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  1. A recent arrival, listening to now- one of Leonhardt's recordings of the Goldberg Variations.
  2. Peter- since you own Lucchesini's cycle I am very surprised you find Buchbinder's RCA superior? I would love to read more about why you think this. I heard Buchbinder's RCA a while ago and it didn't stand out in my mind. Interestingly I see that Buchbinder has recorded this cycle three times! I am not sure anyone else has done that besides Alfred Brendel and Takahiro Sonoda. I have been re-listening to Lucchesini's 109-111 over the last few weeks and these are to me some of the very finest late Beethoven interpretations I've ever heard. He is a master of tempo (I find I am nearly always agreeing with his tempo choices, except for the opening movement of the Hammerklavier) and really drawing everything out in these final three sonatas. Along with his tremendous dynamic range, powerful left hand articulation, and tone all qualities that really lend themself to that celestial quality of late Beethoven. You're welcome. Ramor aren't what I would consider a first choice. They are more sentimental, romantic performances and there are some intonation issues now and then with both violinists. I am quite fond of Bartok's String Quartets (for me Beethoven and Bartok's are the greatest string quartet cycles), so I am always looking for alternative interpretations. My first two choices for complete Bartok sets are Hungarian Quartet (still in print on DG) and Tatrai.
  3. Ramor Quartet. I have them on LP and enjoy them quite a bit, but would prefer digital for the lower noise floor.
  4. Have a TOCJ-9012 of Lee Morgan "Candy" that I am willing to part with.


  5. I'm looking to add some more BN Works CDs (TOCJ-4xxx or 15xx) to my collection, if you have any you're looking to sell please send me a message. I am not picky on condition or care about things like obis. I am also looking for both Books of the WTC recorded by Jorg Demus reissued in the mid 90s by MCA. Thank you.
  6. That combining of releases that have similar name is absurd. I was looking for a certain Bartok String Quartet cycle for a long time and Amazon had it listed for a few bucks, of course clicking on purchase took you to an entirely different quartet's recording of those works!
  7. You're welcome, and I completely understand about Momox Shop, I'm going through a nightmare with them now. It baffles me how they can treat customers so poorly in these times of declining music sales. I don't know if you have any Rudolf Serkin, to me this is one of the easiest "no brainer" bargain sets of Beethoven, I can't think of a better way to spend $15 if you don't have it I can't say anything about the sound quality though, all my Serkin CDs pre-date that set and I completed my collection with the big Sony box of his. Serkin makes my list of the truly elite Beethoven interpreters. From all the live recordings I've heard of him, he is one that played as well live as in the studio. Though he never recorded a complete cycle and a few sonatas in that box have superior performances not available in it (from what I can tell that set is his newest recordings and officially approved), even his "lesser" performances (almost comical to say that given his high level of interpretation even on them) are wonderful. And you get a full complement of the piano conerti, the ones on that box with Ormandy are great.
  8. T.D. - since you mentioned Heidsieck and were looking for a more eccentric set this is definitely one that is at the very top of my list in interpretation. I was not that impressed with Pienaar, his interventions don't bring anything new to the table for me. They seem superficial and done for the sake of recording a cycle to be different. Whereas Heidsieck and Sherman's usually (more below on Sherman) sense. I'll copy and paste what I posted to GMG after hearing Sherman's cycle: I've now made it through Russell Sherman's cycle. I remember hearing it a while ago on Tidal streaming, listening to it in order and immediately being turned off by it as at least for my tastes the Op. 2 sonatas were really, really off putting to me. And then reading one of Jed Distler's reviews where he gave one of the discs a comically bad 2/10 rating; it just didn't have me interested in hearing more. I am sort of puzzled why Jed Distler felt the need to slam it to that extent when he often extols the virtues of Schnabel. Fast forward to a few weeks ago I came across these for cheap and then decided to complete the set. Besides the Op. 2 sonatas which I'm still not a big fan of I think this is an extremely interesting cycle. Sherman's tremendous dynamic range, tonal color and his obsession with really bringing out the voices makes for a very interesting non-reference cycle. If you can look past his sometimes reckless use of rubato, tempo stretching, the little pauses he takes, etc. What I have founds helps is "listening to them from afar" instead of honing on these things, with that frame of mind Sherman has some tremendous ideas. This will be one of those great cycles I'll be enjoying for years, I think the way he breaks up the sonatas by volume was very well done as this isn't a cycle I'd want to listen to from start to finish but instead focus on in the order he presents them. These were some sonatas I listed after someone asked for some recommendations: The Pastoral Sonata is a real high point. Others are 10/3, an unusual Appassionata, 109 and Op 90. Op. 110 is also good. If it came down to a choice between Heidsieck and Sherman it would be a tough choice. Sherman has more sonatas where he goes too far with his idiosyncrasies like the Op. 2 sonatas, in that regard Heidsieck is more consistent. Heidsieck's recordings of the final 3 sonatas are also some of the finest I have ever heard (along with Lucchesini's). Either way these are two cycles that I absolutely would not want to be without and will be enjoying them for decades to come. Jed Distler trashed one of Sherman's volumes and it's one of his reviews I feel could not be further from the mark. Since you mentioned Jed Distler in a later reply, I have found he writes in a strictly objective style. If you play piano you will immediately understand what he is saying. I want more than from a reviewer; tell me about the pianist's realization of the works, their insights, their "depth" of interpretation (sorry hate to use that word). Having said that I find his tastes lean from the conservative to the ultra conservative when it comes to interpretations. I'm often left scratching my head in many of his 8-10/10 artistic quality ratings that are nothing more than fairly straight forward, very well played recordings. On a true scale of 5 being average I would be marking these recordings far lower. Truly great interpretation goes beyond merely playing the notes at written tempi markings, accents, etc. Even something as simple as allegro con brio appassionato should tell an interpreter that much. Fortunately most of the great pianists know this already.
  9. Zino Francesscati box from Sony. And EMI to reissue a set of Michael Rabin's recordings.
  10. Thanks Larry. I'm currently sampling Prazak, I initially wrote them off after just hearing selected movements, but I think they warrant more listening now.
  11. Besides Vegh, Quartetto Italiano and Budapest I am interested in exploring some other complete sets of Beethoven's string quartets. Are there any that can hang with those three? Or any individual CDs (or smaller sets) that are just as good. I have heard Takacs and Emerson, IMO not for me.
  12. If anyone has this CD box set of Andrea Lucchesini's Beethoven piano sonata cycle they would be looking to sell please send me a message, it will be quicker than just replying here since I'll get an email notification. Thanks! Edit: how about offering $320, would really like to hear this exceptional cycle!
  13. It took me some time to get used to Richter playing WTC on this recording, he adds some small flourishes here and there.
  14. Selling this Mosaic CD box set. All around in very clean, almost like new condition. This is sold
  15. Deepak

    RVG - RIP

    Very sad news, my condolences to his friends and family. Rest in peace.
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