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Mega cd sale continued. Hard to find items

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This should be the last bunch I sell for a while. I looked them up on Amazon and I am offering them at a considerable discount. All of these are considered "uncommon," and I am sending the common stuff to a local brick and mortar store to sell. I can offer further discounts for multiple purchases. Feel free to haggle a bit if you are buying more than one.

All are in excellent condition unless mentioned. Some of the jewel cases may be scuffed. Feel free to enquire if you want to know the condition of any jewel cases. Shipping is $2/cd (less for multiple cds) Foreign shipping at estimated cost.

paypal preferred.


Clifford Jordan Mosaic (single cd)

XXXSOLDXXXHank Mobley, "Far Away Lands" light scuffs not affecting play

XXXSOLDXXXHank Mobley, "A Caddy for Daddy"


XXXSOLDXXXDexter Gordon, "Stable Mable" Steeplechase light scratch not affecting play

Bennie Green, "Glidin along

XXXSoldXXXKenny Dorham, "Short Story" Steeplechase (the word, "Amin" written on the back of the liner notes.)

$9now $8

XXXSOLDXXXFreddie Redd, "Redd's Blues" Conn

Lee Morgan, "Standards"

$10now $9

XXXSOLDXXXBooker Ervin, Cookin

XXXSOLDXXXBooker Ervin, "Book Cooks" "For promo use only" stamped on back of liner notes.

XXXSOLDXXXBobby Timmons, "Born to be Blue"

XXXSOLDXXXJackie Mclean, "Vertigo" Conn

Blue Mitchell, "Cup Bearers"

Blue Mitchell, "A sure thing"

XXXSOLDXXXLou Blackburn, "Complete Imperial Sessions" 2 cds Conn

Stanley Turrentine with the 3 Sounds 2 cds Conn

XXXSOLDXXXArt Blakey, "Africaine" Conn

$12now $10

Dexter Gordon, "Tower of Power"

Grant Green, "Standards"

XXXSOLDXXXBennie Green, "Trombone" on Time label

XXXSOLDXXXJacke Mclean, "New Soil" light scratch outside of playing area

XXXSOLDXXXCal Tjader, "Sona Libre"

XXXSOLDXXXRandy Weston w/ Booker Ervin, "Monterey 66"

Jimmy Heath, "The Quota"

XXXSOLDXXXKenny Dorham, "Matador/Inta Something"

$13now $12

XXXSOLDXXXDizzy Reece, "Comin On"

Kenny Dorham Memorial Album (Kenny Dorham is on it!) Xanadu label

Booker Ervin, "Down in the Dumps"

Sonny Clark, "My Conception" Conn

$14now $12

Grant Green, "Sunday Mornin"

$15now $12

XXXSOLDXXXBobby Timmons, "Workin Out" w/ Wayne Shorter and Johnny Lytle

XXXSOLDXXXJackie Mclean, "Tippin the Scales"

XXXSOLDXXXGrant Green, "First Session" Conn

$16now $14

Freddie Redd music from the Connection w/ Jackie Mclean

XXXSOLDXXXBill Harper, "The Awakening"


XXXSOLDXXXHank Mobley, "A Slice of the top"

TOCJ Japanese imports

Stanley Turrentine, "Joyride" w/ obi strip $12now $10

XXXSOLDXXXStanley turrentine, "Look Out" $10

XXXSOLDXXXFreddie Redd, "Shades of Redd" $7.50 (sample not for sale in inner ring of cd)

XXXSOLDXXXBennie Green with Art Farmer VICJ $9

XXXSOLDXXXJackie Mclean, Swing Swang Swinging $15now $13

Jimmy Smith, "Lonesome Road" $15now $13

XXXSOLDXXXIke Quebec, "Soul Samba" w/ obi strip $10

Bennie Green, "Hornful of Soul" w/ obi strip rare--offer a price $20

Black Lion label

Kenny dorham, "West 42nd Street" $17now $14

XXXSOLDXXXDexter Gordon, "Takin the A train" $10

XXXSOLDXXXGrant Green, "Reaching Out" $15

Vee Jay (collect the individuals since the Mosaic box is so costly)

XXXSOLDXXXLee Morgan, "Expoobident" $7

XXXSOLDXXXHere's Lee Morgan 2cds $11

XXXSOLDXXXWayne Shorter, "Second Genesis" $7

XXXSOLDXXXIntroducing Wayne Shorter $6

XXXSOLDXXXWayne Shorter, "Wayning Moments" $14now $12

Japan CTI imports (all with obi strips) all in like new condition

XXXSOLDXXXJoe Farrel, "Outback" $13

XXXSOLDXXXDon Sobesky, "Giant Box" $15 now $14

XXXSOLDXXXFreddie Hubbard, "Polar AC" $12

XXXSOLDXXXArt Farmer and Jim Hall, "Big Blues" $17now $14

XXXSOLDXXXMilt Jackson, "olinga" $17 now $14

Rare (make me an offer)

XXXSOLDXXXStanley Turrentine, "Z.T.s Blues" ($15)

Jimmy Smith Trio w/ Lou Donaldson

JRVG mini lps (Japan) 24- bit


Kenny Dorham, "Trompeta Toccata"

Art Blakey, "Mosaic"

XXXSOLDXXXStanley Turrentine, "That's where its at"

Kenny Dorham, "Afro-Cuban"

XXXSOLDXXXGrant Green, "Goin West"

$13now $12

XXXSOLDXXXJohn Jenkins with Kenny Burrell


XXXSOLDXXXDuke Pearson, "Profile"

XXXSOLDXXXDuke Pearson, "Tender Feelins"


Stanley Turrentine, Up at Minton's vol 1 and vol 2. Two separate JRVGs.

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packages were mailed out to Spoontaneous, Amirbagachelles, Pete Johnson,and Riverrat. Still awaiting payment from a couple of buyers. Lots of stuff still there, guys. If you don't like any of the prices, you can pm me. I'm negotiable, and I would rather not have to ebay this stuff.

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I'll let this run for one European day and one American day (which equals 24 hours)

24 + 24 = 24??

It scares me if you're administering doses of medicine to patients! :crazy:

Agg needs some meds. A day = 12 hours. I meant day as in day not "day and night."

Heck, the whole Dallas Cowboys team needs meds too.

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