole thing. Needless to say, I strongly disagree with those who don't enjoy the Jimmy Smith Mosaic . These are some of the most important, influencial dates ever. They set the course for a whole jazz genre; if Smith had failed in these sessions, organ jazz & the whole "Soul Jazz' thing might have never happened.
  17. Speaking of 80's rock only on lp, one of my alltime favorites is Roman Holliday: Cookin' on the Roof. It has that early 80's jump/jive rock feel that was big with English bands. It is a true unknown gem.
  18. happy Birthday JSngry

    Happy Birthday!
  19. Jason Moran

    Is it true that "Soundtrack to Human Motion" is OOP? How in the world can Blue Note let that happen?? This is a stone cold modern classic. Sometimes I think Blue Note is ......, well, I just don't know what to think at times.
  20. It's Christmas Time!

    Today is a BIG tamale day. You haven't lived until you have a breadkfast of a red chili tamale, chorizo taco, both drenched with hot salsa, sweet bread, all of which is washed down with champarrado. Kind of sets the mood for the day.
  21. Who are you just "discovering"?

    Just discovering Jason Moran. I'm finally getting this guy, and it's great music. I've been taking my time recently and slowly going through his cds one-by-one, and it's been a great adventure. He's one of those artists that really grows in stature with each listen. It will be something to see with Moran goes with his music.