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  1. Is there footage of Max? I wonder who was with him.
  2. Fort Apache Band

    Great story! I am glad you recorded it! Bertrand.
  3. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    I think I already brought this up a while back. My assumption was that Bob Belden decided he wanted to mix it down. If that is the case, it is heresy. He has made other such personal choices. It could be a mastering error... I assumed the Japanese pressings were not affected, but I was wrong. I thought it was Freddie Waits on the saw. Bertrand.
  4. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    This thread has gotten too huge for me to go back, but I am sure this was addressed at some point (on which page?): We are sure these are real CDs, and not CDrs, correct? I know that individual BS/SN titles that pop up are CDrs so I believe these boxes are the only way to go to get legitimate CDs. I got the Adams box and it seemed legit. I am about to get a couple more... Bertrand.
  5. M'Boom Collage

    Does anyone have a spare copy to sell, for example if they bought the Black Saint/Soul Note box? Thanks! Bertrand.
  6. Jutta Hipp

    Yes, but Nico above seems to suggest that the person he was referring to had met Jutta, then he says he was referring to Katja.
  7. Album covers with clowns or circus related.

    Is that a typical ICP album cover? Yikes.
  8. Jutta Hipp

    I have not clicked on the above link yet, but the discussion seems to suggest that Katja spoke to Jutta. Katja never met Jutta. Bertrand.
  9. Eric Dolphy on flute

    You can also check the online Dolphy discographies, starting with Not 100% accurate, but close enough as a good starting point.
  10. François Tusques' Free Jazz

    1. What obvious stuff are you thinking of? The Larry Young set? 2. How is the Intercommunal Music record with Alan Shorter and Sunny Murray?
  11. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Oh, did not know there were going to be extras. Cool!
  12. Lee Morgan Film

    But the copyright holder is the only official wife, Kiko. Bertrand.
  13. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Patrick, that is indeed the plan. Hope to pin down a date in 2018 at the next committee meeting in late August. Note that it is actually the American Art Museum. Two museums in one building. I am also on a hunt for possible other charts and recordings. The fact that the live record had 4 tunes not on the studio albums, and that ejazzlines has 3 not on any record makes me think there was a lot more in the repertoire. Uptown has more DPBB than they released, but when they will come out is at Sunenblick's whim. Maybe some former members have charts. I am working through social media and other sources for this hunt, very exciting. The 3 unrecorded arrangements are killing!!! Bertrand.
  14. Prestige is back.

    Don Sickler may have been involved in the record. What songs are on there?
  15. Prestige is back.

    Yes, my friends Lena Seikaly, Christie Dashiell and Danielle Wertz were far better, but whatever. The guy who was third was good. The second place winner was dreadful.