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  1. During Slow Drag. Because I'd be bored to death.
  2. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Listening to Let 'Em Roll, I continue to discover how patient Patton is in his playing. Hearing any of the songs off the cd, Patton is never in a rush, supporting in his creavitve manner, and bringing a controlled fire to the music. He and Hutcherson make great combo because of their gracefull, and yet passion filled playing in this great cd.
  3. Pondering on the World Series, it has just reconfirmed my complete, total, unswerving, immense, and absolute hatred of all things Yankee. I was thinking: What other teams do I hate? Well..... 1. Notre Dame: I'm a Catholic and I'm always told that Notre Dame is "my" football team. Guess what? I hate these clowns as much as the Yankees. A down year? GREAT!! I hope you lose every game for the rest of the year!! Always talking about never going on probation. Big Deal! Hope USC stomps you again this year. 2. University of Idiana: Never liked Bobby Knight, and even with him gone, I still love to see them lose. 3. San Francisco Giants: Because I'm a Dodger fan -- 'nuff said. I feel better now.

    You think that's disturbing? What about this???
  5. How come the $@*&@@! Add Reply....

    One of my many sins in life is a fanatical, intense, and crazy devotion to the Mighty, Great, Fantastic, Led Zeppelin!! Heck Yeah!! O.K., you say, enough the bs, and what does that have to do with anything? Well, I just want to share with B-3er something that happened on a Led Zeppelin Message Board this week. It went down, and after trying to find out what went wrong, the webmaster received this reply and posted it this morning: ********************************************** What happened to the message forum? Sometime in the afternoon of Monday, October 13, 2003, the whole site went down. I had no access to anything. I figured that there was some network problems, but by Tuesday afternoon, I decided to send in a trouble ticket. No response by noon on Wednesday, October 15th. So, I sent in a second trouble ticket. I got this in response. --------------------- Hello, Your account has been suspended by our network operations due to MySQL resource abuse by your applications. Your scripts are not closing MySQL connections, causing the server to flood and the MySQL service to halt. In order to maintain this usage level, you will need to upgrade to either a VPS hosting package or a dedicated server. If there is anything else we may assist you with, please feel free to reply. Thank you for choosing SiteTurn Networks! SiteTurn Networks Customer Support --------------------- For the sake of the entire site, I asked Siteturn to turn off the MySQL and the website was restored within minutes. This gives me three options. Either..... A. Get rid of the message forum and stay at the current hoster B. Pay the MINIMUM $80 a month for a VPS Hosting Package or Dedicated Server, either through donations or paid for by advertisements on the site C. Move to another web hosting company I'm leaning towards C. with B. as a backup. I dont want to have to ask for donations and I surely do not want to put advertisements on the website. I'm willing to take suggestions for new web hosters. Send recommendations to jstraw at led dash zeppelin dot org. Keep in mind that I need a minimum of 500MB of webspace, at least 30GB of monthly transfer, POP3 email & MySQL. -Jeff OCt. 17, 2003 ********************************************* Thought this experience on another board might help you guys on your recents trouble about people getting on the site.
  6. Clearwater Jazz Festival

    Great report Dan! These guys need to break through and a give the world some great organ jazz. Plus, they need to hit Los Angeles. Then we could really
  7. ***Home Plate***

    The Babe had a hangover.
  8. Let's hear it for your boys....

    So... you only watch the Lakers during the playoffs?
  9. Happy birthday Chris!

    Mega dittos
  10. "The Darkness": a 1981-ish neo-"hair-band"

    That's strange, everytime I try to go "The Darkness" website, I wind up at All About Jazz????? Which, if you think about it, is kind of funny also.

    I'm just wondering: I don't have a single Beatles cd or lp in my collection. Is this a good way to get into the Beatles whole-hog? The lps are going to be mastered from the analog tapes, so they should sound good. I might get this for myself as a Christmas present.
  12. ***Home Plate***

    More like a Bobby Cox, who has to be one of the worst play-off managers in the history of the game. In the regular season, it's ok to give a pitcher the benefit of the doubt and leave him in but what are these guys thinking about leaving in Woods & Pedro? Well, it could be worse, they could've been down to one strike again.
  13. ***Home Plate***

    Dan summed things up very nicely, especially to the Yankee Nation.
  14. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    This cd is a great example of how to program the songs of a given session. Why can't producers get this part right? Let 'Em Roll PLAYS great, the music is great in the way it leads into each number -- the contrasts, the tempos, everything. It's become an lost art.
  15. ***Home Plate***

    Story is that O'Malley was only able to convinve Stoneham after a loooooooong liquid dinner.
  16. ***Home Plate***

    Of course, just don't mention Ozzie Smith & Jack Clark to me either!
  17. ***Home Plate***

    Funny, that one never bothered me.
  18. ***Home Plate***

    The only curse the Cubs had in this series was Dusty Baker! This guy just does not know how to manage a play-off series. Of course, being a Dodger fan, I already knew that, plus he thinks he's the smartest guy in the game. Second year in a row his managing has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He must be thinking there's still a game today.
  19. October Listening

    O.K., I know I'm a sick man, I just purchased, and am listening to: Led Zeppelin: The Complete Studio Recordings This despite the fact I have all the Classic Record 200gm lp's, except for Coda. But, I do need this for my car and office, right???
  20. Rolling Stones remastered lps?

    I've heard rumors that the early Rolling Stones catalog is going to be remastered on 180gm lps (HEACK YEAH!), but I can find nothing on the web to confirm this. Does anyone know about this, where a site is for more information? This sounds great since I keep hearing the the ABKCO lps were not too good, being digital recordings. It would be great if they came out in a box set like the new AC/DC lp set that's available. Any help on this would bring a big smile to my face.
  21. Rolling Stones remastered lps?

    Well, to answer my own question, and in case anyone else is interested. The "Rolling Stones" lp are remastered using DSD masters. Thinking I might pass on these since DSD lp quality varies so much.
  22. Vinyl re-issue

    Yeah, those Ratfinks have been getting a lot of my coin lately. I've been getting all the Led Zeppelin 200gm lps, and I'm down to just needing "Coda" to complete the Mighty Zep. Their Peter Gabriel lps are primo also. So many lps, so little cash.
  23. ***Home Plate***

    Big Al: ROTFLMAO Man, Heaven help that guy when he shows up for work, though the picture of him is so clear, he should just GET OUT OF TOWN WHILE HE CAN! This guy will be in a living hell if the Cubs don't win tomorrow. What a clown, I mean, get out of the way!
  24. October Listening

    John Zorn: The Gift Led Zeppelin: BBC Sessions Jimmy Simth: Groovin' at Small's Paradise The Flamin' Groovies: Shake Some Action Patricia Barber: Modern Cool
  25. New Ayler Box from Revenant

    I CAN'T STAND THE WAIT!!! I just hope it's not as expensive as the Charley Patton box.