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underrated trumpet players from the 60's, 70's...


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Luis Gasca.

Gasca was ? is ? great. Latin fire and modern bop sophistication. Too bad his recordings are few and even rarer on CD. What has become of him?

Luis Gasca was living in Austin when I was there in the 80s. He had a pretty bad rep (few trusted him) and apparently he kind of moved around until he wore out his welcome in a city and then would move on. I did some charts for him that I never got paid for. He did throw me some work, though, and considering how green I was at that point I was lucky to get the experience.

The one and only time I saw Chet (in Austin) he seemed pretty out of it. After the first set he disappeared with Luis and when they returned for the second set, Chet was REALLY out of it. It was still cool to get to see him though.

That being said, Luis could play! He'd piss you off and then charm you back with some soulful blowing and a bigass sound.

I heard a long time ago that he had passed, and then recently I heard he had faked that to avoid some kind of trouble. I have no idea where he is now. But he owes me money! :mellow:

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I'll echo the votes for Richard WIlliams and Bill Dixon.

I'll add Charles Tolliver. I think most of the Music, Inc. stuff is available on CD. Some titles to look for are "Music, Inc.", "Live at Slugs" "In Tokyo" and if you can find it on vinyl "Live at the Loosdrecht Jazz Festival." The Loosdrecht one has an interesting, long take on Stanley Cowell's "Prayer for Peace."

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Chet Baker recorded an album with Richard Twardzik which I really enjoy. I consider it underrated because it has been in print so rarely over the past nearly fifty years.

Most recently, about fifteen years ago, Universal released it as Volume One of the four volume Chet in Paris series.

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Ron Stout, George Rabbai, and Roger Ingram (played with the Herman bands of the 80s)

Eddie Allen (Carl's older brother who has played with the best of the best including Muhal Richard Abrams, Charli Persip Superband, Steve Turre and Lester Bowie)

James Zollar (has played with Mongo, David Murray, Cecil McBee, Steve Coleman, Lester Bowie, Don Byron and others)

Booker Little (needs no explanation)

Mike Lawrence (on several Fantast releases back in the day including Joe Henderson's "The Kicker")

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Second: Eddie Henderson and Charles Tolliver

Still Pondering: Luis Gasca (aka Johnny Spain)

Add: Red Rodney (still playing well in the 80s), Nat Adderly (in the shadows for too much of this period), Wilbur Harden

Underrated?: Woody Shaw, Blue Mitchell, Booker Little

Anyone for?: Bill Chase?

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Underrated?:  Woody Shaw, Blue Mitchell, Booker Little

Woody Shaw - not really underrated

Booker Little - let's see a show of hands of people who appreciate his who actually have Booker in their collections right now. Yeah so go out and buy some!

Blue Mitchell - among youngsters today like myself, no one knows about him and very few are educating about his legacy; a lot of his stuff is being sampled today by DJs for remixes and I'm pretty sure he's not recieving the royalties

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Booker Little - let's see a show of hands who actually has Booker in their collection right now. Yeah I thought so!

I'm one.

I'm by no means a Booker expert, but I like what I have heard. What sticks out in my mind is his playing on Max Roach's We Insist!.

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Good to see Thad on the list....very underrated trumpet player as far as I am concerned! A great player who played like he wrote.....

Let's not forget Kenny Wheeler and his very distinctive sound and approach....his 70s recordings on ECM, in my opinion, helped create the "sound" of the label....and I'm sure that we're all hip to his writing as well!

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Cecil Bridgewater does a lot of composing/arranging work in New York. He's also done a lot of work with his ex - Dee Dee Bridgewater.

Is Wallace Roney underappreciated? I dunno. I welcome arguments for and against. The cat can play.

king.ubu - I was thinking off Soloff today. Good call.

Not sure about Wallace Roney. I've liked some of his albums. But, I saw him live at Blues Alley a while back, and he totally phoned it in. Couldn't get off the stage fast enough and played with absolutely no heart. I realize that could be for any number of reasons, but i've never really been able to listen to him the same after that. He did some nice things on that last Miles Davis live album with Quincy Jones.

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