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  1. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    The NHL released the following statement: "Dallas player Rich Peverley is doing well and is in stable condition. He has been transported to the hospital. As a result of the emotional state of the players on both teams caused by the medical emergency, the game is being postponed.
  2. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    Though relatively few saw it, the last game to wrap-up in the NHL tonight with the Penguins visited San Jose one of the most entertaining games of the year as the Sharks prevail 5-3 after being down 2-0 early. Sidney Crosby goes -5 for the first and only time in his career.
  3. 2020 #CFL hot stove league

    Does the NFL draft get followed by CFL_ers in order to figure who may come North for those not drafted or late rounders who may get a better chance to play and such?
  4. In Oakland CA Chinatown went to a place with some 'foodies' which specialized in making "Stinky Tofu" which is apparently common in a number of Chinese regions as well as being popular in Taiwan. Hard to get past the nose, did try some and quickly retired....we had other dishes without any distinctive stench, yet I do not remember one single detail of the rest of the meal!
  5. I was about to write the same thing - and I've been going since about '65! Did get 1 at Candlestick Park a couple of years before I came to live in the Bay [20+ years] and went to my first game at Ebbetts Field in the 50's. We were down the 3rd base line and a ball was pulled foul and hit bounced off the short retaining wall picked up by the ump who tossed it into the stands. Was at a Oakland A's home game; a coworker sitting right next to me got one....line drive came right towards us and rattled around the row behind us as he tore himself up and a shirt too!
  6. Frank Wess RIP

    One of the Grand Masters leaves us.....RIP
  7. The hockey tournament [mens & womens] will get most attention, and i'm sure I'll surf my way around some other things here and there.
  8. what are you drinking right now?

    Green Tea.....does that count?
  9. Winter Olympics anyone?

    Stick a fork in it.....done for 4 years. My kids live in Park City UT, where 34 USA Olympic team members live and train [with numerous medal winners among them], so Olympic fever ran wild there especially my granddaughter. I enjoyed the men & women's hockey tournament, despite USA men's disappointing end, and a smattering of others things. No opening or closing ceremony stuff....couldn't care less. Adios!
  10. Winter Olympics anyone?

    Lopsided 1-0 Canada win in men's hockey. They owned the ice in all aspects. If not for USA goalie Quick wouldn't have been close.
  11. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    It's the very best exposure every 4 years that the usually inept [at showcasing it's own sport] NHL gets and they'd be complete idiots to discontinue Olympic participation.
  12. Winter Olympics anyone?

    Hockey continues with some exciting and interesting results. USA /Canada women tomorrow for gold and continue their bitter rivalry. Men's semi's Friday USA/Canada & Finland/Sweden......USA playing great....Canada survives a scare to advance. Looking for a USA/Sweden final ....we'll see
  13. Winter Olympics anyone?

    USA! USA! USA! USA! USA men's hockey in a fantastic game over Russia 3-2 after 8 rounds of shootout. Olympic rules allow for shooters to repeat as opposed to NHL where each player gets one chance. TJ Oshie get's the winner scores 4X in his 6 attempts!
  14. Winter Olympics anyone?

    Arguably the best hockey tournament in the world begins today....men's hockey. Women have been playing USA and Canada handling everyone else with relative ease played each other Canada wins 3-2 in this fierce rivalry as they'll likely play again for the gold medal.
  15. Winter Olympics anyone?

    Thrilled that the women are ski jumping. The American women all come out of Park City, UT where they have an Olympic training center [5 minutes from where my kids live] and are able to train all year long. Have visited there a number of times...have seen people going off the jumps from the highway even in the summer months.
  16. Winter Olympics anyone?

    Same here. Other than that, I'm just annoyed that the NHL shuts down for two weeks. 20 days
  17. 90.5FM San Jose and www.ksjs.org The weekly broadcast airs each Sunday 6-10AM Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her new release. [On this show we've scheduled another special guest at about :40 minutes after the hour....see below] 06/03 Canadian Saxophonist Joel Miller has this new release that comes to us from Origin Records His itinerary shows summer performances scheduled for both Ottawa & Montreal Jazz Festivals We're very excited to be having a 2nd guest on the program at about 9:40am Pacific time.....long time friend of the program Claire Daly who comes to Santa Cruz at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center Friday June 8 at 7:30pm http://kuumbwajazz.org/2012/03/claire-daly-quartet-%e2%80%9ctribute-to-thelonious-monk%e2%80%9d/
  18. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    This is my last show at KSJS....found out second hand that I did not get assigned a shift , later confirmed...has been a great run Today's "Straight No Chaser" Broadcast 90.5FM KSJS, San Jose and www.ksjs.org 10am [black History Month] Charles Mingus - Fables of Faubus - The Great Concert Of Charles Mingus Matt Wilson - You Dirty Dog -Gathering Call Roswell Rudd -Struttin' With Some Barbecue -Trombone For Lovers Pete Mills - Blues For Mel - Sweet Shadow Jane Ira Bloom - The Sweetest Sounds - Chasing Paint Anton Schwartz -Spurious Causes - Flash Mob 11am Jane Ira Bloom - It's A Corrugated World - The Red Quartets Jeremy Pelt - The Secret Code - Face Forward, Jeremy Allison Miller's BoomTic Boom - Sun Comes Up The Reservoir - No Morphine No Lilies Rufus Reid - Singing Head - Quiet Pride Amir El Saffar - 12 Cycles - Alchemy Edward Simon & Ensemble Venezuela - El Diablo Suelto Harold Mabern - Cherokee - Right On Time 12pm Jane Ira Bloom - [title song] - Mental Weather Jane Ira Bloom - White Light - Like Silver Like Song Avi Rothbard Trio - Before Noon Comes - City Colors Pedrito Martinez Group - Despues de Todo [self titled] Stan Kenton Alumni Band -Alex Revisited - Road Scholars Tim Warfield - NY Daze Knights - Inspire Me Rob Derk NYJAZZ Quartet - Pasillo Azul - Blue Divide 1pm Featured & Interviewed artist: Jane Ira Bloom Her new "Sixteen Sunsets" recording on Outline label #1 For All We Know #7 Ice Dancing [for Torvill & Dean] #5 Good Morning Heartache #13 Too Many Reasons #3 Gershwin's Skyline/I Loves You Porgy #12 My Ship #6 Out Of This World #9 The Way You Look Tonight #11 Primary Colors
  19. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    90.5FM KSJS San Jose and http://www.ksjs.org Wednesday 10 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time Artist interview takes the final hour of the program with a Q&A with our guest followed by exclusive play from his/her music 02/05 Soprano saxophone specialist Jane Ira Bloom has this new album on her very own Outline label
  20. Philip Seymour Hoffman, RIP

    Loved him in "Charlie Wilson's War" and "Boogie Nights" [probably my 2 faves with him] RIP
  21. Winter Olympics anyone?

    Boycotting is a set up for 'what goes around come around' as the Soviet Union & USA did many years ago ; the ultimate irony it was over them leaving Afghanistan which has become our burden the past 13 years. I do like that the USA delegation is full of gay people, in a kind of not so subtle silent slap.. Will probably see some hand holding and same sex kissing in protest, perhaps followed by public beheading ceremonies in prime time.
  22. NFL 2013

    ....and obviously lactose intolerant as well since the game became a complete stinker. The game held interest for me up until the kick return of the 2nd half when it became game, set, match followed by entire half of pretty much garbage time. The reason I thought the contest would be interesting going in was that I did believe Bronco's 'D' would play pretty well in their own right as they had done several weeks prior including the 2 playoff games. Denver's tackling was pretty much horse_poop.
  23. 2013 -14 NHL and assorted hockey stuff

    How many standing ovations did the Oilers home fans give the goalie? Many!!
  24. Mike Schwartz/ KSJS guest list

    Bummer.....had the entire playlist for today's show typed and posted on my FB page simultaneously lost signal thought it posted which it did not. Fantastic interview with featured artist Harold Mabern. Learned a lot; great blessing to speak to a living grand master!
  25. Guilty Pleasures

    I haven't gotten that stoned in quite some time