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  1. Nope. Not issued because Vince is on it. I know for a fact because in Lenny White's Lenny's Loft Zoom, V has talked about the process of issuing Miles. Vince is an acquaintance of mine, we've talked about all sorts of things on the phone a few times and he's nothing like the way he has been presented in the industry by some folks who had negative experiences with him or folks on the board. Can't disclose more than that here out of respect.
  2. Little piece I composed and dedicated to Pharoah Sanders https://www.bandlab.com/post/59d9f88d-f83e-ed11-b495-000d3a3ee153
  3. Great to hear about the improved sound, the sound of the Mobley (the brief time I had it before, you know by now) and the Henderson sound great, but still passing on this because, I have the Impulses on SACD, two of the Blue Note's on SACD and the Open Sesame Audiowave XRCD. There's other music I could be checking out from living artists and a lot of stuff I'd rather hear before stuff I've already heard a bunch.
  4. Interesting viewpoint. RIP. As a spiritual person, I feel the fact he left just after Trane's bday is PROFOUND. It's funny because Analogue Productions is issuing Karma in their Impulse! series, Chad Kassem doesn't particularly like it and downtalks it as being too out, but people requested it. For me, it's the furthest thing from "out" you can get.
  5. Great article as I have all those recordings mentioned. Montreux Summit, Blue Montreux ( which I've never heard in its entirety) Blue Note Live at the Roxy, and Blue Note Meets The LA Philharmonic fit the "stadium jazz" category as well
  6. Yes! Have you heard Valerie Coleman whom Aysha mentioned?
  7. Enjoy, with yours truly. Not sure what I'm doing with my face. I have to correct
  8. That's interesting. He does have a bit of Drake influence. I can't say he does it better than Drake cuz he is too studio gangsta to me. Maybe I should listen more.
  9. Right on. Back in my college, my suitemate played the Dead constantly, it was like the guy stepped out of 1969-- wonder how the guy is these days. I should probably be a bit more fair to the Dead, but I once heard a version of "Impressions" from a show and honestly the improvisation really bored me, and Garcia is an excellent guitarist.
  10. Rooster I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. Insurance fuck ups are never good. Thanks for trying to keep things civil.
  11. Allen, you are one strange, bitter, self important dude. Sure you've done historically important work and are a wealth of knowledge but implying you were the person who coined AOR is dumb, it's not funny... it's a huge bit of ego stroking which ultimately means nothing... you've also crapped on a ton of players I enjoy, Joe Henderson and Dexter Gordon among them so I really have no use for that. And what people are you speaking of that take credit here for others' work? Anyway this is on the internet, it's not the real world so these disagreements mean nil. FYI I genuinely was laughing at my phone screen and rolled my eyes reading your AOR story because its fantastic, so absurd. When I was 12 I wrote to Blue Note complaining about certain titles being out of print... it didn't do a damn thing. Likewise I'm sure your letter didn't. You must be related to this joker I knew in college who claimed similarly fantastical shit. This girl isnt mourning the loss of your posts if you call it quits. Bad Mujer out.
  12. True. This, because the art and the street are intrinsically linked. Jazz had this component too but its not like Miles attempted to murder Lee Morgan or Freddie or whatever.
  13. It is awful he got shot... for no reason other than the stuff IG and TikTok peddles as hip hop culture. My former aide exposed me to more hood culture than I was comfortable with and theres a heavy dose of it several blocks from me, not only do I find the constant posturing and constant emphasis on "stuff" as a measure of self worth silly, I view it as a survival mechanism from the outside looking in. I'm glad that world is not a part of mine but if you can straddle the two worlds? Cool.
  14. https://bit.ly/3LfEmUC The fact the rapper PnBRock's song "Selfish" is no. 1 on Apple Music says a ton about where we are in society. Really tragic the guy was killed yesterday, over something as stupid as his jewelry, but its also what you get with the tomfoolery that this current era of hip hop espouses.
  15. Yes. That is correct. These days he is more of a mentor to young musicians these days as Gary Burton was to him. I do agree perhaps the playing old music now for many years it may be less interesting. I've seen 2 Side Eye shows and ready for the next thing. I really dig all of his thing and really take the time to listen. Are there things I like more than others? Sure but like Miles and Trane I dig it all. Plus, Pat always has a great show. He didn't mention Kynard specifically there, but yes that's one of the folks he played with. Pat spends hours shedding so I think that's how he can play multiple styles like that. He wakes up early and practices 3-4 hours a day, and on a gig day warms up at least 4 hours.
  16. Sure! Like I said, you wouldn't think Pat knows the organ thing but he does. When I saw him at the same venue in 2008 with Larry Grenadier and Jack DeJohnette he was really diving into Grant Green isms... totally unexpected. Can a cat like Peter Bernstein do the Grant thing better than Pat? Yes... but Metheny really knows that thing inside and out.
  17. Zev Feldman told me years ago he'd love to release some of those shows but would be a hard sell. I doubt with his current trajectory we'll see any of that stufff released given Sony also holds the tapes. I was gonna mention that
  18. Oh yeah, I love Linger Lane. For me, that album is quite underrated, and the fact it was recorded outside gives it a unique vibe. I recently got the Japanese CD version.
  19. Whoever said Sunflower is schmaltzy to them, I understand that comment and I can't really argue it. I will say that, and I love that album, the shit Herbie plays behind Freddie on "For Someone I Love" and Billy Cobham's responses to Herbie are anything but. I watched a recent interview with Cobham where he said it's one of his favorite CTI sessions. Now, Bobby Hutcherson Natural Illusions for me OTOH is an absolute dog and his worst Blue Note by far. It gives Jim's comment weight Blue Note was done by '72. It strikes me as an attempt to be their version of a Sunflower cash in and absolutely inline with musak. If Bobby made an album resembling Satie's definition of furniture music, that's it.
  20. I had that set... burned in the fire like everything else. Magnificent set! All in for the 50's one. Not going for Clark or Hubbard sets.
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