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  1. Ira Sullivan

    I second That! Thanks for checking in with him, Chuck.
  2. Heiner Stadler RIP

    I had no idea he lived near me. I thought he was in Germany.
  3. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    So these will be on CD also, correct? I always have trouble following their verbose press releases.
  4. Why Did Mingus Record Only Two Albums for Columbia?

    The bootlegs from Birdland broadcasts include a version of Isabel's Table Dance.
  5. Why Did Mingus Record Only Two Albums for Columbia?

    Did not know about this. It could still come out, right?
  6. He was a total jerk the one time I met him.
  7. Robert Sunenblick RIP

    I hope his family can continue his wonderful work. Bertrand.
  8. Robert Sunenblick RIP

    Yes, what will happen to the Left Bank tapes he never put out? He got about 20 total. Bertrand.
  9. Jazz CD's for sale or trade

    Great record! I wish I could find the other one with Dewey.
  10. Herbie and Wayne

    Looks like they are in a man-cave!
  11. Herbie and Wayne

    Totally different film. This one was directed by Dorsay Alavi.
  12. George Cables

    So it is preferable to go through Jazz Foundation rather than the link above? I once gave George and Cecil McBee a rise to the hotel from a gig. Very nice, graceful gentleman, and wonderful player. Hoping for a full recovery. Bertrand.
  13. I am saying there could be a correlation. There is nothing in the interview suggesting it.
  14. His cavalier attitude towards women could hide something more. Maybe not. We shall see.