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  1. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    My friend Integriti Reeves and I will be giving a talk on Duke at the Cleveland Park Branch of the DC Public Library on Monday 11/18, at 6:30PM. Details to follow.
  2. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    Following up to see if anyone might have the articles I listed on September 5th above. Thanks!
  3. Let's see what shape the piano is in.
  4. NEA Jazz Masters - 2020

    Did anyone nominate Mabern?
  5. Ric Ocasek, RIP

    That video was fantastic, one of the very best from the heyday of music videos.
  6. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    I talk to him all the time, but he does not have all the details. He was young in the 70s. Well, for the purposes of the blog, saying that his affiliation with Blue Note continued into the mid-70s is sufficient. The affiliation was obviously not as strong, but it outlasted his tenure as a recording artist. When exactly that contract was not renewed is not clear, but I don't think it was because he fell ill around that time. He still was gigging well into the 70s. When exactly he stopped gigging is another good question. Wikipedia and others seem to think Duke was out at Blue Note the minute that Frank died, but that is clearly not true. George Butler came in and nudged Duke from a lot of his duties, but not completely as I thought up until recently. When did George Butler come on board? Frank died in March 1971, Butler produced a Grant Green record in May. Wolff and Butler probably briefly overlapped.
  7. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    I have also been talking to Michael Cuscuna and that Turrentine from 1975 was apparently assembled by Duke. So my guess is we can say he was still involved up to mid-70s, the Santos record is 1974. I would like to find an exact departure date but that will be a challenge. Not sure how to find that out. Would anyone have the following articles on Duke? Thanks! Mark Gardner Jazz Monthly iii/8 1967 Mark Gardner Jazz Monthly no. 175 1969 (discography) Leonard Maltin Downbeat (?) 40:7 4/12/73 Bob Rusch Cadence vi/9 September 1980
  8. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    Interesting, this one lists Duke as producer and George Butler as Executive Producer. So that twofer is from 1975? Interesting.
  9. The November 21 concert in the Smithsonian's Take 5 series will feature pianist Wayne Wilentz focusing on Duke Pearson's last recordings, which I loosely refer to as the 'Brazilian Years'. I am writing a short blog piece on Duke for their website, in which I am planning to focus on Duke's role as producer at Blue Note. I am realizing that there a lot of holes in the Blue Note timeline, and a lot of inconsistencies depending on which source you use. Ike Quebec served more or less informally as A & R man up until his death in January 1963, and this informal relationship may have started in the late 40s. Leon Mitchell was also involved for a short while between 1960 and 1962, probably in conjunction with Ike. His role is not clear. Duke Pearson took on the role after Ike died, although how formal that was is not clear either. It became more formal when Liberty was in the picture, and he discusses his role in an interview from 1969 I listened to at the Schomburg Library. It seems the conventional wisdom was that Duke left Blue Note around the time Frank Wolff died, but that can't be right. In particular, he produced the Lee Morgan Memorial album which had to be in 1972 or later. Duke was still involved in other reissues and compilations, I think the twofers that came out in the 70s. What is the latest date that we have for a reissue giving Duke produced credit? It may be as late as 1975. Does anyone have one of these twofers listing him as producer which would be as late as 1975? Bertrand.
  10. John Coltrane - Blue World

    On the subject of soundtrack records being different from the music in the film. 1) For Alfie, the music in the film is a different session with British musicians. I would buy that. 2) The takes in The Connection film are not the ones on the Blue Note record.
  11. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Thank you. One can listen to unissued Coltrane AND new music. It's not an and/or thing.
  12. Bassist Tyrone Allen celebrates Butch this Thursday 8/15 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum as part of the Take 5 series, 5-7PM. FREE. The other musicians are Aidan Lombard (t), Brian Settles (ts), Theo Rosenfeld (as), Isaac Wilson (p) and Kyle Benford (d).
  13. No. The Lee Morgan tapes are AWOL. Don't get me started.
  14. Anyone order from FNAC?

    Oh that. As long as FNAC is not closing...
  15. Anyone order from FNAC?

    What happens 10/31?