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Hot Ptah

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On ‎11‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 8:41 AM, jeffcrom said:

It's up to you - whatever you need.

Would April work?

Here is a preliminary schedule, if everyone is all right with the month that I have given you:


January              Dan Gould

February           Hot Ptah

March               Hardbopjazz

April                  Jeffcrom

May                   Dmitry

June                 Ken Dryden

July                  Thom Keith

August              kh1958

September       Pim



December         Felser

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4 hours ago, felser said:

I'm going to retire from presenting BFT's since I am getting so little response to mine.  We can open up December for someone who will present music of more interest to the community here.

John, I will leave it open in case you change your mind over the course of the year.

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8 minutes ago, JSngry said:

Put me down for December, I guess. But I'll tell you right now, I make no promises that it's going to be a collection  of "pleasing" music (or even of music!). Maybe it will, maybe it won't. December's a long time away.

Thanks Jim, it's yours.

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35 minutes ago, JSngry said:

I'm thinking it will be a combination of Yoko Ono, Diamanda Galás, PJ Proby, Billy Eckstine, and Sandy Posey.

Or maybe not. Not everybody likes vocals the way I do.

I have CD's by all of the above except Galas, who creeps me out too much.

Image result for diamanda galas


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