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  1. Teddy Edwards, RIP

    Another sad loss He died just 6 days before his 79th birthday... (he was born on April 26, 1924)
  2. Has Planet Music Gone Away?

    You're absolutely right, Kevin. I stopped buying from them a long time ago, for the very same reason. I'm still wondering about JSP and Proper (both from the U.K.), though. Last year a usually reliable source in the U.K. told me that they were also ripping-off the remastering work done by Mosaic, Bear Family (Germany), etc., at least for some of their sets. Does anybody have info on that?
  3. Has Planet Music Gone Away?

    In my experience businesses that go under hardly ever notify their customers...
  4. I got this list from Hiroshi Tanno today ("1995" = price in yen) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following CDs are scheduled for release on May 21 2003. Pony Canyon PCCY 30061(Muse)24 bit,New Cole,Richie & Phil Woods Side By Side 1995 Pony Canyon PCCY 30062(Muse)24 bit,New Person,Houston & Ron Carter Something In Common 1995 Pony Canyon PCCY 30063(Muse)24 bit,New Shaw,Woody The Iron Men 1995 The following CDs are scheduled for release on May 25 2003. P Vine PCD 23411(Catalyst)New Caliman,Hadley Projecting 2415 P Vine PCD 23412(Catalyst)New Caliman,Hadley Celebration 2415 P Vine PCD 23413(Catalyst)New Strazzeri,Frank After The Rain 2415 P Vine PCD 23414(Catalyst)New Menza,Don First Flight 2415 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. Professor Monk?

    I love Professor Longhair's work, as well as Archibald's. Great NO pianists!
  6. Professor Monk?

    Shrugs, welcome! B)
  7. Sale at Zweitausendeins

    Bingo! I've issued a restraining order against them - I don't want them near me...
  8. Sale at Zweitausendeins

    I assume these are all German "ZYX" pressings, or?
  9. Toshiba Japan will release these remastered Blue Note reissues on June 25: TOCJ-9501 - Sonny Rollins - Newk's Time TOCJ-9502 - Grant Green - Talkin' About TOCJ-9503 - Duke Pearson - Sweet Honey Bee TOCJ-9504 - John Patton - Got a Good Thing Goin' TOCJ-9505 - Donald Byrd - At the Half Note Cafe, Vol.1 TOCJ-9506 - Donald Byrd - At the Half Note Cafe, Vol.2 TOCJ-9507 - Joe Henderson - Mode for Joe TOCJ-9508 - Andrew Hill - Judgment TOCJ-9509 - Freddie Hubbard - Ready for Freddie TOCJ-9510 - Stanley Turrentine - Never Let Me Go
  10. eBay craziness... again

    I must be missing something here - I searched for seller "baylor" on eBay, and it turned out that he hadn't sold anything since March 2000...
  11. That'll be only a few billion years away...
  12. Importing to UK and Customs

    Ahhh... Victor... I really miss him
  13. According to the Red Lick website Vol.5 of the ongoing Bessie Smith series on Frog Records is out now: http://www.redlickrecords.com/db/justin.doc The site also lists the new European Blue Note reissues.
  14. I just got this list from Hiroshi Tanno ("3990" = price in yen): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following CDs are scheduled for release on May 21 2003. * means in cardboard sleeves King ABCJ 260-1(All Art)24 bit,New 100 Gold Fingers Piano Playhouse 1990(2CDs)* 3990 King ABCJ 262-3(All Art)24 bit,New 100 Gold Fingers Piano Playhouse 1993(2CDs)* 3990 King ABCJ 266-7(Art Union)New Pepper,Art With Sonny Clark(Holiday Flight Lighthouse 1953)(2CDs) 3990 Victor VICJ 61098-61100(Prestige)New Garland,Red Complete At The Prelude(3CDs) 5250 Victor VICJ 61101(Moodsville)20 bit,New Garland,Red Red Alone* 2520 Victor VICJ 61102(Moodsville)20 bit,New Garland,Red Trio* 2520 Victor VICJ 61103(Moodsville)20 bit,New Garland,Red Alone With The Blues* 2520 Victor VICJ 61104(Prestige)20 bit,New Garland,Red Red In Bluesville* 2520 Victor VICJ 61105(Prestige)20 bit,New Garland,Red Manteca +1* 2520 Victor VICJ 61106(Prestige)20 bit,New Garland,Red Rojo* 2520 Victor VICJ 61107(Prestige)20 bit,New Garland,Red The P.C. Blues* 2520 Victor VICJ 61108(Prestige)20 bit,New Garland,Red Can't See For Lookin'* 2520 Victor VICJ 61109(Prestige)20 bit,New Garland,Red Halleloo-Y'-All* 2520 Victor VICJ 61110(Prestige)20 bit,New Garland,Red Revisited* 2520 The following SACDs are scheduled for release on June 4th 2003. Sony SIGC 22(New)SACD O'connor,Mark In Full Swing(Stereo & Multi ch) 3150 Sony SIGP 34(New)SACD Taylor,Martin Solo 3150 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  15. Japanese reissues, due out May 21 and June 4

  16. Jutta Hipp died on Monday, April 7

    Well, I think it was a disgusting and utterly tasteless remark, like so many he made over the last few months. What a pity he doesn't stick to his jazz expertise.
  17. Japanese reissues, due out May 21 and June 4

    Hiroshi Tanno got me my copy, at a slightly higher price than Amazon's, but his shipping charge was much lower than theirs.
  18. Japanese reissues, due out May 21 and June 4

    The new reissue will be released in Japan on May 3. The older (1997) Japanese 20-bit K2 remastered reissue (Victor MVCR-20043) might still be available.
  19. Hi Alfred, Welcome to this board! I hope you'll enjoy it. Good luck with the Ellington set.
  20. JSP and Proper box sets

    Last year I got info from sources in the U.K. that JSP might have "taken advantage" of Mosaic, Bear Family and possibly Revenant remasters for some of their box sets (I'm not talking about the sets that were remastered by John R.T. Davies, of course) There was a discussion about this on "the old board", but unfortunately it didn't survive...
  21. Japanese reissues, due out May 21 and June 11

    That's a bargain, compared with the official Japanese list price of 2,500 yen (approximately $21 or €20)
  22. Here's another list I just got from Hiroshi Tanno ("2500" = price in yen): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following CDs are scheduled for release on May 21 2003. * means in cardboard sleeves Venus TKCV 35161(24 Bit)New Higgins,Eddie & Scott Hamilton Smoke Gets In Your Eyes* 2500 Venus TKCV 35162(24 Bit)New Higgins,Eddie Dear Old stockholm* 2500 Venus TKCV 35163(24 Bit)New New York Trio The Things We Did Last Summer* 2500 Venus TKCV 35164(24 Bit)New Kuhn,Steve Temptation* 2500 Venus TKCV 35165(24 Bit)New Mabern,Harold Falling In Love With Love* 2500 Venus TKCV 35166(24 Bit)New Mabern,Harold Kiss Of Fire* 2500 Venus TKCV 35167(24 Bit)New Hanna,Roland Milano,Paris,New York* 2500 Venus TKCV 35168(24 Bit)New Beirach,Richie No Borders* 2500 Venus TKCV 35169(24 Bit)New Hanna,Roland Apres Un Reve* 2500 Venus TKCV 35170(24 Bit)New Woods,Phil Thrill Is Gone* 2500 The following CDs are scheduled for release on June 11 2003. Universal Music OWCO 2001(Orange Blue)New Dorough,Bob Song Of Love 1575 Universal Music OWCO 2002(Orange Blue)New Sidran,Ben & Johnny Griffin Have You Met Barcelona? 1575 Universal Music OWCO 2003(Orange Blue)New Rowles,Jimmy Sometimes I'm Happy Sometimes I'm Blue 1575 Universal Music OWCO 2004(Orange Blue)New Cheatham,Doc Dear Doc 1575 Universal Music OWCO 2005(Orange Blue)New Edison,Harry Sweets Can't Get Out Of This Mood 1575 Universal Music OWCO 2006(Orange Blue)New Melville,Frank J. I'm Old Fashoned 1575 Universal Music OWCO 2007(Orange Blue)New Sattiel,Laurence Reflections From Paris 1575 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  23. It's the quality that counts, not the quantity...
  24. New Album of the Week: Charles Mingus, Mingus x 5

    This is one of my all-time favorites, though I rate Mingus' The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady even higher. It's on its way to my CD player NOW.
  25. He's probably got too many albums to choose from