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BFT 110 Signup


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Okay, boys and girls - it's time to sign up for the May Blindfold Test. I'm making the final selections now, and if you've ever done one of my blindfold tests, you know that it's going to be eclectic. I like old New Orleans stuff, I like big bands, I like hard bop, and I like avant-garde improvisations. So I can pretty much guarantee that you will like something from my BFT. Of course, that means that pretty much nobody except me will like everything. So you are encouraged to pick and choose among the tracks; if you hate something - skip it.

And don't get too hung up on identifying the tracks. To me, an interesting discussion of the music is preferable to an instant ID. Some of the the tracks will probably be quickly identified; others will be real "BFT stumpers." And the artist on one track will be so obvious that you will be asked to turn in your Jazz Card if you don't instantly know who it is. But it's a track I wanted people to hear, and I hope everyone will have some comments.

Let me know if you want a download or a disc. And if you haven't checked in on The Magnificent Goldberg's current, and very interesting, BFT, you are encouraged to do so.

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