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  1. The BNBB is back up again!

    Poor dog... They had to put it down...
  2. New Coltrane Impulse release!

    Over here it's almost April 2, only a few minutes to go... Can't wait...
  3. The BNBB is back up again!

    Wonder what happened to all those "old" members; haven't seen them around for years - at least it seems that long to me.
  4. Mosaic sales

    Ha, I feel a BNBB-style Freshman / Freshmen spelling fight coming on Those were the days...
  5. Mosaic sales

    Judging by this review we have a winner : Four Freshmen AMG review
  6. The BNBB is back up again!

    Hey guys, Why don't you restrict the fighting to the political arena?
  7. The BNBB is back up again!

    Ha, a joke within a joke!
  8. Good Service

  9. Mike, I live in Groningen, the Netherlands. We used to have a thriving annual international jazz festival (the "Jazz Marathon") and lots of great jazz concerts way back in the 1970s, but it's kind of dead these days. You're right, it's best to ignore those musical zealots, though that's a bit harder when you get your head bitten off by one. However, that's not why I didn't renew - like I said it is the lack of modern jazz coverage over the years and the IAJRC's bias towards predominantly white pre-bop jazz, and the price of a subscription ($40, non-U.S. price) to a four times a year magazine that doesn't interest me that much except for the CD review section.
  10. Bop and later jazz styles met with outright hostility from some of the contributors to the IAJRC Journal, at least a few years ago; according to one of them it had nothing to do with music.
  11. Mike's post has a lot of valid points, but writing articles about jazz in English is not my forte, so contributing to the IAJRC Journal is out of the question for me. The magazine is the only benefit for me too, but I also skip a lot of articles for reasons stated in my first post. I agree with JohnS, at $40 a year (non-U.S. price) a subscription is a costly affair for a four times a year magazine, the more so since most of the time the CD review section is the only part that really interests me.
  12. http://www.geocities.com/iajrc/index.htm
  13. Japanese MCA - *Soul Jazz Collection* list.

    It's a series that came out in Japan in 1997 / 1998. These are the only ones I could find (jewel cases only): MVCJ-19022 - Illinois Jacquet - Go Power MVCJ-19023 - Bunky Green - The Latinization of Bunky Green MVCJ-19024 - Three Souls - Soul Sounds MVCJ-19026 - Interpreters - Knack MVCJ-19027 - Sam Lazar - Playback MVCJ-19028 - Baby Face Willette - Behind the 8 Ball MVCJ-19029 - Lou Donaldson - Rough House Blues MVCJ-19030 - Ramsey Lewis - Goin' Latin Some of them might still be available.
  14. eBay craziness... again

    Yep, $10,000.00 for an original Elvis Presley LP, way back in the 1970s.
  15. eBay craziness... again

    No, but it just ended at $2,800.00...
  16. eBay craziness... again

    It stands at $2,678.00 with a few hours left to go...
  17. Snurdy

    Well, OK, this is probably spam, but I think Chuck deserves to have his catalog posted. Here's a list that I got from him in 2002: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ nessa records – p o box 394 – whitehall, mi 49461 phone/fax 231 894-4088 cnessa@earthlink.net The following individual titles from our catalog are available on cd. Air Air Time – Henry Threadgill, Fred Hopkins and Steve McCall ncd-12 Recorded Nov, 1977. This was Air’s 3rd lp, but the first issued in the US Fred Anderson The Missing Link – w/ Hamid Drake, Larry Hayrod and Adam Rudolph ncd-23 Recorded Sept. 1979. This was Fred’s 3rd date too, and his first US issue. Art Ensemble of Chicago Les Stances a Sophie – w/Fontella Bass ncd-4/Universal* Recorded July, 1970. The first recording of the Bowie, Jarman, Mitchell, Favors, Moye lineup. Von Freeman Have No Fear – w/ John Young, David Shipp and Wilbur Campbell ncd-6/Bomba* Recorded June 1975. Boomerang, a Freeman original has been added to the cd. Von Freeman Serenade & Blues – as above ncd-11/Chief* Recorded June 1975. I’ll Close My Eyes, almost 15 minutes, has been added. Roscoe Mitchell LRG/The Maze/S II Examples – 2 lps on one cd ncd-14/Chief* Recorded July/Aug.1978. w/Leo Smith, George Lewis, Thurman Barker, Anthony Braxton, Douglas Ewart, Malachi Favors, Joseph Jarman, Don Moye and Henry Threadgill Hal Russell NRG Ensemble ncd-21/Bomba* Recorded May 1981. The band’s first date w/ Chuck Burdelik, Brian Sandstrom, Curt Bley, and Steve Hunt. Hal Russell NRG Ensemble + Charles Tyler – Generation ncd-25/Chief* Recorded Sept. 1982. w/ Burdelik, Sandstrom, Bley and Hunt. Never on lp. Wadada Leo Smith – Procession of the Great Ancestry ncd-26/Chief* Recorded Feb. 1983. w/ Bobby Naughton, Joe Fonda, Kahil El‘Zabar, Louis Myers, Mchaka Uba and John Powell. Never on lp. *These items are pressed by licensees Bomba (Japan), Chief (England) and Universal Sounds (England). Also available is our limited edition (2500 copies) 5 cd, box set: The Art Ensemble – 1967/68 w/Roscoe Mitchell, Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman, Malachi Favors, Phillip Wilson, Charles Clark, Robert Crowder and Thurman Barker. This package contains the music from 3 lps (Numbers 1 & 2, Congliptious and Old/Quartet) plus almost 3 hours of new, previously unissued material. Individual cds are $15 each, and the box set $75. Shipping charges are extra, and vary according to the size of the order and mode of transportation desired. Payment can be made by cash, checks (drawn on a US bank), money orders, MasterCard or Visa. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Status of Nessa catalog LP number Availability / Status n-1 Lester Bowie Numbers 1 & 2 available in Art Ensemble Box – ncd-2500 n-2 Roscoe Mitchell Congliptious available in Art Ensemble Box – ncd-2500 n-3 Art Ensemble of Chicago People In Sorrow rights have reverted to EMI-France n-4 Art Ensemble of Chicago Les Stances a Sophie rights have reverted to EMI-France* n-5 Roscoe Mitchell Old/Quartet available in Art Ensemble Box – ncd-2500 n-6 Von Freeman Have No Fear cd issued in Japan – we have a few copies for sale n-7 Warne Marsh All Music cd issue in preparation n-8 Ben Webster Did You Call? rights have reverted to Ensayo-Spain n-9/10 Roscoe Mitchell Nonaah out of print n-11 Von Freeman Serenade & Blues available as ncd-11 w/extra track n-12 Air Air Time available as ncd-12 n-13 Lucky Thompson Body & Soul rights have reverted to Ensayo – Spain n-14/15 Roscoe Mitchell LRG/The Maze/SII Examples available as ncd-14 n-16 Charles Tyler Saga of the Outlaws out of print n-17 Bobby Bradford/John Stevens vol. 1 available on lp only n-18 Bobby Bradford/John Stevens vol. 2 out of print n-19 Wadada Leo Smith Spirit Catcher available on lp only n-20 Roscoe Mitchell Snurdy McGurdy recently reissued n-21 Hal Russell NRG Ensemble cd issued in Japan – we have a few copies for sale n-22 Eddie Johnson Indian Summer available on lp only n-23 Fred Anderson The Missing Link available as ncd-23 w/extra track n-24 Hal Russell/Mars Williams Eftsoons available on lp only The following 2 titles were never issued as lps, but are available on cd, pressed in GB by our licensee n-25 Hal Russell NRG Ensemble + Charles Tyler Generation n-26 Wadada Leo Smith Procession of the Great Ancestry * n-4 has been reissued in England, and we have stock for sale.
  18. Snurdy

    This is a GREAT album, indeed with a perfect program.
  19. Denny Zeitlin

    Didn't know that. Do you have a CD number?
  20. Denny Zeitlin

    As far as I know the only Denny Zeitlin album released in Japan is As Long as There's Music - Venus TKCV-35039 (release date: May 21, 1998) / Venus TKCV-35052 (24-bit remastered gold disc; release date: September 23, 1998) / Venus TKCV-35515 (release date: July 22, 2002).
  21. eBay craziness... again

    No problem - if you're financing my bid, that is...
  22. The lists below are all I could find. I got them from Hiroshi Tanno in the last 12 months and most of them were posted on the BNBB. I didn't edit the lists. ("2000" = the price in yen) Cohn,Al & Zoot Sims You'N Me* Universal UCCM 9121(Mercury)24 bit,New 2000 Brothers Candoli,The 2 for the Money* Universal UCCM 9122(Mercury)24 bit,New 2000 Mulligan,Gerry A Profile of Gerry Mulligan* Universal UCCM 9123(Mercury)24 bit,New 2000 Adderley,Cannonball Cannonball Enroute* Universal UCCM 9124(Mercury)24 bit,New 2000 Roach,Max The Many Sides of Max* Universal UCCM 9125(Mercury)24 bit,New 2000 Taylor,Billy Impromptu* Universal UCCM 9126(Mercury)24 bit,New 2000 Newman,Joe At Cout Basie's* Universal UCCM 9127(Mercury)24 bit,New 2000 Blakey,Art Soul Finger* Universal UCCM 9128(Limelight)24 bit,New 2000 Peterson,Oscar With Respect to Nat* Universal UCCM 9129(Limelight)24 bit,New 2000 Blakey,Art Buttercorn Lady* Universal UCCM 9130(Limelight)24 bit,New 2000 The following CDs are scheduled for release on 26 March 2003. *means in a cardboard sleeve Universal UCCM 9151(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy The Birth of a Band + 2* 1835 Universal UCCM 9152(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy Plays the Hip Hits* 1835 Universal UCCM 9153(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy Golden Boy* 1835 Universal UCCM 9154(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy Plays For Pussycats* 1835 Universal UCCM 9155(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy Quincy's Got a Brand New Bag?* 1835 Universal UCCM 9156(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy Walking in Space* 1835 Universal UCCM 9157(A&M)New Jones,Quincy Smackwater Jack* 1835 Universal UCCM 9158(A&M)New Jones,Quincy Body Heat* 1835 Universal UCCM 9159(A&M)New Jones,Quincy Mellow Madness* 1835 Universal UCCM 9160(A&M)New Jones,Quincy Sounds And Stuff Like That* 1835 Universal UCCU 9001(Verve)24 bit,New Ritz,Lyle 50th State Jazz* 2345 Universal UCCU 9002(Verve)24 bit,New Ritz,Lyle Plays Jazz Ukulele How About Uke?* 2345 Universal UCCU 9003(Verve)24 bit,New Smith,Stuff Have Violin,Will Swing* 2345 Universal UCCU 9004(Verve)24 bit,New Astaire,Fred Mr.Top Hat* 2345 Universal UCCU 9005(Decca)24 bit,New Carmichael,Hoagy The Stardust Road* 2345 Universal UCCU 9006(Decca)24 bit,New Crosby,Bing Blue Hawaii* 2345 Universal UCCU 9007(MGM)24 bit,New Wills,Bob A Tribute to Bob Wills* 2345 Universal UCCU 9008(Mercury)24 bit,New Ronk,Dave VAn Ragtime Jug Stompers* 2345 Universal UCCU 9009(Decca)24 bit,New Mooney,Joe On The Rocks* 2345 Universal UCCU 9010(Decca)24 bit,New Smeck,Roy Melodies with Memories* 2345 BMG Fun House PVCP 8025(Inner City)24 bit,New Shepherd,Cybill Mad About The Boy* 2100 BMG Fun House BVCJ 37330(Blue Bird)24 bit,New Reinhardt,Django Djangology +11 1890 King ABCJ 246(Stash)24 bit,New Coltrane,John & Miles Davis So What* 2500 King ABCJ 247(Stash)24 bit,New Coltrane,John Impressions(Everytime We Say Goodbye)* 2500 King ABCJ 248(Stash)24 bit,New Dolphy,Eric Live In Germany(Green Dolphin Street)* 2500 King ABCJ 249(Stash)24 bit,New Hampton,Lionel How High The Moon* 2500 King ABCJ 250(Stash)24 bit,New Evans,Bill Nardis(Round Midnight)* 2500 King ABCJ 251(Stash)24 bit,New Davis,Miles & Stan Getz Rare Live* 2500 King ABCJ 252(Stash)24 bit,New Dolphy,Eric Left Alone* 2500 The following CDs are scheduled for release on 10 March 2003. P Vine PCD 22032-3(New) Sun Ra Live at Montreux(2CDs) 3129 P Vine PCD 22034(New) Sun Ra Cosmos 2310 P Vine PCD 22035(New) Sun Ra Nuclear War 2310 P Vine PCD 22036(New) Sun Ra Music from Tomorrow's World 2310 P Vine PCD 22037(Delmark)New Sun Ra Sun Song 2310 P Vine PCD 22038(Delmark)New Sun Ra Sound of Joy 2310 The following CDs are scheduled for release on 23 April 2003. Universal UCCU 5001(Impluse)New Coltrane,John Ballads 1995 Universal UCCU 5002(Verve)New Getz,Stan Getz / Gilberto 1995 Universal UCCU 5003(ECM)New Jarrett,Keith The Koln Concert 1995 Universal UCCU 5004(EmArcy)New Merrill,Helen With Clifford Brown 1995 Universal UCCU 5005(Impluse)New Coltrane,John A Love Supreme 1995 Universal UCCU 5006(Verve)New Peterson,Oscar We Get Request 1995 Universal UCCU 5007(A&M)New Jobim,Antonio Carlos Wave 1995 Universal UCCU 5008(ECM)New Corea,Chick Return To Forever 1995 Universal UCCU 5009(Commodore)New Holiday,Billie The Greatest Interpretations 1995 Universal UCCU 5010(Verve)New Evans,Bill At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1995 Universal UCCU 5011(Verve)New Jobim,Antonio Carlos The Composer Of Desafinado,Plays 1995 Universal UCCU 5012(Fontana)New Davis,Miles Ascenseur pour l'echafaud 1995 Universal UCCU 5013(Verve)New Fitzgerald,Ella Ella & Louis 1995 Universal UCCU 5014(Verve)New Smith,Jimmy The Cat 1995 Universal UCCU 5015(Verve)New Fitzgerald,Ella In Berlin(Mack The Knife) 1995 Universal UCCU 5016(EmArcy)New Vaughan,Sarah With Clifford Brown 1995 Universal UCCU 5017(Decca)New Lee Peggy Black Coffee 1995 Universal UCCU 5018(Verve)New Parker,Charlie Now's The Time +1 1995 Universal UCCU 5019(Verve)New Powell,Bud The Genious of +2 1995 Universal UCCU 5020(A&M)New Montgomery,Wes A Day In The Life 1995 Universal UCCU 5021(Verve)New Evans,Bill Alone +2 1995 Universal UCCU 5022(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud The Astrud Gilberto Album 1995 Universal UCCU 5023(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford Study In Brown 1995 Universal UCCU 5024(ECM)New Jarrett,Keith Standars Vol.1 1995 Universal UCCU 5025(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford With Strings 1995 Universal UCCU 5026(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy Big Band Bossa Nova 1995 Universal UCCU 5027(Decca)New Armstrong,Louis What A Wonderful World 1995 Universal UCCU 5028(ECM)New Jarrett,Keith Standars Live 1995 Universal UCCU 5029(Philips)New Mulligan,Gerry Night Lights 1995 Universal UCCU 5030(Verve)New Getz,Stan Plays +1 1995 Universal UCCU 5031(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford And Max Roach +2 1995 Universal UCCU 5032(Mercury)New Adderley,Cannonball Quintet In Chicago 1995 Universal UCCU 5033(Verve)New Parker,Charlie April In Paris +4 1995 Universal UCCU 5034(Fontana)New Dolphy,Eric Last Date 1995 Universal UCCU 5035(Kapp)New McRae,Carmen Book Of Ballads 1995 Universal UCCU 5036(Philips)New Zetterlund,Monica Waltz For Deby 1995 Universal UCCU 5037(Verve)New Evans,Bill What's New 1995 Universal UCCU 5038(Decca)New Hampton,Lionel Star Dust 1995 Universal UCCU 5039(Mercury)New Garner,Erroll Plays Misty 1995 Universal UCCU 5040(Verve)New O'Day,Anita This Is Anita 1995 Universal UCCU 5041(Verve)New Basie,Count In London +4 1995 Universal UCCU 5042(Verve)New Kelly,Wynton Smokin' At The Half Note 1995 Universal UCCU 5043(ECM)New Metheny,Pat Offramp 1995 Universal UCCU 5044(Impluse)New Nelson,Oliver Blues And The Abstract Truth 1995 Universal UCCU 5045(Argo)New Lewis,Ramsey The In Crowd 1995 Universal UCCU 5046(Impluse)New Tyner,McCoy Nights Of Ballads & Blues 1995 Universal UCCU 5047(Argo)New Sims,Zoot Zoot 1995 Universal UCCU 5048(Impluse)New Jarrett,Keith Death And The Flower 1995 Universal UCCU 5049(Impluse)New Coltrane,John And Johnny Hartman 1995 Universal UCCU 5050(Impluse)New Ellington,Duke And John Coltrane 1995 Universal UCCU 5051(ECM)New Jarrett,Keith Standards Vol.2 1995 Universal UCCU 5052(Polydor)New Gilberto,Joao Joao Gilberto 1995 Universal UCCU 5053(Argo)New Farmer,Art Meet The Jazztet 1995 Universal UCCU 5054(Mercury)New Page,Patti Tenessee Waltz 1995 Universal UCCU 5055(MCA)New Sample,Joe Rainbow Seeker 1995 Universal UCCU 5056(A&M)New Jones,Quincy The Dude 1995 Universal UCCU 5057(Verve)New Dearie,Blossom Blossom Dearie 1995 Universal UCCU 5058(Verve)New Getz,Stan Jazz Samba 1995 Universal UCCU 5059(ECM)New Jarrett,Keith My Song 1995 Universal UCCU 5060(Verve)New Montgomery,Wes California Dreaming 1995 Universal UCCU 5061(Verve)New Gillespie,Dizzy At New Port +3 1995 Universal UCCU 5062(Verve)New Powell,Bud Jazz Giant 1995 Universal UCCU 5063(A&M)New Jobim,Antonio Carlos Tide 1995 Universal UCCU 5064(Verve)New O'Day,Anita Anita Sings The Most 1995 Universal UCCU 5065(ECM)New Metheny,Pat American Garage 1995 Universal UCCU 5066(GRP)New Corea,Chick Akoustic Band 1995 Universal UCCU 5067(Verve)New Getz,Stan And Bill Evans 1995 Universal UCCU 5068(Verve)New Peterson,Oscar Night Train 1995 Universal UCCU 5069(Berclay)New Loussier,Jacques Play Bach Vol.1 1995 Universal UCCU 5070(ECM)New Metheny,Pat AFirst Circle 1995 Universal UCCU 5071(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford At Basin Street 1995 Universal UCCU 5072(Impulse)New Coltrane,John Live At The Village Vanguard 1995 Universal UCCU 5073(Impluse)New Shepp,Archie Attica Blues 1995 Universal UCCU 5074(Verve)New Fitzgerald,Ella At The Opera House 1995 Universal UCCU 5075(Verve)New Peterson,Oscar The Trio(Live From Chicaga) 1995 Universal UCCU 5076(ECM)New Corea,Chick Crystal Silence 1995 Universal UCCU 5077(Verve)New Evans,Bill Trio '64 1995 Universal UCCU 5078(Verve)New Young,Lester Pres & Teddy +1 1995 Universal UCCU 5079(Verve)New Smith,Jimmy &Wes Montgomery The Dynamic Duo 1995 Universal UCCU 5080-81(ECM)New Metheny,Pat 80/81(2CDs) 3255 Universal UCCU 5082(Decca)New Fitzgerald,Ella Songs In A Mellow Mood 1995 Universal UCCU 5083(Polydor)New Corea,Chick & Herbie Hancock In Concert 1995 Universal UCCU 5084(Verve)New Parker,Charlie Bird & Diz+3 1995 Universal UCCU 5085(Verve)New Evans,Bill Conversations With Myself +2 1995 Universal UCCU 5086(Dot)New Basie,Count Straight Ahead 1995 Universal UCCU 5087(Philips)New LeGrand,Michel LeGrand Jazz 1995 Universal UCCU 5088(MPS)New Cicero,Eugen Rokoko Jazz 1995 Universal UCCU 5089(MCA)New Crusaders Street Life 1995 Universal UCCU 5090(Verve)New Getz,Stan Sweet Rain 1995 Universal UCCU 5091(Polydor)New Corea,Chick Light As A Feather 1995 Universal UCCU 5092(Verve)New Modern Jazz Sextet,The The Modern Jazz Sextet 1995 Universal UCCU 5093(Verve)New Wanderley,Walter Rain Forrest 1995 Universal UCCU 5094(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud The Shadow Of Your Smile 1995 Universal UCCU 5095(ECM)New Jarrett,Keith Facing You 1995 Universal UCCU 5096(Verve)New Basie,Count April In Paris 1995 Universal UCCU 5097(Emarcy)New Merrill,Helen The Nearness Of You 1995 Universal UCCU 5098(Verve)New Burrell,Kenny Guitar Forms 1995 Universal UCCU 5099(East Wind)New Great Jazz Trio,The At The Village Vanguard 1995 Universal UCCU 5100(Verve)New Evans,Bill At the Town Hall+3 1995 Universal UCCU 5101(Verve)New Evans,Bill Trio '65 1995 The following CDs are scheduled for release on 21 May 2003. Universal UCCU 5102(Impulse)New Rollins,Sonny Alfie 1995 Universal UCCU 5103(EmArcy)New Washington,Dinah Dinah Jams 1995 Universal UCCU 5104(Verve)New Peterson,Oscar West Side Story 1995 Universal UCCU 5105(Argo)New Griffin,Johnny JG 1995 Universal UCCU 5106(Polydor)New Williams,Tony Emargency 1995 Universal UCCU 5107(A &M)New Mangione,Chuck Feels So Good 1995 Universal UCCU 5108(MCA)New Carlton,Larry Alone/But Never Alone 1995 Universal UCCU 5109(Dot)New Costa,Eddie The House Of Blue Lights 1995 Universal UCCU 5110(MPS)New Peterson,Oscar The Way I Really Plays 1995 Universal UCCU 5111(Verve)New Farlow,Tal Tal 1995 Universal UCCU 5112(Impuls)New Basie,Count And The Kansas City 7 1995 Universal UCCU 5113(MPS)New Hall,Jim It's Nice To Be With You 1995 Universal UCCU 5114(Impulse)New Haynes,Roy Out Of The Afternoon 1995 Universal UCCU 5115(Kapp)New Dennis,Matt Plays And Sings 1995 Universal UCCU 5116(Mercury) Kirk,Roland Domino 1995 Universal UCCU 5117(Verve)New Parker,Charlie Swedish Schnapps+4 1995 Universal UCCU 5118(Mercury)New Washington,Dinah What A Differnce A Day Makes 1995 Universal UCCU 5119(Impulse)New Mingus,Charlie The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady 1995 Universal UCCU 5120(Verve)New Konitz,Lee Motion+3 1995 Universal UCCU 5121(Polydor)New Corea,Chick My Spanish Heart 1995 Universal UCCU 5122(Decca)New McRae,Carmen After Glow 1995 Universal UCCU 5123(Verve)New Hawkins,Coleman Alive at The Village Gate+2 1995 Universal UCCU 5124(Verve)New Webster,Ben Soulville+3 1995 Universal UCCU 5125(MPS)New Singers Unmilited,The A Capella 1995 Universal UCCU 5126(MPS)New Peterson,Oscar Girl Tolk 1995 Universal UCCU 5127(East Wind)New Farmer,Art The Summer Knows 1995 Universal UCCU 5128(Argo)New Jamal,Ahmad But Not For Me 1995 Universal UCCU 5129(Verve)New Shearing,Geore September In The Rain 1995 Universal UCCU 5130(Polydor)New Corea,Chick Friends 1995 Universal UCCU 5131Kelly,Wynton It's All Right 1995 Universal UCCU 5132(GRP)New Grapelli,Stephane Plays Jerome Kern 1995 Universal UCCU 5133(GRP)New Corea,Chick Expressions 1995 Universal UCCU 5134(Philips)New Swingle Singers,The Place Vendome 1995 Universal UCCU 5135(Polydor)New Lee,Peggy Sea Shells 1995 Universal UCCU 5136(Philips)New Haden,Charlie Liberation Music Orchestra 1995 Universal UCCU 5137(Philips)New Reys,Rita The Cool Voice Of 1995 Universal UCCU 5138(Mercury)New Vaughan,Sarah At Mr. Kelly's 1995 Universal UCCU 5139(Verve)New Mance,Junior Junior 1995 Universal UCCU 5140(Verve)New Holiday,Billie Songs For Distingue Lovers 1995 Universal UCCU 5141(Verve)New Evans,Bill Empathy 1995 Universal UCCU 5142(Verve)New Evans,Bill A Simple Matter Of Conviction 1995 Universal UCCU 5143(Verve)New Evans,Bill & Jim Hall Intermodulation 1995 Universal UCCU 5144(Impulse)New Jones,Elvin Heavy Sounds 1995 Universal UCCU 5145(Verve)New Getz,Stan & J.J. Johnson At The Opera House 1995 Universal UCCU 5146(Verve)New Evans,Gil The Individuarism Of Gil Evans 1995 Universal UCCU 5147(GRP)New Grusin,Dave One Of A Mind 1995 Universal UCCU 5148(Verve)New Torme,Mel Swings Schubert Alley 1995 Universal UCCU 5149(GRP)New Ritenour,Lee Wes Bound 1995 Universal UCCU 5150(Decca)New Basie,Count The Best Of Early Basie 1995 Universal UCCU 5151(Decca)New Ellington,Duke The Best Of Early Ellington 1995 The following CDs will be released in Jan.22 2003. * means in cardboard sleeves Sony VRCL 6010(New) Friedman,Don Waltz for Debby 2835 Sony VRGL 8810(New)SACD Friedman,Don Waltz for Debby 3360 King ABCJ 236(All Art)New Kellaway,Roger Singing in the Rain 2500 King ABCJ 237(All Art)New Hanna,Roland & George Mratz Porgy & Bess 2500 King ABCJ 238(Digistic)New Matthews,David Jazz Ballads With Strings 2500 King ABCJ 239(Digistic)New Moffett,Charles Moffett & Son's 2500 King ABCJ 240(Digistic)New Farmer,Art Blue Monk 2500 Tokuma TKCV 35521(Venus)24k Gold,New Higgins,Eddie Swing Jornal Readers Request* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35522(Venus)24k Gold,New Higgins,Eddie Smoke Gets in Your Eyes* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35523(Venus)24k Gold,New Higgins,Eddie Bewitched* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35524(Venus)24k Gold,New Shepp,Archie French Ballads* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35525(Venus)24k Gold,New New York Trio The Sings We Did Last Summer* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35526(Venus)24k Gold,New Beirach,Richie No Borders* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35527(Venus)24k Gold,New Beirach,Richie Romantic Rhapsody* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35528(Venus)24k Gold,New Kuhn,Steve Temptaion* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35529(Venus)24k Gold,New One for All The End of A Love Affair* 3000 Tokuma TKCV 35530(Venus)24k Gold,New Mabern,Harold Kiss of Fire* 3000 Tokuma TKGV 6(Venus)SACD Higgins,Eddie Swing Jornal Readers Request 3800 Tokuma TKGV 7(Venus)SACD Higgins,Eddie Haunted Heart 3800 Tokuma TKGV 8(Venus)SACD Higgins,Eddie Bewitched 3800 Tokuma TKGV 9(Venus)SACD Higgins,Eddie Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 3800 Tokuma TKGV 10(Venus)SACD New York Trio The Sings We Did Last Summer 3800 Tokuma TKGV 11(Venus)SACD Charlap,Bill S'wonderful 3800 Tokuma TKGV 12(Venus)SACD Shepp,Archie French Ballads 3800 Tokuma TKGV 13(Venus)SACD Kuhn,Steve Love Walked in 3800 Tokuma TKGV 14(Venus)SACD Kuhn,Steve Temptation 3800 Tokuma TKGV 15(Venus)SACD Beirach,Richie No Borders 3800 The following CDs will be released in Jan.29 2003. * means in cardboard sleeves I think this series is great!!! Universal Music UCCM 9131(New)24 Bit Sims,Zoot Cookin* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9132(New)24 Bit Hayes,Tubby Mexican Green* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9133(New)24 Bit Hayes,Tubby 100% Proof* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9134(New)24 Bit Hayes,Tubby Return Visit* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9135(New)24 Bit Diamond Five,The Brilliant* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9136(New)24 Bit Vander,Maurice Jazz At The Blue Note* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9137(New)24 Bit JAcobs,Pim Come Fly With Me* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9138(New)24 Bit Ponty,Jean-Luc Jazz Long Playing* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9139(New)24 Bit Coe,Tony Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home* 2345 Universal Music UCCM 9140(New)24 Bit Skidomore,Alan TCB* 2345 The following CD will be released on Jan.16th 2003. Pony Canyon MYCJ 30180(Timelass)New Flanagan,Tommy Jazz Poet 2200 The following CDs will be released in Jan.22nd 2003. Warner Music CPC8 5146(New) Pieranunzi,Enrico Waltz for a Future Movie(Play Moricone 2) 2520 Warner Music CPC8 5147(New) Pieranunzi,Enrico Jazz Roads 2520 The following CDs will be released on November 20th 2002. * means in cardboard sleeves Toshiba TOCJ 9452(Roost)24 Bit,New Powell,Bud Trio* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9453(Intro)24 Bit,New Morello,Joe Collections* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9454(Pacific Jazz)24 Bit,New Shank,Bud Quartet* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9455(Ducret Thompson)24 Bit,New Sims,Zoot In Paris(On Ducret Thompson)* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9456(Roost)24 Bit,New Powell,Sheldon Plays* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9457(United Artists)24 Bit,New Little,Booker & etc. Down Home Reunion-Young Men From Memphis* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9458(Solid State)24 Bit,New Jones,Thad & Mel Lewis Central Park North* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9459(Solid State)24 Bit,New V.A. Jazz ForA Sunday Afternoon Vol.1* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9460(Solid State)24 Bit,New V.A. Jazz ForA Sunday Afternoon Vol.2* 2500 Pony Caynon PCCY 30057(Muse)New Stitt,Sonny Last Stitt Sessions Vol.1 1995 Pony Caynon PCCY 30058(Muse)New Stitt,Sonny Last Stitt Sessions Vol.2 1995 Pony Caynon PCCY 30059(Muse)New Jones,Hank Bop Redux 1995 Pony Caynon PCCY 30060(Muse)New Jones,Hank Groovin' High 1995 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30163(Malaco Jazz)New Blakey,Art 1961 Paris Concert 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30164(Malaco Jazz)New Peterson,Oscar Daahoud 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30165(Malaco Jazz)New Adderley,Cannonball Work Song 1969 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30166(Malaco Jazz)New Monk,Thelonious Blue Monk 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30167(Malaco Jazz)New Smith,Jimmy The Sermon 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30168(Malaco Jazz)New Gillespie,Dizzy With James Moody Con Alma 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30169(Malaco Jazz)New Gillespie,Dizzy Feat. Lalo Schifrin Gillespiana Suite 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30170(Malaco Jazz)New Basie,Count Basie Power 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30171(Malaco Jazz)New Ellington,Duke Take The A Train-Alhambra 1958 2200 Pony Caynon MYCJ 30172(Malaco Jazz)New Armstrong,Louis Saint Louis Blues 2200 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. October 23rd 2002 Weather Report Live & Unreleased Sony SICP 239-40(2CDs)New 3780 November 20th 2002 Christian,Charlie The Genius of The Elactric Guitar Sony SICP 241-44((4CDs)New 8400 Christian,Charlie The Original Guitar Hero Sony SICP 5052(New) 1995 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. * means in cardboard sleeves. On October 23rd 2002 King ABCJ 220(All Art)New Yamamoto,Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Tsuyoshi 2500 King ABCJ 221-2(All Art)2 CDs,New Brown,Ray & Hank Jones Live in Japan 3990 King ABCJ 223(Digistic Label)New Matthews,David Plays Mozart 2500 King ABCJ 224(Digistic Label)New Matthews,David Trio with Gary Burton 2500 King ABCJ 225(All Art)New Tyner,McCoy Live at Sweet Basil 2500 Universal UCCJ 9021(East Wind)New Jones,Hank Hanky Panky* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9022(East Wind)New Watanabe,Sadao I'm Old Fashioned* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9023(East Wind)New Watanabe,Sadao Pamoja* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9024(East Wind)New Kawasaki,Ryo Prism* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9025(East Wind)New Kawasaki,Ryo Eight MIle Road* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9026(East Wind)New Mine,Kohsuke Solid* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9027(East Wind)New Mine,Kohsuke Sunshower* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9028(East Wind)New Yamamoto,Tsuyoshi Daahud* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9029(East Wind)New Masuda,Mikio Mickey's Mouth* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9030(East Wind)New Masuo,Yoshiaki 111 Sullivan Street* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9031(East Wind)New Ohno,Shunzo Bubles* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9032(East Wind)New Farmer,Art Yestersay's Thoughts* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9033(East Wind)New Friedman,Don Hope for Tomorrow* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9034(East Wind)New Hill,Andrew Blue Black* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9035(East Wind)New Hill,Andrew Nefertiti* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9036(East Wind)New Lucas,Reggie Survival Times* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9037(East Wind)New Wilson,John Lee Hey Look at You* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9038(East Wind)New Jordan,Sheila Confirmation* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9039(East Wind)New Mance,Junior Holy Mama* 1500 Universal UCCJ 9040(East Wind)New Friedman,David Winter Love,April Joy* 1500 Victor BSCP 30075(K2 24BiT)RTB(New) Petrovic,Bosko Meeting In Studio* 1890 Victor BSCP 30076(K2 24BiT)RTB(New) Deival,Jack 2nd Meeting In Studio* 1890 Victor BSCP 30077(K2 24BiT)RTB(New) Rokovic,Borislav 3rd Meeting In Studio* 1890 SASTANAK U STUDIJU 1(Meeting In Studio) Side A: 1. Two Songs (J. Watkins) 6:20 2. Way In Blues (J. Richardson) 6:05 Side B: 1. Minor Flute (J. Richardson) 7:15 2. Night In Tunisia (D.Gillespie) 5:25 Recorded 16. June, 1960. in Belgrade at Studio VI, RTB Musicians:Bosko Petrovic(vibraphone),Davor Kajfes(piano),Jerome Richardson(tenorsax, flute),Julius Watkins(frenchhorn),George "Buddy" Catlett(bass),Joe Harris(drums) II SASTANAK U STUDIJU (2nd Meeting In Studio) Side A: 1. Pennies From Heaven (Johnston-Bruke) 6:30 2. Moonlight In Vermont (Suessdorf) 2:45 3. Gloria (R.Miselvia) 2:45 Side B: 1. Tema Br. 4 [Theme no. 4] (A.Necak) 5:00 2. Moj rodni kraj [My Birthplace](I.Robic) 5:00 3. Sretan put [bon Voyage] (M.Kotlic)4:00 Recorded 4./5. March 1961, in RTB Studio VI,Belgrade Musicians:Jack Deival(piano),Bernard Vitet(flugelhorn),Francois Jeanneau(tenor sax),Jackues Hess(bass),Art Taylor(drums),Predrag Ivanovic(trumpet), Eduard Sadjil(tenor sax) III SASTANAK U STUDIJU(3rd Meeting In Studio) Side A: 1. Ruzan san (B. Rokovic) 5:00 2. Theme From The Three-Penny Opera (K.Weill) 4:15 3. You'de Be So Nice To Come Home (M. Kotlic) 4:55 Side B: 1. Bee-Deedle-Dee-Doo (B. Kessel) 4:15 2. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set (Q. Jones) 3:35 3. Donna Lee (C. Parker) 4:05 Recorded 14./15.June, 1961. in Belgrade Borislav Rokovic(piano),Joe Sydow(bass),Hans Hoitz(drums) Milan Stojanovic(tenor sax, flute),Vojislav Djonovic(guitar) On November 2nd 2002 Pioneer LDC VACS 1001(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Jordan,Duke Flight to Denmark* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1002(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Drew,Kenny Dark Beauty* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1003(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Drew,Kenny & N.H.O.Pedersen Duo* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1004(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Montoliu,Tete Tete* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1005(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Gordon,Dexter Bouncing with Dex* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1006(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Drew,Kenny If You Could See Me Now* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1007(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New McLean,Jackie & Dexter Gordon The Meeting* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1008(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Jordan,Duke Two Loves* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1009(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Getz,Stan Live at Montmartre* 2548 Pioneer LDC VACS 1010(Steeple Chase)24 Bit,New Montoliu,Tete Tete A Tete* 2548 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz and Bossa Nova reissues. * means in cardboard sleeves. October 25 2002 Toshiba TOCJ 9361(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Hubbard,Freddie Hub-Tones+3* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9362(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Henderson,Joe Our Thing+1* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9363(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Turrentine,Stanley Hustlin'* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9364(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Hill,Andrew Point of Departure+3* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9365(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Williams,Tony Life Time* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9366(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Mobley,Hank The Turnaround* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9367(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Hutcherson,Bobby Dialogue+1* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9368(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Shorter,Wayne The All Seeing Eye* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9369(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Byrd,Donald Slow Drag* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9370(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Hancock,Herbie The Prisoner+2* 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9371(Blue Note)New(24 Bit) Silver,Horace In Pursuit of the 27th Man* 2500 October 30 2002 Toshiba TOCP 66066(Brazil Odeon)New Lins,Ivan Novo Tempo 2548 Toshiba TOCP 66067(Brazil Odeon)New Quarteto Novo Quarteto Novo 2548 Toshiba TOCP 66068(Brazil Odeon)New Conjunto Sambacana Conjunto Sambacana Vol.3 2548 Toshiba TOCP 66069(Brazil Odeon)New Borges,Lo A Via Lactea 2548 Toshiba TOCP 66070(Brazil Odeon)New Taiguara Imyra,Tayra,Ipy,Taiguara 2548 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. October 23rd 2002 3D System MTCJ 2546(Trio)New,24 bit Jones,Elvin(Jazz Mascine) Live in Japan Vol.2 2450 3D System MTCJ 2547(Trio)New,24 bit Hanna,Roland Glove 2450 3D System MTCJ 2548(Trio)New,24 bit Hanna,Roland & George Muraz Romanesque 2450 3D System MTCJ 2549(Trio)New,24 bit Roy,Badal Ashirbad 2450 3D System MTCJ 1048(Emerald)New Kessel,Barney On Fire 2500 Sony VRCL 6007(New) Shaw,Marlena Live In Tockyo 2835 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. * means in cardboard sleeves. September 19 2002 Jarrett,Keith My Song* Universal Music UCCE 9020(ECM)24K Gold,New 2500 Jarrett,Keith Belonging* Universal Music UCCE 9021(ECM)24K Gold,New 2500 Jarrett,Keith Personal Mountains* Universal Music UCCE 9022(ECM)24K Gold,New 2500 Jarrett,Keith Nude Ants(2CDs)* Universal Music UCCE 9023-4(ECM)24K Gold,New 3999 Jarrett,Keith The Survivors Suite* Universal Music UCCE 9025(ECM)24K Gold,New 2500 Jarrett,Keith Eyes of the Heart* Universal Music UCCE 9026(ECM)24K Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat Bright Size Life* Universal Music UCCE 9027(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat Watercolors* Universal Music UCCE 9028(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat Pat Metheny Group* Universal Music UCCE 9029(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat New Chautauqua* Universal Music UCCE 9030(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat American Garage* Universal Music UCCE 9031(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat 80/81(2CDs)* Universal Music UCCE 9032-3(ECM)24k Gold,New 3999 Metheny,Pat As Falls Wichita,So Falls Wichita Falls* Universal Music UCCE 9034(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat Offramp* Universal Music UCCE 9035(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat Travels(2CDs)* Universal Music UCCE 9036-7(ECM)24k Gold,New 3999 Metheny,Pat Rejoicing* Universal Music UCCE 9038(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 Metheny,Pat First Circle* Universal Music UCCE 9039(ECM)24k Gold,New 2500 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. * means in cardboard sleeves. August 21 2002 Gojkovic,Dusko Beograde Blues* Victor BSCP 30071(Radio Televizije Beograd)24 Bit,New 2415 Gojkovic,Dusko Blues in the Gutter* Victor BSCP 300712(Diskoton)24 Bit,New 2415 Gojkovic,Dusko Snap Shot* Victor BSCP 30073(Diskoton)24 Bit,New 2415 Gojkovic,Dusko Trumpets & Rhythm Unit* Victor BSCP 30074(Radio Televizije Beograd)24 Bit,New 2415 August 21 2002 Baker,Chet Plays Standards Universal Music UCCM 3019(24 bit)New 1500 Getz,Stan In Paris Universal Music UCCM 3020(24 bit)New 1500 Blakey,Art Paris Jam Session Universal Music UCCM 3021(24 bit)New 1500 Sims,Zoot & Henri Renaud Zoot Sims et Henri Renaud Universal Music UCCM 3022(24 bit)New 1500 Criss,Sonny Mr. Blues pour Flirter Universal Music UCCM 3023(24 bit)New 1500 Peterson,Oscar & Stephane Grappelli Oscar Peterson,Stephane Grappelli Quartet Vol.1 Universal Music UCCM 3024(24 bit)New 1500 Peterson,Oscar & Stephane Grappelli Oscar Peterson,Stephane Grappelli Quartet Vol.2 Universal Music UCCM 3025(24 bit)New 1500 Gillespie,Dizzy The Giant Universal Music UCCM 3026(24 bit)New 1500 Clarke,Keny Plays Andre Hodeir Universal Music UCCM 3027(24 bit)New 1500 Simmons,Art & Ronnel Bright Piano aux Champs Elysees Universal Music UCCM 3028(24 bit)New 1500 September 25 2002 Urtreger,Rene Joue Bud Powell Universal Music UCCM 3029(24 bit)New 1500 Grappelli,Stephane Plays Cole Porter Universal Music UCCM 3030(24 bit)New 1500 Grappelli,Stephane & Stuff Smith Stuff and Steff Universal Music UCCM 3031(24 bit)New 1500 Reinhardt,Django Swing '39 Universal Music UCCM 3032(24 bit)New 1500 Reinhardt,Django Django's Blues Universal Music UCCM 3033(24 bit)New 1500 Peiffer,Bernard La vie en Rose Universal Music UCCM 3034(24 bit)New 1500 Goraguer,Alain Go Go Goraguer Universal Music UCCM 3035(24 bit)New 1500 Thomas,Rene The Real Cat Universal Music UCCM 3036(24 bit)New 1500 Bacsik,Elek Nuages Universal Music UCCM 3037(24 bit)New 1500 Goraguer,Alain,Andre Hodeir & Daniel Humair Jazz & Cinema Vil.3 Universal Music UCCM 3038(24 bit)New 1500 October 23 2002 Byrd,Donald In Paris Universal Music UCCM 3039(24 bit)New 1500 Byrd,Donald Parisian Thoroughfare Universal Music UCCM 3040(24 bit)New 1500 Gillespie,Dizzy Cognac Blues Universal Music UCCM 3041(24 bit)New 1500 Thompson,Luckey Modern Jazz Group Universal Music UCCM 3042(24 bit)New 1500 Byas,Don Laura Universal Music UCCM 3043(24 bit)New 1500 Armstrong,Louis The Best Live Concert Vol.1 Universal Music UCCM 3044(24 bit)New 1500 Armstrong,Louis And Friends Universal Music UCCM 3045(24 bit)New 1500 Hines,Earl Paris One Night Stand Universal Music UCCM 3046(24 bit)New 1500 Hampton,Lionel Mai 1956 Universal Music UCCM 3047(24 bit)New 1500 Young,Lester Le Dernier Massage de Lester Young Universal Music UCCM 3048(24 bit)New 1500 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. * means in cardboard sleeve September 25th 2002 DIW 2001(New) Flanagan,Tommy Plays The Music Of Harold Allen* 2625 DIW 2002(New) Sardaby,Michel Night Blossam* 2625 DIW 2003(New) Davis,Nathan* London By Night 2625 DIW 2004(New) Moriyama,Takeo Live At Lovely* 2625 DIW 2005(New) Allen,Geri Segments* 2625 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz and bossa nova reissues. * means in cardboard sleeve July 24th 2002 Tokuma TKCB 72380(storyville) Konitz,Lee In Harvard Square* 2100 Tokuma TKCB 72381(storyville) Chaloff,Serge Fabel of Mabel* 2100 Tokuma TKCB 72382(storyville) King,Teddi Round Midnight* 2100 Tokuma TKCB 72383(storyville) V.A. Jazz At The Boston Arts Festival* 2100 Tokuma TKCB 72384(storyville) Newman,Joe And The Boys In The Band* 2100 Universal Music UCCV 3003(Verve)New Gilberto,Joao Joao Gilberto* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3004(A&M)New Jobim,Antonio Carlos Wave* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3005(A&M)New Jobim,Antonio Carlos Tide +4* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3006(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud The Astrud Gilberto Album* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3007(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud The shadow of Your smile* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3008(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud Look to The Rainbow* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3009(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud & Walter Wanderley A Certain Smile A Certain Sadness +2* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3010(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud Beach Samba* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3011(Verve)New Gilberto,Astrud Windy* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3012(Verve)New Getz,Stan & Joao Gilberto Getz/Gilberto #2 +5* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3013(Verve)New Getz,Stan Big Band Bossa Nova* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3014(Verve)New Getz,Stan Jazz Samba Encore* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3015(Verve)New Bonfa,Luiz Bossa Nova* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3016(Verve)New Valle,Marcos Samba '68* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3017(Verve)New Wanderley,Walter Summer Samba* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3018(Verve)New Wanderley,Walter Cheganca* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3019(Verve)New Wanderley,Walter Batucada* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3020(Verve)New Tamba 4 Samba Blim* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3021(Verve)New McFarland,Gary Soft Samba* 1835 Universal Music UCCV 3022(Verve)New Schifrin,Lalo Insensatez* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9076(EmArcy)New Vaughan,Sarah Sarah Vaughan(With Clifford Brown) +1* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9077(EmArcy)New Washington,Dinah Dinah Jams* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9078(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford & Max Roach More Study In Brown* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9079(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford Jam Session* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9080(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford Jam 2* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9081(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford Best Coast Jazz +1* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9082(EmArcy)New Brown,Clifford Caravan +1* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9083(EmArcy)New Roach,Max Jazz In 3/4 Time +2* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9084(Philips)New Legrand,Michel Legrand Jazz +3* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9085(Philips)New Swingle Singers,The Place Vendome(With M.J.Q.) * 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9086(Limelight)New Kirk,Roland Rip,Rig & Panick* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9087(Limelight)New Peterson,Oscar Canadiana suite* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9088(Limelight)New Peterson,Oscar Eloquence* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9089(Mercury)New Adderley,Cannonball Cannonball's Sharpshooters +2* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9090(Mercury)New Adderley,Cannonball Sophisticated Swing* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9091(Mercury)New Adderley,Nat Ti The Ivy League From Nat +3* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9092(Mercury)New Jones,Quincy At New Port '61 +1* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9093(Mercury)New Rich,Buddy & Max Roach Rich Versas Roach +4* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9094(EmArcy)New Mulligan,Gerry Mainstream Jazz* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9095(Limelight)New Baker,Chet Baby Breeze +3* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9096(Mercury)New Roach,Max Quiet As It's Kept* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9097(Limelight)New Gillespie,Dizzy The New Continent* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9098(Limelight)New Blakey,Art 'S Make It* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9099(Limelight)New McCann,Les But Not Really* 1835 Universal Music UCCM 9100(Mercury)New Farmer,Art Here And Now* 1835 King ABCJ 210(All Art)New Drew,Kenny All The Things You Are 2500 King ABCJ 211(All Art)New Alexander,Monty Lil' Darlin' 2500 King ABCJ 212(All Art)New Mance,Junior Opus De Funk 2500 Victor VICJ 60971(CTI)New James,Bob One+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60972(CTI)New James,Bob Two+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60973(CTI)New James,Bob Three+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60974(CTI)New James,Bob Four+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60975(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob Heads+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60976(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob Touch Down+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60977(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob Lucky Seven+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60978(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob H+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60979(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob Sign Of The Times+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60980(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob Hands Down+1* 2520 August 21th Victor VICJ 60981(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob The Genie+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60982(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob Foxie+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60983(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob Swan+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60984(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob 12+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60985/6(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob All Around Town+1* 4095 Victor VICJ 60987(Tappan Zee)New James,Bob & Earl Klugh One On One+1* 2520 Victor VICJ 60988(Tappan Zee)New Tee,Richard Strokin'* 2520 Victor VICJ 60989(Tappan Zee)New Tee,Richard Natural Ingredients* 2520 Victor VICJ 60990(Tappan Zee)New Longmire,Wilbert Sunny Side Up* 2520 Victor VICJ 60991(Tappan Zee)New Santamaria,Mongo Red Hot* 2520 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. * means in cardboard sleeves. 21st June 2002 Victor VICJ 60950(Riverside)New Evans,Bill Solo Waltz For Debby 2600 Victor VICJ 60951-3(New) Evans,Bill Complete Vanguard Live 1961(3CDs) 5250 Victor BSCP 30035(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Kelly,Wynton kelly At Midnight* 2310 Victor BSCP 30036(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Kelly,Wynton Wynton Kelly* 2310 Victor BSCP 30037(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Kelly,Wynton wynton Kelly 2* 2310 Victor BSCP 30038(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Kelly,Wynton kelly Great* 2310 Victor BSCP 30039(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Kelly,Wynton Interpretations* 2310 Victor BSCP 30040(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Kelly,Wynton Final Notes* 2310 Victor BSCP 30041(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Kelly,Wynton Last Trio Session* 2310 26th June 2002 King KICJ 434(Paddle Wheel)New Broadbent,Alan You And Night And Music 3000 King ABCJ 207(All Art)New Lewis,John & Hank Jones Piano Playhouse 2500 King ABCJ 208(All Art)New Walton,Cedar At Goody Club 2500 King ABCJ 209(All Art)New Wes,Frank Dear Mister Basie 2500 24th July 2002 Victor BSCP 30049(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Chambers,Paul Go* 2310 Victor BSCP 30050(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Morgan,Lee Here's Lee Morgan* 2310 Victor BSCP 30051(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Morgan,Lee Expoobident* 2310 Victor BSCP 30052(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Shorter,Wayne Introducing* 2310 Victor BSCP 30053(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Shorter,Wayne Second Genesis* 2310 Victor BSCP 30054(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Shorter,Wayne Wayning Moments* 2310 Victor BSCP 30055(Vee Jay)20 Bit,New Higgins,Eddie Eddie Higgins* 2310 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. * means in cardboard sleeve. 26th June 2002 Toshiba TOCJ 9421(Imperial)New Mariano,Charlie *Imperial Sessions 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9422(Pacific Jazz)New Sims,Zoot *Choice 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9423(Roost)New Stitt,Sonny *Pen Of Jonny Richards + Live at Hi Hat 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9424(United Artists)New Sims,Zoot & Al Cohn *A Night At Half Note 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9425(Riveriside)New Adderley,Cannonball *Them Dirty Blues + 2 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9426(Riveriside)New Adderley,Cannonball *Cannonball's Bossa Nova + 2 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9427(Pacific Jazz)New Baker,Chet *The Trumpet Artistry Of 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9428(Ad Lib)New McLean,Jackie *Quintet 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9429(United Artists)New Blakey,Art *Three Blind Mice 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9430(United Artists)New Jackosn,Milt *Bags Opus 2500 26th July 2002 Toshiba TOCJ 9431(Capitol)New Alberghetti,Anna Maria *I Can't Resist You 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9432(Capitol)New Boswell,Eve *The War Years 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9433(Capitol)New Fuller,Donna *My Foolish Heart 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9434(Pacific Jazz)New Healy,Pat *Just Before The Dawn 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9435(Roulette)New Kral,Irene *The Band And I 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9436(Jubilee)New Lewis,Monica *Fools Rush In 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9437(Roulette)New Phillips,Anne *Born To Be Blue 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9438(Roost)New Price,Ruth *Sings With Johnny Smith 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9439(Pacific Jazz)New Lambert,Hendricks and Ross *The Swingers 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9440(Capitol)New Simpson,Carole *All About Carole 2500 21st August 2002 Toshiba TOCJ 9441(Pacific Jazz)New Baker,Chet *Jazz At An Arbor 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9442(Pacific Jazz)New Baker,Chet *Chet Baker Big Band 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9443(Pacific Jazz)New Baker,Chet *Pretty Groovy 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9444(Pacific Jazz)New Pass,Joe *Sound Of Synanon 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9445(Pacific Jazz)New Hamilton,Chico *Quintet In Hi Fi 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9446(Pacific Jazz)New Almeida,Laurindo *Quartet 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9447(Liberty)New Childers,Buddy *Quartet 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9448(Pacific Jazz)New Perkins,Bill *On Stage 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9449(Pacific Jazz)New Perkins,Bill *Just Friends 2500 Toshiba TOCJ 9450(Pacific Jazz)New Shank,Bud *Plays Tenor 2500 The following is information on forthcoming Japanese jazz reissues. 5th June 2002 Sony SICP 139(New) Sandoval,Arturo My Passion For The Piano 2520 Sony SICP 5043(New) Parker,Charlie Bird(Original Soundtrack) 1995 Sony SICP 5042(New) Monk,Thelonious Straight No Chaser(Original Soundtrack) 1995 Sony SICP 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May 22 2002 Ellis,Herb & Joe Pass Jazz Concord* Victor VICJ 60911(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Ellis,Herb & Joe Pass Seven Come Eleven* Victor VICJ 60912(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Byrd,Charlie etc. Great Guitars* Victor VICJ 60913(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Kessel,Barney & Herb Ellis Poor Butterfly* Victor VICJ 60914(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Hamilton,Scott Is A Good Wind Who Is Blowing Us No Ill* Victor VICJ 60915(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Hamilton,Scott 2* Victor VICJ 60916(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Brubeck,Dave Paper Moon* Victor VICJ 60917(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 L.A.4 Just Friends* Victor VICJ 60918(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Shearing,George & Mel Torme An Evening With* Victor VICJ 60919(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Clooney,Rosemary Everything's Coming Up Rosie* Victor VICJ 60920(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Clooney,Rosemary Sings Ballads* Victor VICJ 60921(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 McRae,Carmen & George Shearing Two For The Road* Victor VICJ 60922(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 McRae,Carmen Live At Birdland West* Victor VICJ 60923(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Anderson,Ernestine Hello Like Before* Victor VICJ 60924(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 V.A. Tribute To Duke* Victor VICJ 60925(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 May 29 2002 Merrill,Helen Helen Merrill(With Clifford Brown)* Universal Music UCCM 9051(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Brown,Clifford Study In Brown* Universal Music UCCM 9052(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Brown,Clifford And Max Roach +2* Universal Music UCCM 9053(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Brown,Clifford At Basin Street +8* Universal Music UCCM 9054(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Brown,Clifford Incorporated +3* Universal Music UCCM 9055(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Brown,Clifford With Strings* Universal Music UCCM 9056(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Roach,Max Plus Four* Universal Music UCCM 9057(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Mulligan,Gerry Night Lights* Universal Music UCCM 9058(Philips)New,24 Bit 1835 Adderley,Cannonball Quintet In Chicago* Universal Music UCCM 9059(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Garner,Erroll Plays Misty* Universal Music UCCM 9060(Mercury)New,24 Bit 1835 Kirk,Roland Domino* Universal Music UCCM 9061(Mercury)New,24 Bit 1835 Peterson,Oscar Trio + One* Universal Music UCCM 9062(Mercury)New,24 Bit 1835 Baker,Chet Baker's Holiday* Universal Music UCCM 9063(Limelight)New,24 Bit 1835 Zetterlund,Monika Waltz For Debby +6* Universal Music UCCM 9064(Mercury)New,24 Bit 1835 Davis,Miles Ascenseur Pour L'echafaud(Complete)* Universal Music UCCM 9065(Fontana)New,24 Bit 1835 Dolphy,Eric Last Date* Universal Music UCCM 9066(Limelight)New,24 Bit 1835 Blakey,Art 1958 Paris Olympia* Universal Music UCCM 9067(Fontana)New,24 Bit 1835 Geller,Herb Plays* Universal Music UCCM 9068(EmArcy)New,24 Bit 1835 Peterson,Oscar Blues Etude* Universal Music UCCM 9069(Limelight)New,24 Bit 1835 Golson,Benny Turning Point* Universal Music UCCM 9070(Mercury)New,24 Bit 1835 Jones,Quincy The Great Wide World Of* Universal Music UCCM 9071(Mercury)New,24 Bit 1835 Gillespie,Dizzy etc. 3/27/65 Charlie Parker 10th Memorial Concert +3* Universal Music UCCM 9072(Limelight)New,24 Bit 1835 Jackson,Milt At The Museum Of Modern Art* Universal Music UCCM 9073(Limelight)New,24 Bit 1835 Three Sounds,The Today's Sounds By* Universal Music UCCM 9074(Limelight)New,24 Bit 1835 Farmer,Art Listen To* Universal Music UCCM 9075(Mercury)New,24 Bit 1835 June 21 2002 Blakey,Art Keystone 3* Victor VICJ 60926(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Grappeli,Stephane Stephanova* Victor VICJ 60927(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Getz,Stan Dolphin* Victor VICJ 60928(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Maria,Tania Come with Me* Victor VICJ 60929(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Carter,Ron & Jim Hall Live At Village West +2* Victor VICJ 60930(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Carter,Ron & Jim Hall Tellephone* Victor VICJ 60931(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Almeida,Laurind & Charlie Byrd Brazilian Soul* Victor VICJ 60932(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Brown,Ray Live At The Concord Jazz Festival* Victor VICJ 60933(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Brown,Ray A Ray Brown 3* Victor VICJ 60934(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 O'Neal,Johnny Coming Out* Victor VICJ 60935(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Tompkins,Ross Lost In The Stars* Victor VICJ 60936(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Williams,James The Arioso Touch* Victor VICJ 60937(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Alexander,Monty Ivory & Steel* Victor VICJ 60938(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Ellis,Herb & Remo Palmier Wind Flower* Victor VICJ 60939(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 Shank,Bud Sunshine Express* Victor VICJ 60940(Concord)New,20 Bit 2520 June 26 2002 Rogers,Shorty Courts The Count* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37264(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Green,Freddie Mr. Rhythm* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37265(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Powell,Bud Swingin' With Bud* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37266(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Reinhardt,Django Djangology* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37267(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Blakey,Art A Night In Tunisia* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37268(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Ellington,Duke Far East Suite* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37269(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Evans,Gil Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37270(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Hawkins,Coleman & Lester Young Classic Tenors Vol.1* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37271(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Kuhn,Steve Three Waves* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37272(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Baker,Chet Chet Is Back* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37273(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 July 24 2002 Reinhardt,Django In Memoriam* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37274(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Mingus,Charles Tijuana Moods* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37275(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Goodman,Benny Together Again* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37276(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Ellington,Duke The Popular Duke Ellington* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37277(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Burton,Gary A Genuine Tong Funaral* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37278(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Evans,Gil There Comes A Time* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37279(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Hines,Earl Here Comes* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37280(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Blakey,Art Au Club St. Germain Vol.1* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37281(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Blakey,Art Au Club St. Germain Vol.2* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37282(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100 Blakey,Art Au Club St. Germain Vol.3* BMG Fun House BVCJ 37283(RCA)New,24 Bit 2100
  23. Panther Tenor?

    You beat me to it, Chuck