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  1. +1 on Creed establishing the smooth sound Milt on CTI was great. Only one I haven't heard is Olinga, just portions of that one. Goodbye is wonderful. Ordered it from The Bastids awhile back. Sunflower and Cherry are my favorite because of the Billy Cobham hookups with Herbie on the former and how hard he swings on the latter
  2. I LOVE Milt on Pablo, albums like Montreux '77 with Ray Brown, Simply Duke and Memories Of Thelonious Sphere Monk, but there's a limit to that stuff for me. I had about 50 Pablo's on CD at the time of the fire, but I don't think I'd collect that many again. Like Concord, (and I have a handful since rebuilding) that kind of thing goes a LONGGGGGGGGGG way if you know what I mean. So many albums of relatively polite mostly standards driven swinging, and I'm tempted to reach for electric stuff. My taste though hard straight ahead swinging jazz is my foundation, it's become a LOT wider to the point I never play the what is/what isn't jazz game anymore. High Energy and Gleam are fantastic. I think revisiting some 70's albums are fun, even though I'm a millennial and was born in 81 when that music was still relatively fresh. That music, while it might occasionally get a roll of the eyes from people who experienced in real time, it can be valuable for other generations... see the acid jazz boom in the 80's 90's or how some kids coming up now really love the 70's thing. Honestly, while having bought the new Jazz a Vienne Past and Future 2 CD compilation which is excellent, most of the unknown to me French musicians it highlights coming up now like Leon Phal and Jasual Cazz, it struck me how the 70's is a very real thing to them, alongside hip hop. The new jazz drumming innovations come from hip hop and ppl like J. Dilla.
  3. I quite like Red Clay, Straight Life a ton, but my fav Hubbard CTI's are both the In Concert albums with Stanley Turrentine, Herbie, Ron, Jack and Eric Gale. So intense and loose! Lenny White and I debate about Red Clay often, I think because he was on the record he feels what he did but he respects I prefer Straight Life
  4. Yeah, the remix that ended up on The Sugar Man. I have the Gilberto with Turrentine Japanese RVG and have no need for the alternate mix. I prefer the original Gilberto with Turrentine one.
  5. In The Beginning is really good but my favorite Hubert on CTI is Afro Classic, and Morning Star as well as his performances on the California Concert. At Carnegie Hall is just a mess with the overdubs, really no need for them.
  6. Make of that what you will. https://bit.ly/3KzFlPh
  7. Yes, I gotta rebuy that. Think I'm gonna get the recent Japanese blu spec CD reissue of that. I like those very much.
  8. A great different perspective. Thank you! For me the CTI sweet spot is 1970-1974
  9. This is interesting! A lot of stuff I never knew about. Thanks for posting!
  10. Wikipedia's stating heart attack. Apparently he had numerous health issues
  11. YMO is really hip. I compose for a hobby and that stuff is an influence on me. There is a musical sophistication and integrity harmonically that exists with the jazz influences that isn't in a lot of the Kpop I've heard and admittedly I am not a huge fan but a guitarist friend is. Maybe I haven't heard the right stuff
  12. I think because it's from Japan and for a lot millennials and generation Y and Z they never heard anything like it before but I plan on more of the compilations because they are very nice.
  13. The style of Japanese pop from the late 70s and early 80s that emerged from the economic bubble period. I recently got a few compilations Tokyo Nights Japanese Female J Pop, Funk and Boogie 1981-1988 (thanks Bastids and $6.99 too!) and the two volume Pacific Breeze Japanese City Pop, AOR and Boogie that across both discs cover the years 1972-88 in their totality. The Pacific Breeze comps get the edge for me in terms of scope with the first one having some particularly deep album cuts like Minako Yoshida's "Midnight Driver", "Say Goodbye" by Hiroshi Sato, "Coffee Rumba" by Izumi Kobayashi, "Sportsmen" by Haruomi Hasono and "In My Jungle" by FOE. As far as modern J-Pop goes my favorite has always been Hikaru Utada who has been around 20 years now. Soweto Kinch is in her current touring band and Vinnie Colaiuta was in the past.
  14. No. Other than that article I wrote, and the one on Blue Note Live at the Roxy, nothing. In Don Was' recent interview with Ronnie Foster on YT he mentions the 70s era as being glossed over. I like Mothership and the Cool Blues cover (the LT CD reissue on the way to me from Japan when my friend returns to New York)
  15. Ah ha. Thanks MJZee. I knew that was Donald. Why the Verve Originals issue could not correct this error and include the date seems like poor research to me.
  16. I just got off the phone with Lenny White, I called to confirm and its indeed true. I am in complete shock and have no words to describe how I feel. I read the news on the FB of a colleague, and I literally couldn't move for 5 minutes. Joey was really entering some new places musically and I can count on one hand those who are left well versed in the tradition JOS started, but no one knew Jimmy's music like Joey.
  17. I used to have The Amazing Jimmy Smith Trio Metro LP on vinyl long ago, and just received a copy of the Verve Originals CD on eBay as part of my JOS collection rebuild (almost there!). One thing that really bothers me is the credits list Billy Hart on drums instead of Donald Bailey. All the aural evidence I hear, from the ride sound, to the dry chick of the high hat, the feel and the off kilter comping is DEFINITELY Bailey. Compared to the Salle Pleyel Mai 28 1965 album where Hart is on drums-- huge difference. IIRC, Hart joined the trio in late 1963 but didn't appear on a recording with Jimmy till 1964. Is this album, a date with the correct personnel listed anywhere in a discography? Always wondered why they didn't combine this one on a 2fer with Live in Hamburg which has never seen a CD or streaming release.
  18. I gotta check out her music. 39 is too young! Just two years younger than I. I know several people who knew her. Very sad passing.
  19. I can't say enough about CTI and the albums I grew up with. Like was said above a lot of the albums really aged quite well, California Concert, all the Hubbard's, Turrentine's and a lot of the Benson's, the Joe Farrell's remain classics. Higher Ground, by Johnny Hammond (with some of the best Joe Henderson of the 70s) and Soul Box I love. I'd love to get the Vocalion SACD of the latter
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