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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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12 hours ago, mjazzg said:



16 hours ago, jazzbo said:

Three listens this morning to chronicle. Did a tube swap in my ZROCK2 that is giving me interesting results, and my little furry companion Fiona sleeping on my chest caused me to have a fifteen minute nap in the middle. . . which is probably a good thing.


Miles Davis "Filles De Kilimanjaro" Mobile Fidelity Lab SACD

This is one of my favorite recordings ever and this is my favorite digital version.

Vandever "Regrowth" New Amsterdam cd


Kalia Vandever: compositions and trombone
Immanuel Wilkins: alto saxophone
Lee Meadvin: guitar
Paul Cornish: piano
Nick Dunston: bass
Connor Parks: drums

Interesting music. Kalia Vandever's compositions are interesting as is her playing and there's Immanuel Wilkins here. . . a sign of quality.

Yusef Lateef "Eastern Sounds" OJC RVG Edition cd


Great music. There are numerous criticisms of Blue Note's RVG series, some of which I can agree to on some issues, but the Prestige series is overall very good sounding.

I don´t know what "a tube swap in my ZROCK2" means as a complete incompetent if it´s about technical or electronical things, but I´m glad you listened to "Filles De Kilimanjaro", which is one of the greatest Miles Davis albums of the 60´s I think ! 

It has a historical importance and back then a few years after it was recorded, we bunch of jazz kids would listen to it in context with the more contemporanous "Bitches Brew" or "On the Corner". 
If someone had the record or at least a cassette tape he was the "star" of the group and the others would come and visit and listen together. 

We didn´t know how to pronounce the french title "Filles de Kilimanjaro" and said it in the german phonetic pronouncing "Fill-Les deh Killi-Mann-Ciarro" or only "Fill Less" (for the french filles) . And the usual question was "hast Du schon die Fill-Less" (do you already have the "filles"? ). 

As an album it is that great transition from the "second quintet" to the now so called "lost quintet", but the music was not played live I think.....)

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One of the very first LPs I ever owned--a gift from one of the Peace Corps volunteers my Dad directed in Swaziland. The volunteers were given a box of LPs by Atlantic Records, and this volunteer didn't like jazz so he gave me the three jazz LPs he got. 

Leo Wright "Blues Shout" Atlantic Records (mono).


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