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  1. Jimmy Woods - CONFLICT

    Just googled him for no specific reason. He passed away in March. Just search 'Jimmy Woods sax Alaska'.
  2. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    According to James Newton, Roland Hannah wrote Muses. Also, Jim Crow on Other Apects is by Bob James. Bertrand.
  3. Kenny Dorham

    I am sorry to be nitpicky, but Marilyn's Dilemma was composed by Billy Higgins. The Butch Warren piece is The Way I Feel. Blue Note kept crediting it to John Patton, but I was able to figure out just before Vertigo came out on US CD that it was actually written by my friend Butch. I am happy to have gotten his composer credit back, and in fact I heard him play it a couple of times! It was not John Patton's fault, someone at Blue Note dropped the ball. Bertrand.
  4. iTunes problem

    iTunes is doing something weird. I click on a playlist to burn it to a CD, but it proceeds to burn a different playlist to the CD than the one I am in. I had to download the new version to be able to update my credit card in the store (???), could it be a bug in the new version? Thanks, Bertrand.
  5. Dolphy: Iron Man and Conversations

    I hate this whole 'state secret' aspect of Resonance's business model. We're talking about a jazz record, for Pete's sake, not the nuclear codes.
  6. Dolphy: Iron Man and Conversations

    All of this material plus the extra tracks is going to be issued on Resonance soon. Bertrand.
  7. None of these have 'Harlem Is Awful Messy' because they think it is missing. Not a great piece, but complete is complete...
  8. Howard McGhee - Plays Music from "The Connection"

    What do we know about Michael Mattos? Truly a mystery guy. Bertrand.
  9. Four by Wayne off the top of my head: Running Brook, Fire, Venus di Mildew, Edda. One more: Utopia, recently recorded by Wallace Toney. Oh, and Wayne wrote two pieces for Lovano/Douglas. Booker Little: Tray of Silver Joe Henderson: Soulin'
  10. Why didn't Wayne Shorter save "Footprints" for a Blue Note album

    Footprints was on his mind way before '66. A tune copyrighted in '62 called Boneapart has some elements of Footprints in it. Bertrand.
  11. Kennedy Center jazz artists

    Bringing out Lee Konitz would be a brilliant stroke, but I don't expect it. I would imagine Herbie would be involved. It blows my mind that no promoter ever brought Konitz and Wayne together.
  12. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    I am sure it is the Three Marias. Good question, where is the title track???
  13. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    If the Resonance material has any unknown compositions, one way to possibly get a title would be to go through the LC collection. A very time consuming process, but wouldn't they need absolute confirmation on the composer? It is of course a case-by-case situation. For the duet, Richard Davis could be consulted. Did they make it up on the spot, did Dolphy bring in some music, is Richard the composer? Reminds me that I think I had seen a title for the untitled piece on the Grant Green in France release. Someone who had the bootleg had a title. Again, this is not just an intellectual exercise, a composer needs to be paid. I will dig up the Grant Green thread later, perhaps this was discussed there. I need the correct title for my iTunes folder or I can't sleep at night Bertrand.
  14. New Dolphy release on Resonance

    Now I am curious about the new tune. I was at the Library of Congress today and looked at the Dolphy collection. As you can tell from the finding aid, there are a number of unknown titles. Some of these are way more than leads sheets, with parts for various instruments. It would be nice to get a handle on all of this. I know a German saxophonist went through all of it, but she never answers my emails so I don't know what she concluded from all of this. There is an untitled flute/bass duet. I wonder if it is the same as 'Muses'. I hope I can hear some of this music one day. Resonance supposedly has 85 minutes of material. Bertrand.
  15. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    Where is he in January?