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Blue Note 10" Rarities


Conn SERIES IX (1998) - Which one is your favorite???  

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The first one I bought (in fact, I think it was the only one I bought when they first came out) was the Watkins, primarily because Mobley was on it. At the time, I was more into sixties jazz and found a lot of fifties stuff I'd heard to be too stiff. Several years later, I started getting into jazz recorded during the fifties and before and I picked up the Melle. Then I got a note from True Blue that this batch of Conns was being deleted, so I ordered the McGhee discs.

By this point, the discs had largely become OOP, and I was frustrated because I was finally getting into the ones I owned. I obsessively searched for the others in the series (this was before I was buying things online). Finally, I came upon a used record store that had the entire series...new! It seemed that they had gotten them in when the came out, and nobody had bought them! I was able to get the rest, and I'm very fond of all of them. I listened to them all recently. Hard to pick a favorite! Have to say that I really like that Frank Foster date...

This is the way I feel about the West Coast Series. It seems by the time folks got tuned in to the series it was already OOP. If they would keep some of these series in print a little longer I think they would become better sellers. Sometimes it takes a little while for word to spread.

Finally picked up all the West Coast Series and they are a very fine group of performances.

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