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Welcome to BFT #209


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     Welcome to BFT #209 and the third one that I have created.  I would say that this is the easiest of the three, but I have never been mainly about making tough blindfold tests.  The idea is to share and enjoy. I doubt this will spark a large number of responses on anything like the scale of Thom’s #208, but that’s OK.

     There are 13 tracks and a span of just under 50 years.


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Track 1: "Jazz Me Blues" from Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section. :tup:tup

Track 2: Sounds like J J playing "It Never Entered My Mind". Could the tenor be Bobby Jaspar?

Track 4: "Angel Eyes"

Track 6: Gil Evans classic: "Time of the Barracudas" from The Individualism of G E with Elvin and Wayne foremost.

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#6 (already identified) is great, wonderful horn voicings which dynamically interact with the rhythm so nicely.  I like the Miles Davis/Gil Evans version of this which never got onto one of the studio albums of the period (available as a CD bonus cut in a few different sets).

#11 is also really nice, I should probably be placing it,  Sounds like Mal Waldron on piano and Booker Ervin on tenor.  Probably some old Prestige album I have on the shelves somewhere and should listen to more.  Digging the drummer for sure.  

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Track 11: Pettiford's "Oscalypso" from the Curtis Fuller album The Opener (1957) with Hank Mobley, Bobby Timmons, Paul Chambers and Art Taylor.

Not an album I knew, but late 50s Mobley was unmistakable and I knew "Oscalypso" from this:



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Track 12: John Lewis' "Afternoon in Paris" from his album The Wonderful World of Jazz.

Beautiful arrangement. Solos by Lewis, Jim Hall, Benny Golson and Eric Dolphy (we hear so little about him these days).

Very much a five star album for me. :tup


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I love Eric Dolphy's playing here and almost everywhere.  I was exposed to him pretty early, because I heard him on a lot on Mingus records.  Back then, I thought the bass clarinet and alto sounded quite strange and even unpleasant; I always loved his work on flute.  It took time, but I have come to recognize what an important figure he was and how he deserves to be heard on all instruments.

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1. Art Pepper?
2. Feels like the trombone's date.  Slide Hampton?
3. Edging toward ECM, possibly Tomasz Stanko
4. Piano and Bass, familiar melody.  Angel Eyes?  No, just similar.  Kenny Drew and NHOP?
5. Has a bit of township feel like Abdullah Ibrahim or Chris McGregor, but I hear no keyboards.    Maybe Carlos Ward?
6.  I think this is Gil Evans, possibly from The Individualism Of Gil Evans.  Would that be Wayne Shorter on sax?  Great album!
7.  Feels like it might be from this century.  Grounded in tradition rather than bound by it.  Kenny Barron?
8.  Congas joined by Guitar, then restrained Sax, organ and bass.  John Abercrombie?
9.  Has a Konitz feel, but no Warne Marsh.  
10. Ballad, ECMish.  Eberhard Weber?
11. I like these jumpy little rhythms we are getting into here.  Steve Turre?
12. Alto and guitar, tenor too.  Sonny Stitt?
13. Organ with acoustic guitar.  Unusual combination.  Maybe Joe Pass?

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I liked this BFT a lot.  I own two of the tracks: #5 is Joey Baron's "Bit O' Water," from his album We'll Soon Find Out.  Great band: Arthur Blythe, Ron Carter, Bill Frisell.  Track 13 is John Scofield's "Lazy," from his album Groove Elation.  His run of Blue Note albums was so good.  Just a guess: #7 sounds like The Great Jazz Trio doing Monk's "Think Of One." 

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1 - Well, these players are so good they make this sound like it's easy to do. Swinging the hell out of this tune. Wow. Very nice. Sounds like it's from the 50s, or maybe early 60s. With the stereo separation I'm guessing maybe it's from Contemporary? And if so, would it be Art Pepper? Whoever it is, I dig it. 

2 - Lovely piano intro. And a really nice trombone lead. No guesses, but love the tune. Sounds like a mid-60s or so recording. 

3 -  The guitar and overall production sound make me think at least 90s and possibly newer than that. That guitar sound reminds me of some ECM records...is this Stanko with Bro on guitar?

4 - 'Round Midnight is the tune? If not, it's reminding me of that song for some reason. 

5 - African-esque intro with the guitar and drums like that...when the guitar comes back it's definitely sounding like a player coming from that tradition. It's a softer production style than what I'm used to hearing from those types of recordings however. I'd guess it's a recent recording but no guesses as to who. Part of me wants to guess one of those Tony Allen records but I don't think that's it. 

6 - I like the mood of this song and the playing is really nice. Sounds like it's from the 60s. Burrell on guitar? Good lord that drummer starting at about the 5:20 mark...

7 - Monk composition by chance? Newer production style...and is that a cello being played? 

8 - Man, not sure about this one. Guitarist is real fast but not sure I like how it sounds, or how the ensemble fits together...

9 - Great playing. Song isn't really my thing...no guesses here

10 - Cinematic/soundtrack-ish composition...Very nice in parts but not sure about the whole. 

11 - Nice tune, and the playing is good. Not a fan of how the trombone sounds but the solo is enjoyable regardless. Is this a 60s Curtis Fuller song? 

12 - No guesses. Very nice composition and playing. 

13 - And I've got no idea here. Not many times I've heard an organ/acoustic guitar pairing with horns. So this is unique, at least for me. 

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I see #11 is Fuller, but from the 50s and not the 60s. For some reason his tone on his early recordings is recognizable but not necessarily in a good way, even though I really like his playing. 

Hard to believe that #5 is Frisell on guitar. I've been listening to a good amount of him lately and absolutely didn't recognize his playing. 

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