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BFT 241 Link and discussion thread

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38 minutes ago, JSngry said:

You should hear Spaulding in the 50s with Sun Ra.

He was hardly a baby when he started showing up on Blue Note!

Which albums would you suggest? Save me ploughing through, thanks 

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Posted (edited)

Midmonth Clues:

The album containing #5 was named a top ten jazz album of 2022 by a major publication.  Two instrumentalists studied at Julliard, with Kenny Barron and Steve Nelson.

#6 is from the debut as leader of a brassman who has since become better known for a different style of jazz.

Both leaders have played Big Ears in the last two years.

#4 features an American guitarist with a European group.  The European group has an obvious name similarity to a group that played Big Ears a few years ago.

Track not yet identified on #3.  Album and track not yet identified on #8




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Late to the game this month. Ignoring other posts...

1. Love this track. Seems like it could be the Messengers, very Blakey-esque drumming. But the sax sounds like Joe Henderson maybe...? Great regardless. 

2. Barnstorming tempo. The sax solo is fast. But no wasted notes, just all over the horn. Impressive. Piano doesn't have to comp fast and whoever it is provides a nice balance to these horns and the drums/bass. I like this one too but no guesses. Hearing some pops like this is a needle drop as well. 

3. Good track. What is this style called... Like a New Orleans shuffle maybe? Catchy and well played. 

4. I was kind of hoping this would remain just a guitar/violin duo. The guitar has the heft to carry that. McLaughlin? Ok, the horn is good too. Probably a great drummer but kind of unnecessary here. Yeah, good tune again Randy. Well done man. 

5. This one grew on me as it went along. By the end I dig it, but no guesses. 

6. The bass player brings it home. Good tune, very chill. 

7. Horn player is familiar but I can't guess it. Sounds like they're dragging the intro along maybe too long. 

8. Oh yeah, synths - nice variation. Then it goes full blown hard rock lol. Ok, well theres a saxophone. It's like that Jazz Sabbath album or something. I like the tune and it sounds like they're having fun. Rock on!

9. This one sounds familiar too but no guesses. 

Great selection Randy. Thanks for putting it together 👍

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I missed crediting mjzee for providing the album containing Ayler's Angels, well done.

Like Felser, I heard the township jazz style of South Africa in #3.  Only the drummer is actually South African, trumpeter/leader is American, and the remainder of the band British.  Abdullah Ibrahim is the best known and probably greatest player and bandleader in that style.

I love a driving hard bop theme, and Jodo is second only to Woody Shaw's version of Larry Young's Obsequious on my list of top driving hard bop themes.  I actually got to know the tune in a much longer live version on Night of the Cookers.

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On 4/14/2024 at 9:38 AM, randyhersom said:

Midmonth Clues:


#6 is from the debut as leader of a brassman who has since become better known for a different style of jazz.





I took this as a Chuck Mangione clue but Discogs didn't confirm.

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