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LF: Steve Lacy - Scratching the Seventies

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I decided to order the one from Amazon. Considering that the box is OOP and that none of my usual sources had it, it seemed like a very reasonable price.

Now the great reshuffling of my music collection is just about complete. I think in the last couple of weeks I've sold about 12 or 13 box sets, and have used the proceeds to buy a different batch of music, that I think is more reflective of where my current tastes and interests actually lie. It was kind of like I was a kid again, trading baseball cards...enjoyable.

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So I just put in an order for this from Saravah. They have it on their website for 17eur shipped ($24). The order went through seamlessly and I saw no notice about it being out of stock or anything. The website is also up to date. We'll see what happens?

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That would be very cool if it works. I took a look at the site. I found the download option at $15 Euro, and what looks like the 3 CD option at 45Euro plus 4 Euro shipping, if my basic French reading ability can be relied on (iffy). So not sure what to think. I'm surprised at all that they are still vending.

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Heres the page I was looking at:


Note the "Votre panier" box to the lower right. Click on that and it opens a PayPal window for 45 euro. Looks like it is for 3 CD.

The 15 euro option seems to open up a download window, DLs available from several sites.

I am not at all sure of any of this, just thought I'd point it out. Great set of music, any new source would be welcome.

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I pre-ordered the Ideal Bread set.

I also had a $25 Amazon gift card & ordered the Lacy: Scratching The Seventies 3 CD set.

It was the last copy at Amazon marketplace & has already shipped - the gift card made the price palatable, at least to me. :party::tup

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