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  1. R.I.P. Phil May of The Pretty Things

    Sad to hear this, Pretty Things are one of my go to bands to listen to. RIP
  2. Farrago. A messy, confused mixture or conglomeration. Well, I never heard this one before.
  3. Listening to this and it's great. Thanks for the rec!
  4. MLB Season 2020

    Art Howe battling Coronavirus Hope he recovers!
  5. MLB Season 2020

    I don't get if the general public still needs to be six feet apart for safety reasons in the next couple of months, at the minimum, how players in the NBA, NFL, and MLB are going to be safe, along with their families. I know these players are in great shape, but still, young people do die from the virus. Maybe I'm missing something in all the different scenarios I'm hearing...
  6. MLB Season 2020

    I love watching sports also, but given the uncertainty about even basic matters concerning the virus, I think it sports should shut down the rest of the year, that might mean even the SEC!
  7. Holy Ghost People. Documentary of a Holy Ghost church in the Appalachians of West Virginia in the 1960s.
  8. May COVID 19 Poll

    Yeah, businesses here aren't too happy with how things are going, especially since the Napa area depends on tourism for a lot of its finances. Most businesses, from what I've read, only do about 20% of their normal business curbside. The wineries are supposed to be opening up their tasting rooms, but who is going to go to those?
  9. Rest Easy Mom & Dad

    Deepest prayers and sympathy, a sad loss for you and the family.
  10. What Are You Watching

    Brooklyn 99. Season 2. First time watching the series, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Here's a video mash-up of the dancing in the series.
  11. what are you drinking right now?

    not enough....
  12. An amazing day to remember, and is some ways, a very melancholy day. I'm at the age now (61) where people in their twenties and younger ask about "how it was when I was growing up", (which makes me feel so old), and one of the most striking changes is this: When I grew up, Word War II was a major part of the ambiance of the culture. I knew many people who fought in the war, there were still Army surplus stores with items from WWII, and politics was run by people who were veterans of WWII, in fact, wasn't President Carter the first US President who was not a WWII veteran? Now WWII seems like the distant past, and all those veterans are long gone.
  13. May COVID 19 Poll

    I live in a county that has been lightly touched by the virus (70 cases 2 deaths) and we're officially entering stage 2 today. We'll see what happens.
  14. Wrong On So Many Levels

    Don't know why it's funny because that "shit" is real enough.
  15. El Michels Affair: Enter the 37th Chamber
  16. Self Discovery For Social Survival. Surf movie, mostly shots of surfers riding the waves, interspersed with cosmic narration. A group of musicians improvised over the film and created a wonderful sound track of surfer style instrumental songs. Enjoyed it very much, only fifty minutes but worth the watch. Highly recommend watching with headphones.
  17. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    What a great phrase! Never heard "duffery" before, but I like it.
  18. MLB Season 2020

    Nice documentary of the Pacific Coast League version of the San Diego Padres. A bit of trivia: Ted Williams wore number 19 when he was with the Padres. The last player to wear that number for the Padres? Tony Gwynn. I still miss Gywnn!
  19. Richie Cole RIP

    Sad news, I really enjoyed his work with Mark Murphy. RIP
  20. Soft Cell: Keychains and Snowstorms Box Set My favorite song
  21. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Been very lucky in Napa County so far, 68 cases with 2 deaths, most cases in Napa and American Canyon. We've been following the protocols pretty well, north of Napa, where I live, we're smaller towns, with more distance between homes, the closet house to me is a half-mile away.
  22. MLB Season 2020

    The replay thing might be an experiment, Manfred seems to be obsessed with speeding up the game. The problem is not with replay slowing things down, it's all the time batters take to get to the plate, back out, adjust the gloves, step back in, hold up their hand to make sure they're ever so comfy in the batters box. After that, every time a pitcher gets a new ball, they take a stroll around the mound, rubbing the baseball, then peer in for the sign, shake off about three, step off, tell the catcher to go through the signs again, rinse, cycle and repeat. Now with the whole video cheating thing, the games will be taking even longer because with a man on base, there will be a new set of signs, so again, pitchers stares, steps off, wants more signs to be given... For the first time ever, I got really tired of watching baseball last year, I'll see if my mood changes if, when or ever they start to play again.
  23. Sam Lloyd, who played Sacred Heart's lawyer, Ted Buckland died yesterday. Too bad, he was great in the show, and loved his A cappella group. Sam Lloyd dies
  24. Went shopping today, paper products are back, but the produce is becoming scarce, no lettuce, blueberries, or anything fresh. Everyone had a mask on also, first time that's happened in St. Helena since the start.