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What rock music are you listening to? Non-Jazz, Non-Classical.


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1 hour ago, danasgoodstuff said:

How is it, and is there a good collection of their earlier years too?

It's excellent, fully equal to their earlier stuff on balance (Jansch and McShee are at full strength), and the same label has a spectacular collection of their earlier work, "The Albums 1968-1972".  Both sets have a ton of bonus cuts and great remastering and packaging, as well as being attractively priced.  They also did a similar set of John Renbourn solo work.  Wish they would do Bert Jansch's solo work in the same format.



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Van Halen - Diver Down. Tomorrow is already 2 years without Eddie. I really like the "Intruder" intro to "Pretty Woman". Sounds like Eddie was having some fun there.



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2 hours ago, BFrank said:


I loved their first one when I was 14 or 15. Ah no, I see now it's their second, called Ultravox! from 1977. And it's considered less punky than glam. It does in fact stem from that. But maybe it was their debut, and produced by Eno.

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1 hour ago, Bluesnik said:

That one's excellent. Listened yesterday night to Night Fever. And now again. It's excellent! The music of my coming of age in 1977-78.

At that time it was partially labeled as "throw away Disco Music" .... btw although already having been a die hard Jazz lover then also liked this one - even more as this was about girls & dancing 😇👹 ..... 

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