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  1. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    I was there for two nights!!!
  2. Grachan Moncur III Has Died - RIP

    Yes, absolutely! This one hits really hard. Glad to have been able to hang with him and hear him play one last time in Baltimore in November 2019.
  3. Joe Chambers

    Joe will be performing at the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival in Wilmington, Delaware on 6/15. Bertrand.
  4. Perception label - full-scale catalog reprint

    Isn't Tyrone Washington's Roots also part of this series? There was some speculation these might be needle drops since supposedly the tapes were missing. Did anyone ever find out more? I have the old version of the Larry Young and never had any reason to think that it might be.
  5. Candid label

    Thanks, just ordered! Glad the tape was not actually lost!
  6. Candid label

    Some of the previous batch of Candid CDs were CDrs. I assume these are not? Also, my CD of We Insist was a needle drop. Is this not the case with this new one? If so, I will get it.
  7. Jimmy Forrest on Prestige

    Randissimo is the drummer on Heart Of The Forest! Forrest Fire has Larry Young, so that is my favorite.
  8. Hank Mobley

    The opening solo portion of Summertime is actually thr first movement of the Thinking of Home Suite. It works really well in that Algerian war film soundtrack
  9. Cellar Live New Releases

    These Cellar Live releases are all glass-mastered 'real' CDs, not CDrs, correct? I plan to buy my friend Aaron Seeber's new record.
  10. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    Of course not, but it is annoying that they mixed it down. Anyway, I now have the MP3, I am good.
  11. Isn't this part of the Funk in France collection?
  12. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    I have heard it since I have the LP I got at a yard sale for $4. That is how I knew that something was missing when I got the CD. In this case, I believe Blue Note sold me a defective product, and getting an MP3 of the proper track is just compensation. I will not buy another CD. It is like the Monk Palo Alto deal. Do it right the first time.
  13. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    Do you mean the private messenger here on Organissimo or Facebook Messenger? I use both.
  14. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    Can someone hook me up with an MP3 of the track with the saw solo audible?
  15. "Lee Morgan" (Last Blue Note Album) question

    There were no edits for time purposes. The saw solo is there, just mixed way down and mostly what you hear is rather monotonous comping on the electric piano. It is obvious now that this was Belden's decision and a bad one at that, pity he did not ask for a second opinion. He had a tendency to overstep his role as a reissue producer, especially when it came to Miles Davis and Teo Macero. The most egregious example was his declaring there were no alternates of interest for Bitches' Brew. Later, an alternate of the song John McLaughlin surfaced with Miles and Wayne, who laid out on the issued take. How is that not 'of interest'?