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  1. how about, "tinkling the unweighted plastic composites," then? Isn't it "tickle" the ivories? Unless you're really insulting the instrument.
  2. Houston Person--Wildflower (Muse) wish I had an image of the cover handy George Benson--The George Benson Cookbook (Columbia) Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis--In The Kitchen (Cookbook Vol. 1) (Prestige purple label)
  3. Roscoe Mitchell painted the Lester Bowie Numbers 1 & 2 album cover.
  4. CREEPY! I'm going to have nightmares of the jazz terminator now.
  5. You've made me go the shelves and listen to The Anachronic Jazz Band, from a two CD set issued on JBM 34011. It consists of "The complete studio recordings and 7 unissued live performances". (Giant Steps: Great fun! ) Now, if it is so that it's complete, I wouldn't need the JIP, would I? Yeah I guess not--I hadn't seen that release. Enjoy! I have the Lord version 6.0 which notes the two Open LPs (that's what seems to be on my JBM, plus a Nov. 1978 Mantes performance Lord doesn't know), and another LP which I know nothing about: "Paris Live: Anachronic JB & Beryl Bryden" on Calig (G)30622 -- is that Humphey Lyttelton's Calligraphy label? A few other concert tracks are on collection records from Joke and Amiga. This was a great concept ("52nd St. a la Basin St.") which used to get a lot of response when I played it on my radio shows years back. One person even said the Anachronic's version of 'Giant Steps' opened the door to his understanding Trane's own version! Yeah it's an absolutely brilliant concept, and well-executed. I have one of the Open LPs and I have the live one with Beryl Bryden. The Open LP I don't own is actually the one with Giant Steps on it, but I heard it at a local record store, and it opened me up to them, as I mentioned. I remember enjoying a Monk tune and a Brown/Roach one--maybe Joy Spring.
  6. You've made me go the shelves and listen to The Anachronic Jazz Band, from a two CD set issued on JBM 34011. It consists of "The complete studio recordings and 7 unissued live performances". (Giant Steps: Great fun! ) Now, if it is so that it's complete, I wouldn't need the JIP, would I? Yeah I guess not--I hadn't seen that release. Enjoy!
  7. YES! I have two of the three Anachronic Jazz Band LPs. They are hard to find this side of the Atlantic. That is trippy stuff! I remember the first time I was in a record store and heard Giant Steps being played sounding like Sidney Bechet or something. It actually had me questioning my knowledge, thinking that Giant Steps was a standard from the early 20th century all along.
  8. What do people consider residency? Seems to me it'd be longer than a week. Yoshi's often has artists booked for a day or two less normally.
  9. Yeah, it is an inflated price, but it's pretty damn rare out here to see Zorn. It paid off to wait, if you're on their e-mail list they hooked it up with a gift certificate for another equally-priced show, so it ended up being about what it should cost. It may mean people aren't biting because of the price. Plus I've noticed a pattern at a lot of shows at Yoshi's where if you go to the earlier show, they let you line up for free entrance to the next one. I can't make the Thursday original Masada line-up, but I'll be at the Sunday show. Sunday, March 15, 2009 ELECTRIC MASADA Cyro Baptista: Percussion Joey Baron: Drums Trevor Dunn: Bass Ikue Mori: Electronics Marc Ribot: Guitar Jamie Saft: Keyboards Kenny Wollesen: Drums John Zorn: Alto Sax
  10. I saw Lou at the matinee today in Oakland. He was a great entertainer. His jokes were funny, but he was definitely not a clown. He was in top form on all tunes, especially Alligator Boogaloo. The band was great. The show especially showcased Akiko Tsuruga on organ. Holy shit! She was amazing. I bought a couple of her cds as a leader at the show--definitely check out anything with her as a sideperson or leader--she is a monster. Apparently she got her chops under the instruction of Dr. Lonnie Smith, and it shows.
  11. Well Chuck and John, thanks for exposing me to the AACM in the first place through your producing and writing efforts, respectively. Without that who knows if I would have had seized the opportunity.
  12. Just came back from Randy Weston at Yoshi's SF. Also a good show, I was definitely tapping my feet throughout, but the energy just didn't compare with last night's show. That set the bar really high. I gotta say, as much as I'd heard of Alex Blake on bass, and people definitely enjoyed him... I found it pretty distracting. Oh well, Lou is tomorrow.
  13. What's there to say, really. I've never had a more powerful live music experience. It did end up filling well, it seems most people just bought tickets at the door. The newly-renovated Concert Hall had excellent acoustics. There wasn't any solo, all duet. Muhal on piano of course and Roscoe on bass, alto, soprano, sopranino, and about a hundred bells, whistles, bicycle horns, and other little instruments. Ep1strophy should add details on the music because he has the expertise, but this is how it went down from my perspective. They both started out playing single notes held in suspense by long stretches of silence. Muhal said afterward at a reception that if people didn't have 9-5 jobs, he would have held that note for days and weeks. Muhal played one note here and there while Roscoe did circular breathing on the bass sax. Inevitably it escalated, and a high point was probably when Roscoe was blowing his face off on alto while Muhal hammered away with closed hands. Some of the highlights were Muhal playing inside the piano and Roscoe playing his alto in key with the bicycle horn. It ended with a great climax and everybody gave them a big standing ovation. They then came out and performed an encore for a bit. I have to thank Ep1strophy again. He was kind enough to give me a ride, and he invited me to a reception where he introduced me to his fellow lucky students. We spoke at length with Fred Frith and Muhal, who at 79 years old has more vitality than most 20 year olds. He's the wise mentor figure I had imagined and very easy to get along with. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
  14. And as I mentioned in another thread, Randy Weston and Lou Donaldson are also playing separately in the Bay Area this weekend. One hell of a time to be living here!
  15. I'm so excited! :rsmile: I'm just finishing the George Lewis book now, and I can't think of any other show I'd rather go to.
  16. Just marked my calendar for the Amnesia show, even though that bar is often filled with smelly hipsters.
  17. Think I'm reading too much into Cage's adverse treatment of the AACM in George Lewis' book?
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