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  1. I was hoping someone would suggest what the article in the Figaro that was posted on Facebook was alluding to
  2. Apparently there will be more Monk releases on Impulse.
  3. Neil Swainson - 49th Parallel

    The Swainson was May 1987, Imagination was in June 1987. There may even have been a session after, will look into it. Who is the composer of Labyrinth?
  4. The Music of the Legendary Hasaan

    That is definitely a plausible explanation.
  5. RIP Stanley Crouch

    I had no use for Crouch.
  6. Miles Post-Sabbatical Columbias

    The two long tracks on We Want Miles and Ursula from Man With The Horn are fabulous pieces.
  7. The Music of the Legendary Hasaan

    I deleted an erroneous post because I misread the description of the material at Rutgers. The Atlantic session is from 1965, and the description does not in any way suggest there is a copy at Rutgers. I thought it was the 1962 sessions mentioned at Rutgers but then I saw the dates. Sorry about that. I am still curious about the Atlantic Fire and why some backups exist. Focusing on the Fruscella date: another thread suggested Ira Gitler had a copy, so I could see a scenario where that got to Jordi Pujol somehow. But here is the question this poses to me: HOW did Gitler get a copy? And what other guys in the know (journalists, producers and other misfits) might have other secret copies of allegedly lost Atlantic sessions? Bob Porter posted elsewhere that he had info and that some information existed but of course he won't share.
  8. Just got a shipping notice from Deep Discount. Curious as to why it was still on pre-order on their site after the release date, but I was not in a hurry.
  9. The Music of the Legendary Hasaan

    I am still wondering where the tune from the lost session came from. I am starting to question some of the conventional wisdom regarding the Atlantic Fire.
  10. Feldman has access to many tapes, as he himself explains in the liner notes to the Etta Jones CD. I wish these would come out more frequently.
  11. So the Blue Note discography only lists some takes. It will always be the issued takes, plus some unissued or rejected. But you cannot assume that unlisted takes are always incomplete or unusable in other ways, as we have seen with the additional alternates that popped up on Japanese reissues a few years ago. In other words, the discography might list takes 6, 12, 17, 22 and 30, but there is no way to know exactly what the other 25 were. As we saw with Unity, they are not necessarily all unusable. Riverside/Jazzland gives no take numbers at all, so no way to know if anything of interest existed beyond the issued tracks. Only a fool would conclude that this means there is nothing unissued of interest. What was worth issuing at the time was dependent on a number of factors.
  12. Glad I could be of some assistance despite my rudimentary discography-reading skills.
  13. There you go. And of course the Blue Note discography is not complete, e.g. the Unity and Out To Lunch alternates that came out in Japan. I am still holding out hope that some surprises may pop up in my lifetime.
  14. Issues with Paypal

    It all depends on whether or not Paypal presents it to the credit card as a 'money transfer'. You can be mad at the credit card that their policy is to charge a fee for such a transaction, but they do not decide what kind of transaction it is.
  15. I am one of the guilty parties. What are some of the key recordings?