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  1. Weather Report - The Columbia Albums 1976-1982

    Man, I don't have the other two. They should put out a box.
  2. Weather Report - The Columbia Albums 1976-1982

    The Berlin date is amazing and should be officially released, if only for the octet version of Moto Grosso Feio. Where did the studio version of Directions that was on the Forecast Tomorrow Box set come from? I suspect there are a number of out-takes, including the Miroslav's Tune discussed above.
  3. No specifics were given, and I think it was pre-recorded, so no Q & A. 200 tapes were also mentioned. I have heard so many different numbers thrown around regarding how many concerts were actually recorded among the 1,000 or so they programmed. I don't think they know for sure, nor does Vic Zeldman the detective. This will be a monthly series on WEAA apparently, it might be archived. My guess is George Coleman will be next. Not sure about future weeks, I guess they could talk about the two Uptown sets...
  4. Vic Zeldman? LOL. He was not involved in Both Directions At Once, was he? 15 tapes in play? Hmmm...
  5. John Fowler is being interviewed as we speak on WEAA,org. First interesting fact: he said the recordings were never recorded with the intention of being released.
  6. first impulse the creed taylor collection

    Thanks. I will have to listen carefully to see if there is any trumpet at all then.
  7. This box set has three rehearsal tracks from the Africa/Brass date: Laura/Nakatini Serenade/The Damned Don't Cry. I bought them as downloads so I don't have the discographical info. Is Booker Little on these tracks? Thanks, Bertrand.
  8. Left Bank '66 on Kickstarter

    Regarding the Mickey Fields record on Edmar - who is the composer of Left Bank Cookout? I assume Little Green Apples is the tune by Bobby Russell. I saw a site that offers a download. I usually avoid those. Is it safe to do so or is Putin trying to hack into my PC by offering free Left Bank downloads?
  9. Stars of Jazz / Eventbrite

    This is better: Festival Programs | The Monterey Jazz Festival Collection - Spotlight at Stanford
  10. Joe Chambers - Back on Blue Note

    The Tom Lord discography lists many other songs called Rio since The Procrastinator. They are probably not all Wayne's song, but here are some likely candidates: Jim Schapperoew 9/30/84 Peter Leitch Red Zone 11/16/85 CONFIRMED Kent Jordan 1988 (his sister sings on Joe's new record) Billy Pierce Rio 5/25-26/94 CONFIRMED Dale Fielder Tribute To Wayne Shorter 1995 CONFIRMED Louis Hayes Louis At Large 4/17/96 CONFIRMED Abraham Burton Drifting Inward 2/22-23/98 Pietro Tonolo Passport 3/13-14/11 CONFIRMED Joe Bagg 2012 Harvie S. Witchcraft 4/17/12
  11. Stars of Jazz / Eventbrite

    I saw that after. There are no other trumpet players on the list who could be the one in that photo. But then, the list is not complete. Booker and George Coleman are listed, but not Max's other sidemen, Ray Draper and Art Davis. Or did Booker and George also lead their own groups and the above is a list of leaders? Highly unlikely.
  12. Joe Chambers - Back on Blue Note

    1) Joe was teaching at UNC Wilmington. He does not anymore, but stayed there. I do think he has family there also. 2) I asked Joe about Rio. I thought I posted already, maybe not. Joe learned of the piece through Bobby Hutcherson, who of course was on The Procrastinator. It was in the repertoire of the Hutcherson/Land band. Joe said they played it a lot but it is not on any of the live bootlegs. Maybe on one of the two Left Bank tapes that I know exist because John Fowler told me they existed (he did not have tapes of the other two Left Bank concerts). Getting Left Bank setlists for my discographical research is why I got involved, but his majesty the detective was having none of that. As for the title...I believe they never had a title for it when they played it, which suggests that it was not titled when Procrastinator was recorded, or maybe Bobby forgot it, 'Rio' is a tricky title to remember That is a question for Michael Cuscuna. Was it titled in Lion's paperwork? Wayne did not send in a lead sheet for copyright, it was copyrighted as part of the LP only. So yes, Joe's 1976 version is not the first recorded, but it is the first released. I will check Tom Lord later for other versions. Joe recorded it again with an Italian group called Passport in 2011. I think the leader is Pietro Tonolo.
  13. Stars of Jazz / Eventbrite

    The First Monterey Jazz Festival in 1958 – Voices of East Anglia In the photo with Sonny Rollins with the MC raising up his hands, who is the trumpet player next to Sonny? Ray Draper is in two photos, we know he was at the Festival with Max.