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  1. A couple nights ago I dreamt that I was with my ex-girlfriend (still in a relationship in the dream). We were in the woods somewhere in a feudal society. Walking out of our cabin, she mentioned she met a guy recently named John Cage (the composer). He invited her to garden with him at his plot of land. I said, "Oh, that sounds cool. Does he have a family or is he married or anything?" She said "No." I responded "You're going to fuck him, then huh." We got in a verbal argument, then John Cage entered the scene, and I bludgeoned him in the head with my water bottle, crushing his skull in one blow.
  2. Theloniuos Monk--Complete Prestige Recordings (Disc 1 bean band).
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Before you worry too much about the condition of the box or its shrink wrap, break the seal and listen to the damn records! If they sound good, then you can worry about protecting the vinyl.
  4. Is there a sign over the inductees during Babe Ruth's era that says "This was the racist era. Black people weren't allowed to play. Judge these accomplishments with that in mind?"
  5. But hasn't his body irreversibly changed? I don't really understand how any of these players are still allowed to play. I don't see how a suspension or fine is just. Just because they stop taking steroids, that doesn't mean their bodies immediately weaken to their previous state, right? Or am I wrong? I'm no expert.
  6. He'll be playing in the Bay Area the same weekend as Muhal + Roscoe Mitchell at Mills College and Randy Weston at Yoshi's SF. It'll be tough to choose what to do! Maybe 3 straight days of excellent live music
  7. I don't understand why talk of a pregnant rapper is drivel. If anything, I think MIA wasn't featured enough--she's brilliant. I was definitely yelling at the TV "Get away from Stevie" when the Jonas Brothers assaulted him on stage. That was shameful.
  8. Tried a couple of times to find a decent pressing of that one back in the day and never succeeded. Keep your eye out. I found it for $3 at a local record store quite clean, along with another great Art Hodes LP on Delmark! $5 total for those two. It was fun this morning listening back to back to two piano/bass duets that seemingly have no connection but end up complementing eachother perfectly. Dave Burrell with Takashi Mizuhashi was the other one.
  9. Art Hodes with Milt Hinton--just the two of us (Muse)
  10. Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden--Soapsuds Soapsuds (Artists House)
  11. Astor Piazzolla y su Quinteto Tango Nuevo--Nuevo Tango: Hora Zero (Pangaea--American Clave--MCA) Dave Burrell--Round Midnight (Denon)
  12. Just updated the topic with price reduction for Organissimites. I can't believe all the BN Liberty LPs are left! In fact, all of these LPs left were probably the best ones offered! If you want more than 1, let me know, and we can work out a reasonable discount. I can discuss shipping through PM too, depending on where you are. So the auction is still on for the Mosaic sets, and you can post here and then PM me if interested in anything else. Thanks, Jay
  13. bump. 1 day left for the LPs and the Down Beat Yearbook.
  14. Thanks Chris. Even if it is going to be all available online, it seems like a great thing to have. I ordered one for my brother's birthday coming up.
  15. Was there a mono pressing? I edited it. Let me know if there are any other corrections. Thanks.
  16. ***See the edits in the first post. I just listed LPs and a Down Beat yearbook*** It's a short auction, so check it out. Hopefully I'll have some dough afterward to place a nice fat order with Mr. Nessa and enough to eat .
  17. Thanks Clifford. We are already short-handed with two women out on maternity leave, and we are protected by a union contract, so hopefully I'll stay on. We'll see.
  18. I listed a bunch of out of print Mosaic sets on Ebay. I'll be listing some LPs tonight, too--mostly duplicates and stuff I don't listen to--includes some Liberty BNs. I got an e-mail from the head of my organization on Friday morning announcing a round of layoffs coming our way. I hope I survive, but if I can't hold on to the job, hopefully this will cushion the blow. If you have any questions, please let me know. -Jay ***All Items Have Been Sold***
  19. DHL stopped its domestic service, so I don't think it was Mosaic's choice.
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