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  1. I bought the Rickey Woodard disc after hearing that infectious version of Jeannine on BFT 16. Listening to it right now. buy it at amazon
  2. Track six: Is it this band with Woody: Pharoah Sanders - ss, perc; Gary Bartz - as, perc; Lonnie Liston Smith - p, perc; Cecil McBee - b; Clifford Jarvis - dr; Nathaniel Bettis - perc; Anthony Wiles - cong, perc. I have the feeling that it's Billy Hart on drums though.
  3. 1. Tune is "My Favorite Things." I am thinking this guy is French for the impressionism. Petrucciani or Solal perhaps. But this very well could be Herbie or Andrew Hill. I just don't know the recording. 3 stars. 2. NMCOT but it is probably someone along the lines of Kid Ory and his band. Recording quality disqualifies ODJB. I was thinking the clarinetist was the leader of the group. In that case it could be Johnny Dodds. But I haven't heard anything in this genre over 3 and a half minutes, so this must be either Dixieland revival in the late forties or early fifties. 2.5 stars. 3. Sounds like Horace Silver on keys. The tenor player's high end and use of pentatonic suggest Stanley Turrentine. Could be his bro on tpt, but this guy has gotta be Lee Morgan from the signature licks and phrasing. It's almost surely something from the BN catalog. I wasn't diggin it until I heard that hip bridge. That bridges brings to mind a head that Cannonball or Horace each could have written. I dig this in the pocket swing thing. Good soloists. 4 stars. 4. I dig this. At first I thought it was a trio but I didn't hear any bass there. So I think it's a piano-drums duo. I really like the colors this drummer adds - he's got big ears. They are totally playing off each other. It could be Jack DeJohnette or Tony Williams. This tune is buried in the back of my cerebrum. It's eluding me and it might just drive me crazy if I don't change tracks soon. 3.5 stars. 5. I love this tune. "It Might as Well Be Spring." I'm pretty sure I had this on LP somewhere along the line, but I can't seem to find it right now. It's Bill Harris. And if I can recall correctly the rhythm section is Jimmy Rowles, Red Mitchell and I forget the drummer. I am pretty sure about that. But I don't wanna do a link and be wrong. 4.5 stars. 6. "Something to Live For." Great tune by Strayhorn and Duke. Can't be Johnny Hartman. That's high singing for a guy. I think it's Andy Bey with Fred Hersch. Not sure though. I'm pretty sure I've played this before on air. That's beautiful. 4 stars. 7. This is almost surely Walter Beasley doing "Killing Me Softly." He sounds like Kenny Garrett here at times. 2.5 stars. Thank you All Music for making me look smart. It just goes to show that some of these smooth guys can actually play. Like I was listening to some smooth guy the other day in the car not by choice. I was with a lady. And so we're driving and I'm trying not to vomit cuz this stuff is so atrocious and then I hear this tenor player who's really cookin. And it turns out to be Najee. This guy actually has some chops interspersed between the bullshit. I've heard the same is true for Kirk Whalum (from a reliable source who knew him growing up in Texas). But these guys wanna make real bread so they sell their souls to Lucifer to play easy music. 8. Is this Greg Osby? This guy is really interesting. I can't recognize the head. 4 stars. 9. I could sware I own this. Or did at one point. Ooh this one bad MF. Is this Marcus Strickland? It's not Branford. Something tells me this is a brother. Could it be Josh Redman? I have no clue. I'm taking blind stabs in the dark. I dig the changes. Yeah that high end sounds a little like Josh. Good pianist but HAFC as to who it is. Could it be Eric Reed. It's definately a younger guy. Not totally digging the drummer though. 3 stars. 10. "Them There Eyes." I had it in the first two bars. It's this. 4 stars. 11. This sounds like Ben Webster or Don Byas. Not sure though. Great shout chorus with piano solo. Classic stuff. 3 stars. 12. "All the Things You Are." Art Pepper? Sonny Fortune? Benny Carter? Frank Morgan? I am all alto'd out of guesses. Nice rendition if trite. OK rhythm section. Pianist is good. 3 stars. 13. I forget the name of this. I've probably played it at a jam session in the last month. Let's see if I can get the tenor player. Probably not. Ooh. Playing out? Billy Harper? David Murray? No not Murray; too straight-ahead. 3 stars. That was fun. Thanks Tom. Can't wait to get to the next one.
  4. 3 more. Come on people.....Report for DUTY.
  5. Another great one IMHO is "In the Land of Hi-Fi" and "Them Dirty Blues"
  6. Then, there are the even earlier "Summer of '55" recordings, with Nat as well: This set features the brothers on a Kenny Clarke album, on Cannon's first album, as well as Nat's first one, with Jerome Richardson on sax, and no Cannonball.
  7. Read this! Ahh. The tales of a musician. It's a great read. He's a very good writer.
  8. Being an alto player, I was naturally hooked when I first heard the album first referred to as The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago and later reissued as Cannonball and Coltrane. Then, a year ago, after I got started on jazz criticism, I decided to do a research paper on him since there is a lack of scholarship on him and his importance. Surely he wasn't as groundbreaking as Bird, but he did introduce a new element to the performing equation. He was a great communicator with audiences. In fact, one Downbeat article I found on microfilm from the 60s was titled "Cannonball the Communicator." He was also very socially aware and active (evidenced by his live concert with Rev. Jesse Jackson in Chicago at Operation Breadbasket). In my research, I found one book that had focused solely on him and that was the exhaustive discography by British jazz scholar Chris Sheridan who also did ones on Basie and Monk and is supposedly working on another right now. The book is entitled "Dis Here: A Bio-Discography of Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley." and is published by the notoriously expensive Greenwood Press. For more info click here. This work is extremely expensive given its niche topic and is only found in major university libraries. I had to get it on interlibrary load from the Library of Congress because the Smithsonian, where I was researching as a guest researcher and intern, didn't even have it in their massive collection of books about jazz. And I thank the person who started this thread for spelling his name correctly. So many people including record stores misspell it as "Adderly" both for Cannon and Nat.
  9. Do I really even need to say anything?
  10. Yay Tom. J'ai recu mes diskes aujourd'hui. Another 2-CD BFT. More chances to get some tunes. Really interesting set of music. mm
  11. I just finished listening to the live broadcast on XM satellite radio. Emcees were Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, and Billy Dee Williams. The judges were Jimmy Scott, Kurt Elling, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Al Jarreau, and Flora Purim. Major Sponsor for the awards was General Motors. 1st place ($20,000) went to Gretchen Parlato. (her webpage) 2nd place ($10,000) went to Kelly Lee Evans. (her webpage) 3rd place ($5,000) went to Robin McKelle. (her webpage) 4th place ($2,500) went to LaShawna Renee Wade. The composition award went to Russian-American composer/pianist Misha Piatogorsky. The composers' award is given by BMI. The band behind the singers was Herbie Hancock alternating with George Duke (the artistic director) on piano and keyboards, bassist Lonnie Plaxico, and drummer Carl Allen. Other featured musical guests were Jimmy Heath on tenor, Wayne Shorter (who only took out the soprano), Terrence Blanchard, Jon Faddis (for one tune at the end), T.S. Monk, Clark Terry. I'm sure I forgot someone. It will be rebroadcast at a date TBD on BETJazz.
  12. Wouldn't it be nice if all jazz musicians got this kind of coverage. Concert Review mm
  13. The new CD is nothing new. Even though it has a few intriguing guest soloists, it's the same vapid shit he's been putting out for a few years now. Gimme QW or LMO. I thought that Land of the Sun was decent but these two are nothing worth spending your money on.
  14. The AAJ readership has a healthy relationship with Jean Michel Pilc as several articles have been written there about him. He is always playing the East Coast which is nice for us but West Coast definately misses out on his talents. I think of him often as a hybrid between some new guy like Jason Moran and some older guy like Monk. Often he won't play anything for a while and all of a sudden he'll launch into some angular countermelody to what he's playing in the left hand. It has a freeish sound to it but its grounded in bop. He's really exciting to watch, not for flashy technique but for deliberately slow yet building structure in his solos His trio is REALLY worth checking out. He usually has former Smalls resident drummer Ari Hoenig and the bassist will usually be Matt Penman or Thomas Bremerie (all really solid avant-straight players). Hoenig gets a ridiculous amount out of a five piece set-up. You will be amazed if it's him on kit. mm
  15. try this too There may be two different CDs. One has ...Problem #1 and the other has Problem #2. Perhaps it was a two CD set released at different times - one being Moanin' -Portrait of Art Blakey and the other being Blues March - Portrait of Art Blakey.
  16. This is what I was able to find. Moanin'/Portait of Art Blakey I like Hicks a lot. He's really a passionate old school player though he's probably no older than 65. matt
  17. I have had a 40GB iPod for about two months now. I originally thought I would fill the whole thing up easily. But after a while I still have about 10 GB left and I constantly find myself taking stuff off because it played what seems like too frequently. I realized just the other week that if you go to settings you can set it on shuffle to shuffle songs (if you browse by song and start it on any song, it will shuffle so that you get a wide variety of what's on there. It's easy to get caught up with stuff at a certain point in the alphabetical order (like artists starting with A's or J's). You can also shuffle by entire albums (it will play one whole album and then switch to another an a random point in the alphabet and play that whole album). Being a jazz musician who is interested in transcribing stuff from records and CDs I found out that there is another player that can actually function in the same way as an iPod but it can also slow songs down to the point where you can hear every note and neither the the pitch nor the octave changes. This seems too good to be true. It is a perenial problem for transcribers. I've never been too good at transcribing at full speed. When you slow down an LP you change the pitch but this new technology (aside from the thing they sell in the Jamey Aebersold catalog) would be great for me and other students/professional musicians who want to transcribe. mm
  18. So when can we expect the BFT? In the next week?
  19. Dan, it was a true pleasure. A labor of love as all BFTs should be (and that desire to be recognized by our peers for getting one....that too). I can't figure out theme. At first I thought it might be that each recording had someone on it from Texas, then I thought it might be each recording has a drummer, but neither held. All I can guess is that you featured mostly underappreciated guys except Gene Harris and Ben Webster don't exactly fit that description. Also I assume it is something that is objective. Underappreciatedness is not really something that can be objectively assessed. So I throw my hands in the air and say #@$^ it! Matt
  20. I'm so glad I started this discussion. I just wish more people voted so we could get a better sense of any real consensus. Whenever you put the option "other" you invite lots of other people who you might not have considered when you made the poll in the first place. I had not thought of Richie Flores or Armando Peraza when I made it, although I have albums with both men on them. As for Willie Bobo, I have the album Juicy and enjoy his playing but his technique on congas is very rudimentary compared to some of these other guys. And I know him mostly as a timbalero Everyone should check out the movie Calle 54 if they have not already done so. It opened me up to the world of Latin jazz or whatever it is you wanna call it. mattCalle 54 You need flash to see the website, otherwise look here.
  21. Jazztimes's website actually lets you listen to snipets of theirs and gives the before and after comments for the artists they tried them out on. Of course these are not true BFTs, but I often prefer these. Especially for the 'After.' Larry Appelbaum's are usually really good.
  22. Who really makes you dance? Is it their technique? Style? Feel? Use of space? Who made the congas swing when they needed to and trot when the tune called for it. I know this is gonna create a bit of debate.....
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