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New Jason Moran Trio on Blue Note


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In 1999, the same year that Jason Moran released his debut Soundtrack To Human Motion, the prodigy pianist and composer also joined New Directions, a band made up of young stars from the Blue Note roster that went on tour in celebration of the label’s 60th anniversary. At the core of New Directions was the genesis of a rhythm section—with Moran, bassist Tarus Mateen, and drummer Nasheet Waits—that would go on to become one of the most enduringly creative piano trios in jazz.

Ten years later, the trailblazing trio—which Moran has since dubbed The Bandwagon—headed into Avatar Studios in Manhattan to record Ten, the most assured and focused album of Moran's acclaimed career, a snapshot of a mature band with a decade of shared musical experience from which to draw. The album, Moran's first in four years, will be released June 22.

Really looking forward to this one.

A tracklisting:

01 Blue Blocks

02 RFK In The Land Of Apartheid

03 Feedback Pt.2

04 Crepuscule With Nellie

05 Study No. 6

06 Pas De Deux - Lines Ballet

07 Study No. 6

08 Gangsterism Over 10 years

09 Big Stuff

10 Play To Live

11 The Subtle One

12 To Bob Vatel Of Paris

13 Old Babies

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Wow. I'm surprised to find that Moran is still on Blue Note (what with Osby and Harris both having moved on to the idies). I'm looking forward to hearing this.

I would like to ask all musicians to please hold off on releasing new product until I can afford to buy it again.

Thank you.

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would love to pick this up but for some reason it doesn't seem to have had a UK release yet so it's currently £18.70 on Amazon UK or a 8 week delivery time from Amazon.com.

I've checked it out on Spotify and it does sound rather special. The Monk tune and Gangsterism over 10 years are killer tracks

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