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  1. MLB Season 2020

    MLB, NFL, NBA, tennis, college football, all feel there is some kind of magical location where they are impervious to the virus, with youth winning out -- good luck with that! Can you imagine the fall-out if someone dies? I realize there's a ton of money involved, but honestly, and I love sports, shut it down for 2020, so you can actually plan a season. I think I read that MLB has a 110 page protocol on what teams have to do... good luck with that..
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I'm volunteering to be tested tomorrow. I drove from the Napa Valley to Salt Lake City, so I went through, and interacted, with people from two different states. Better to safe than sorry, I have an eighty-two year old mother, and I'd hate to give it to her. Weird times!
  3. Ruby Keeler is all of a sudden Chinese! It is a crazy film! where Cagney and Blondel are running wild! Dick Powell is playing himself again! All the musical numbers are at the end of the movie! I'm using too many exclamation points!!!!
  4. Now reading...

    Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies and Why They Matter by Jeremy Arnold. Nice book just to pick up and read at your leisure.
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego had those troughs in the bathrooms. I still shudder when I think of walking into one of those when the Padres had a "Beer On Sale" promotion for a game.. THE HORROR!!!!!
  6. Movie's not too bad, Randolph Scott has all the acting range of A to B, incredibly wooden, it says something where Nigel Bruce is the most vibrant presence of the film! The HGD election was a byword, and a ubiquitous example in California politics even when I was growing up. It set the tone for a long time.
  7. What Are You Watching

    I've gotten to where I love radio and movies, the whole entertainment forms from the 1930s & 1940s (basically, the whole inter-war era), a very interesting era, and it is an entertainment world long gone and not too remembered. Recently, I was trying to explain to someone in their early thirties about how HUGE Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were, how, when either one was introduced on one of these old radio shows, the crowd went absolutely nuts because they were so popular. The guy had barely heard on them. Same thing with a lot of my friends, they refuse to even think of watching any black and white movie -- that's too old timey for them. I feel that I'm in a whole other land when I tell people people I'm into old films, old time radio, books, and love jazz. Whenever I say things like that, I get that uncomprehending look, along with the whole "OK Boomer" vibe.
  8. What Are You Watching

    Hard to believe that Benny died almost 46 years ago. I have insomnia, and I need to listen to the Jack Benny Show or Fibber McGee and Molly radio shows to fall asleep, so it's like he's still alive for me. JBS is fantastic, as well as FMAM, so happy there's all those recordings still available.
  9. MLB Season 2020

    No matter how bad it gets, MLB always finds a way to make things worse!
  10. The COVID 19 Restaurant Poll

    I've been going to restaurants in Napa and St. Helena for the past three weeks, bars open, no spacing there! Servers with masks, but you take your mask off when you get to the table. Good sized crowd the times I've gone, so it seems to be working here.
  11. Thanks for posting, it's a great interview.
  12. Sgt. Bilko. To show you how slow on the up take I am, it was only this afternoon, watching this movie for about the 20th time, that I got the name Bilk-o, that he bilks people out of their money. I don't know I missed that one all these years. It's a dumb movie, but I really enjoy it.
  13. America unleashed

    This is not the kind of officer we should be looking at to lead any positive change in policing. Interesting that the Tulsa PD has him assigned to the Records Division, no doubt, to keep him off the street. Article about Major Yates and what he thinks. Another One In other words, I will look to other places for ideas about police reform.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ramsey Lewis: Dancing In The Street
  15. Post a pic

    Think this might be my favorite Herald Feinstein photo, very playful.