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Soul Stream's Kickstarter, just a few days left

Soul Stream

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Hey Friends,

Been meaning to post this up, but I haven't been too active in a while (just tryin' to keep up with life), and it's always weird when someone pops up just to promote something. That said, I messaged a bit with Jim Alfredson today, so it just reminded me it might be a good thing to do. This album has taken me a few years to complete, because it has a lot of guest artists on it (Billy Gibbons, Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr, Kat Edmonson, Alejeandro Escovedo, Rev. Gean West & The Relatives gospel group...and more!), and took a long time to get done. It's already recorded. Anyway, some of y'all may dig it! Please check it out if so inclined, love to get the music to as many music lovers as possible! Thanks, Mike


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Hey thanks all! (just saw your pledge Dan, thanks!). Yeah, I think it's something some of y'all might enjoy. Thanks for checking it out. I've been husslin' on it, but it ends soon and I'm ready to just kick back and put on Lou Donaldson's "The Natural Soul" LP and drink a beer!

Very cool Mike. Is there a link to make a contribution?

Hey Brad, here's the Kickstarter link to my project!: bit.ly/DrifterAlbum

Really appreciate it!

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Congrats, Mike! Looking forward to this.

Any idea when the dls will be ready? Early 2015?

I say June, but hope for April. We'll see...lots being done between now and then on this...took me 3 years to make, so working to get the release just right. Lots of ducks in a row to line up! Got meetings every day this week on it, and that won't end i get the feeling for a while, ha!

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I am in on this too - really looking forward to it!

I was lucky enough to catch Mike & Jimmie Vaughan a few weeks ago in Austin, and the interplay between them is a thing of beauty. Along with the surprise guest appearance of Lazy Lester!

Looking forward to hearing Mike & Jimmie together in the studio - AND Billy Gibbons AND Alejandro Escovedo AND Gary Clark Jr!

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