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  1. This is what my ears record. I got the original two-disc set, and don't know that I'd go for the new release even if I could currently afford it.
  2. My copy of "Soran Bushi B.H." just flat-out stopped playing about a year ago. Since I'm so damn broke, guess I'll have to grab my gun and rob somebody in order to buy a replacement.
  3. Cold chicken/pasta/pineapple salad with a very tall glass of milk.
  4. Sort of late to the discussion here, but I wanted to wish the best to the cats who lost their jobs. *Especially* those who are fighting depression. I've been out of work since late December, and stayed out of the "fear mode" for the first month by keeping extremely busy with catch-up chores and cleaning my Mom's place -- which was a major operation. Then a serious dark cloud developed, and things got so bad I was forced to completely change my routine to survive. I've started a morning affirmation/meditation routine, upped the excercise (esp. cardio) and have made more time to hang with my really good supportive friends -- doing dinner, and stuff like that that doesn't involve depleting my savings. It's made a world of difference in my outlook. Like connseries, I've decided to retrain, since California will extend my benefits if I choose an in-demand field and help with tuition. Haven't started yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Shawn & Alexander --- please be good to yourselves and make sure managing your depression is a priority. I have some bad days, but not like two months ago. I really believe we all can get through this. One of the big things that helps keep me focused on my new mental health program is that I have an elderly Mom that depends on me. What a blessing that has been, as it gets me out of myself -- inasmuch I'm acutely aware that letting my spirits get dangerously low would negatively impact her care. Dan.........thanks for lifting me up with your success story, and best wishes to all who are struggling.
  5. Same phenom here in SoCal, but needless to say the temperatures here were higher. Pretty gloomy/grey right now.
  6. Not that dodging a ticket should be motivation for supporting your local PD, I can't help but think that my "I Support the Officers Association" sticker has gotten me out of a couple of close calls. Needless to say, if you've done something really reckless or if you're caught seriously over the limit that little sticker aint gonna help much.
  7. Thanks for all of the input, all. Yes, I'll be talking to a financial planner, but wanted to get as much input as possible on the issue as possible -- and what better way than to toss the question out to a bunch of jazz brainiacs!
  8. Yeah, but those tenor players are all vicious criminals.
  9. I just got my statement today and got that lousy feeling. I remember hearing a commercial for a financial product that would preserve the asset, but I didn't have a chance to write it down. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a rollover choice? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Damn! A jazz junkie's worst fear. Glad everything turned out alright!
  11. I came across this just last week and sent it to my students. Good stuff. Good. He lived it, too. The most no-BS, straight ahead artist I ever knew. I hope his following grows. I'm sure it will. One of the great things about having a jazz radio program is that it provides you with an opportunity to advance your own jazz agenda. During the time I was on the air I played a lot of my own Raney collection -- both because I felt he was under-rated and because the station library was thin in the Jimmy dept. Nice to see him getting big kudos here on the O.
  12. James

    Bud Shank R.I.P.

    Yes, sad news. Bud's tribute to Bill Evans (with Mike Wofford, Bob Magnusson and Joe LaBarbera) still sits on my desk after listening to it 'bout a week ago. Time to spin some more.
  13. I plan on seeing this group when they perform in San Diego (it's not La Jolla) on the 18th. Thanks for the review, GA.
  14. Hi Shawn --------- just sent you a pm.
  15. Hey Shawn --------- I believe that Rob Whitlock would be a great call for the session that you're describing. He's talented and versatile, and a really easy-going cat. He must be either out of town or very busy, as I'm not hearing back from him. I'd suggest that your friends go to his website and contact him via e-mail, and in the meantime I'll check on the availability of another local player. Here's a link to his site: http://robwhitlock.com/welcome.html
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