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New Keith Jarrett Interview

Mark Stryker

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I guess no one should be surprised that Jarrett sounds good playing with one hand.  I think he should record again--perhaps in a duo or trio setting.  I'm surprised he was not asked about doing a new recording...that is, an official one (the man probably records frequently in his home studio).



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A little Rick Beato goes a long way for me. Same but less so for Jarret. Still, this is a nice interview. Highlights include Keith talking about his relationship to triads and everything that's happening as he listens to himself play "Solar." 

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41 minutes ago, GregK said:

I'm a little puzzled by all the comments regarding this Beato guy. Did I miss something, who is he? I've never heard of him before this interview, so I don't have much opinion of him. Is he famous or something?

YouTube famous! The sire of young Golden Ears:

That is how he became as famous as he is now: he leveraged that video into a sort of 'influencer' career. He had some success as a rock musician in the 90s and also wrote a decent music theory book.

I've liked some of his videos well enough, but can understand how he might be annoying to people. He's really very sincere, or good at acting like it. He kind of has bad taste too, since it is for me to judge 😉- like he will play some obscure 90s rock song that uses a few extended chords and gush over how genius the writers were. If he is reaching people with his music theory videos though I say more power to him.

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