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  1. "Jazz Meets France" Washington DC 11/15/17

    I will be at this concert. Bertrand.
  2. Al Shorter

    Up to mention that the concert celebrating Alan Shorter's music is this Thursday 11/16 at part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Take 5! Series from 5-7. Trumpeter J.S. Williams and his quartet present 'Orgasm: Redux - Modern interpretations of the Orgasm album'. FREE! On 12/21, Tim Green plays Wayne's music. Back-to-back Shorter brothers!
  3. The Atlantic Warehouse Fire

    There are copyright deposits at the Library of Congress for a couple of otherwise unrecorded Duke Pearson compositions from his lost session, as well as Tadd Dameron songs from a lost Milt Jackson session. So even though some sessions were lost, the compositions survived. Bertrand.
  4. October Revolution in Jazz 1964... Any recordings?

    Just saw that the composer of the title track to Lateef's Prayer to the East record is Ali Jackson, brother of drummer Oliver Jackson. I assume it is the bassist. It does not look like he recorded with either Lateef or Coltrane. Did he record at all? Bertrand.
  5. October Revolution in Jazz 1964... Any recordings?

    I was wondering if they were related.
  6. October Revolution in Jazz 1964... Any recordings?

    Who is/was Ali Jackson?
  7. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Yes, Aruan Ortiz comes off as a real dick as well. I liked that guy's music. Osby's cluelessness is particularly arrogant, though. I would like to ask the person he was allegedly dating at the time how she feels about this. Bertrand.
  8. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    I think Jim was kidding
  9. Berklee in the News (and it ain't pretty)

    Osby is a total dick.
  10. Billy Wallace

    Does Billy still perform? Bertrand.
  11. Unissued Coltrane

    Yes, are we sure Ravi does not have the tapes?
  12. Wardell Gray - WAY OUT WARDELL

    I will probably do a follow up piece on these albums as well as the Japanese CD reissue of WAY OUT WARDELL. All of these masters are now owned by ACE in the UK. They recently reissued some of the DOOTONE albums that they also own, perhaps we will see some quality reissues from ACE as well using the Just Jazz masters. ACE has now issued this recording. Is the mastering good? Worth picking up? I am a bit confused by all the versions... Bertrand.
  13. An 18-year old getting into 'jazz' who receives this for Xmas will have his/her mind blown, life changed etc. Bargain. There's new people born every day who might want that Kind of Blue reissue. Yes, this group will never go in the studio again, but I will happy to buy a few more live dates of the Berlin 1971 caliber. There is also some good never-officially issued video. This is one group for which two different live shows are not the same, at least in the early days. I could use more material from the 1972 Japanese tour. Bertrand.
  14. They must have read my post and decided to go back and add the bonus tracks, as well as the 1971 Berlin concert. I have always been curious: The Shorter composition Cigano only appears on Live and Unreleased. From what I can tell from that secret site that shoes setlists, it does not look like they played it anywhere else. Thoughts? It's a great piece. Bertrand.
  15. Well put! There are several out-takes they have appeared elsewhere which are not in this set, which is stupid. There is a recording from Berlin 1971 which is amazing, some tracks are octet. Set list includes Moto Grosso Feio. This should be legally issued. Bertrand.