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  1. Four by Wayne off the top of my head: Running Brook, Fire, Venus di Mildew, Edda. One more: Utopia, recently recorded by Wallace Toney. Oh, and Wayne wrote two pieces for Lovano/Douglas. Booker Little: Tray of Silver Joe Henderson: Soulin'
  2. Why didn't Wayne Shorter save "Footprints" for a Blue Note album

    Footprints was on his mind way before '66. A tune copyrighted in '62 called Boneapart has some elements of Footprints in it. Bertrand.
  3. Kennedy Center jazz artists

    Bringing out Lee Konitz would be a brilliant stroke, but I don't expect it. I would imagine Herbie would be involved. It blows my mind that no promoter ever brought Konitz and Wayne together.
  4. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    I am sure it is the Three Marias. Good question, where is the title track???
  5. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    If the Resonance material has any unknown compositions, one way to possibly get a title would be to go through the LC collection. A very time consuming process, but wouldn't they need absolute confirmation on the composer? It is of course a case-by-case situation. For the duet, Richard Davis could be consulted. Did they make it up on the spot, did Dolphy bring in some music, is Richard the composer? Reminds me that I think I had seen a title for the untitled piece on the Grant Green in France release. Someone who had the bootleg had a title. Again, this is not just an intellectual exercise, a composer needs to be paid. I will dig up the Grant Green thread later, perhaps this was discussed there. I need the correct title for my iTunes folder or I can't sleep at night Bertrand.
  6. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    Now I am curious about the new tune. I was at the Library of Congress today and looked at the Dolphy collection. As you can tell from the finding aid, there are a number of unknown titles. Some of these are way more than leads sheets, with parts for various instruments. It would be nice to get a handle on all of this. I know a German saxophonist went through all of it, but she never answers my emails so I don't know what she concluded from all of this. There is an untitled flute/bass duet. I wonder if it is the same as 'Muses'. I hope I can hear some of this music one day. Resonance supposedly has 85 minutes of material. Bertrand.
  7. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    Where is he in January?
  8. Left Bank releases upcoming

    Not sure how much the son was really involved. More likely is what you said, someone purchasing it all. Not sure there is an inventory. But whoever buys it should find at least a Grant Green and some Pearson. Bertrand.
  9. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Hmmm... So let's say another machine was running and someone walked out with a copy. Where are those copies now? Assuming they could be located, would these be a potential source for a CD reissue rather than the vinyl in cases where the master tape was lost, e.g. Jody Grind and Sweet Honey Bee? I also apologize for any naivete on my part regarding these matters. Bertrand. Maybe I will try to ask some of the Blue Note leaders who are still around if they got copies. Bertrand.
  10. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    I wonder how they will package this, what with the comic book. I am guessing oversized.
  11. Left Bank releases upcoming

    Uptown got about 20 Left Bank tapes. Despite my best efforts and the fact that I had tracked down the phone number for him, he only told me about these, no idea what the others are: 1. The Blue Mitchell that was issued. 2. 3 Duke Pearson big band concerts, half of one was issued. 3. The Grant Green/John Patton that everyone is asking about. I suggested he put out the Green several times, but he never did. Not sure he ever listened to it, I have no idea how that guy was wired. How are we ever going to hear the Grant Green session now??? I can only see one way that could happen? I no longer do favors for record labels since they refuse to reciprocate. Bertrand.
  12. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    That was my understanding. Perhaps 8/24 is the release date. Some studio, some live IIRC. I am sure a press release is coming soon.
  13. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Oh, I see what I misread. So it is not impossible that for certain Blue Note sessions, the artist and/or Lion or Wolff received a copy of the session? It seems it would not have been inconsistent with standard practice. In Coltrane's case, there was no producer to take the copy. Bertrand.
  14. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    If Rudy made the claim that Coltrane was the only one, then I guess it is true. Surprised no one else would have asked for this favor. Bertrand.
  15. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    I had heard a release date of 8/24.