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  1. Yusef Lateef at Ronnie Scott's

    How is this? Is it a bootleg or legit? I wonder if there are tapes of Hank Mobley there... Bertrand.
  2. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I am thinking more along the lines of some Take 5! Concerts.
  3. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    Preordered - can't wait!
  4. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Lionel Lyles is a bad cat.
  5. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    See you guys in a bit!
  6. Gary Thomas

    They may be Baltimore natives, but all four are active on the International Jazz Scene. Kris plays with Christian Scott and Quincy with Roy Hargrove. Warren is with the SF Jazz Collective. All four retain roots in the DMV area and love playing for their hometown audiences, and we love hearing them. I have booked all four for gigs at the Smithsonian and the DC Library, and they were class acts all the way. You want international superstar? Sean Jones is the new head of the program.
  7. Gary Thomas

    They revamped the jazz program. Sadly, this cost Thomas, Michael Formanek, Alex Norris and a couple of others their jobs. Michael and Alex are good friends of mine and it is a shame. Only Nasar Abadey was retained. On the plus side, they brought in New faculty, including a number of Baltimore natives such as Tim Green, Warren Wolf, Kris Funn and Quincy Phillips. All are friends of mine as well. It is a shame there seems to be some underlying ugliness to the whole story, but I have not gotten to the bottom of it yet. Not sure I want to. I do want to say that Gary was not helpful to one friend of mine, an aspiring alto, and she dropped out. He was not cool. Not sure why he chose to put roadblocks in her path. Bertrand.
  8. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    I was going to text you:)
  9. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Glad I saw this, the concert is this Thursday 4/19, 5-7PM. Charles is being honored at Howard U. Earlier that day, along with Gary Bartz. With Sunenblick gone, who knows what will happen to the extra Left Bank tapes he was hoarding. Bertrand.
  10. Just a thought - some of the titles that probably will be reissued went out of print before some people discovered jazz/Blue Note, so these reissueswill be new to them. There is always a market, but not necessarily us.

    What is the difference between the 2-CD and the single CD version?

    Same 6 tunes + 2 alternates, in slightly different order.

    Had a chat with Ernie, very nice guy! The website has about 1% of the stock. He is typing in the other 99%. Check back frequently!