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  1. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    The last volume had an unissued track by the Wayne Shorter quartet. Did that track make it onto Emanon? If not, can it be purchased as a download somewhere? Can anyone provide any info on the track, e.g. title, date, venue? Thanks! Bertrand.
  2. Prestige is back.

    And I just heard her last night at the Monk Competition and thought she was an abomination. Gigi Gryce was turning over in his grave.
  3. Wallace Roney

    Wayne is a very nice guy. I worked on a Lee Morgan project with him early this year at Yale and it was a real pleasure. Jeremy Pelt was on the gig.
  4. Wallace Roney

    Black Art is excellent!!!
  5. Lucky Thompson New York City 1964-65

    I had very limited dealings with Uptown, but the guy was nuts. I wonder if anyone will ever be able to acquire all the tapes he left behind, e.g. the rest of the Duke Pearson Left Bank material or the Grant Green/John Patton Left Bank. He has other goodies, but those were the ones he was able to get through a lead I gave him.
  6. Wallace Roney

    His current band is good, but he is not really doing anything new these days. The best band he ever had was the one with his brother and thr rhythm section of Aruan Ortiz, Rahsaan Carter and Kush Abadey. It sounded like the Miles front line meets Weather Report. The gigs at Bohemian Caverns were incredible. I worked with him initially on that project with the unknown big band charts that Miles wrote for Wayne that I found at the Library of Congress. I did get to see the band at the Jazz Standard 5 years ago and it was amazing. The DC concert was cancelled alas, I am still pissed off at the venue. There was a lot of drama associated with that project and apparently he wants nothing to do with me anymore. Whatever. I am sorry I did not approach Jeremy Pelt about this, but I thought Roney knew Wayne better.
  7. Shearing and the Adderley Bros. Newport 1957

    I think I read an interview where Wayne claimed he was at Newport. I could be remembering wrong. Wayne did do a few gigs with Horace later in 1957, then Clifford took over. A little bit odd that Clifford came and went and came, but not impossible. Someone did listen to the tapes, I am sure Horace announced the band. If not, then we cannot be 100% sure it is Clifford. The same guy who processed the tapes claimed that Dewey Redman was announcing a tune called 'The Body', when in fact it was 'Imani'. Whatever.
  8. Shearing and the Adderley Bros. Newport 1957

    Yes, VOA recorded Horace on 7/6/57 and the Library of Congress has the tape. It claims it is Clifford Jordan. My guess is Horace announced the personnel. I have not gone there to listen to tapes in years. The recorded sound division was always nice to me. Music Division is another matter. I went two weeks ago, and this creaky old fart told me jazz was not art, or, more precisely, Julius Watkins is not an artist. Fuck you, asswipe.
  9. Shearing and the Adderley Bros. Newport 1957

    So Wayne may not have joined Horace until later in July 1957, which suggests someone else was at Newport. Mobley? Wayne definitely did a few gigs with Horace, but there are probably no recordings.
  10. Shearing and the Adderley Bros. Newport 1957

    Wayne was with Horace for a month or so, I think he joined the army which is why his tenure was brief. They only did about 3 gigs, including Newport. I will check the dates, he graduated NYU in '56 so maybe it was Newport '56, not '57. Add: Apparently, it was while he was in the Army. Looks like Silver's first Newport was 1957. So where is the recording?
  11. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    So is there confirmation that London is from 2016? There are no dates in the booklet...
  12. Does Don Cherry play a lot on this one, or is he just a sporadic guest? Thanks!
  13. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    Do you get the feeling they might repress this (at least the last CD) to add the missing piece, or shall I go ahead and open mine?
  14. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    Just got my copy but I hesitate to open it yet, because the last response almost suggests they might repress with the extra track. Kinda puzzling.
  15. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    Apparently there were multiple sets. I have always hoped the Complete Blakey at The Jazz Corner of the World from 1960 would come out one day, even if it is more takes of the same tunes.