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  1. Staying with Pat Pat Martino - El Hombre [Prestige, 1967]
  2. Pat Martino - Strings! [Prestige, 1968] preceded by Pat Martino - East! [Prestige, 1968] my copy's in better nick than this photo, thankfully
  3. Archie Shepp

    Good, a good and appreciative home. I'll continue to enjoy on Spotify and congratulate myself for resisting (whilst secretly weeping)
  4. And there I was thinking Haino as we are in a Japan Jazz thread...
  5. Archie Shepp

    Yes, the Pharoah. I hope you're enjoying it...
  6. Eicher credits those Giuffre albums as his inspiration for founding ECM so I suspect that was the motivation. He reordered and remixed them for '1961'. I'm not aware of any other reissues from other labels unless you include the Japo imprint
  7. Archie Shepp

    Thanks, I'm planning a trip there this week so will have a hunt. It did disappear from their website a while ago which I took to mean they'd sold out but you never know. That'll teach me to prevaricate.
  8. Mario Pavone (1940-2021)

    For some reason Pavone was someone I latched onto really early in my Jazz listening and bought a fair number of his late 80s/early 90s albums. This is sad news. Afterwards I discovered his earlier discography and also very much like the Alacra releases, Shodo especially.
  9. Archie Shepp

    Their previous Sanders release was LP/Download/streaming, LP sold out quickly so can't see they'll change a winning formula for this one Thank you, yes, that's how I've been enjoying it
  10. Name Three People...

    Don Key Eeyore Heffalump
  11. Archie Shepp

    Yes, I thought so too. I missed out on the Sanders which is now going for silly money so will snap this up I think
  12. I tend to use a Machine Gun. Messy but effective
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Tyshawn Sorey Trio - Live at the Village Vanguard with Lovano and Frisell recreating the Motian trio, from the recent livestream, I'm guessing. Unauthorised, I'm sure.
  14. Name Three People...

    John Graas Julius Hemphill Max Roach
  15. Name Three People...

    Bootsy Collins Little Feat Bill Shoemaker
  16. Name Three People...

    Ashley Khan Immanuel Kant Rishahb Pant
  17. Name Three People...

    Jaimie Branch Stephen Twigg Leif Erikson
  18. Name Three People...

    Mick Jones A White Man in the Hammersmith Palais Jimmy Jazz
  19. It's worth a listen. Bass sound is very 80s but drums, obviously, and woodwinds are strong. Bizarre vocal on 'Fever'
  20. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks, I have the Zed-U and remember listening to the Kinch when it came out. He's also on a Five Blokes on Ogun Yeah, agree about those. I had forgotten he was on the Hawkins. I really need to revisit that, it was a favourite when it was released
  21. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    CD 2 - Franco and T.P.OK.Jazz, Miriam Makeba, Orchestre Stukas
  22. Oh Yes, indeed it is Archie Shepp ‎– À Massy - U-Jaama "Unité" [Uniteledis, 1976]
  23. Name Three People...

    Lily Savage Lily The Pink Inspector Clouseau