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  1. Lee Morgan At The Both/And Club June 1970

    Mr. Semper, I sent you a private message. Bertrand.
  2. For lack of time, I am cutting and pasting from my Facebook post. Disclaimer: This is not some Corporate pitch, I organized this out of the goodness of my heart. Artist is being compensated for her performance, of course. Today, Friday 4/28, the John Coltrane documentary Chasing Trane, directed by John Scheinfeld, will open at the Charles Theater in Baltimore (1711 North Charles Street). As those of you familiar with the Baltimore’s legendary Left Bank Jazz Society (LBJS) surely know, the Famous Ballroom where many of their concerts were held was in the very same building now occupied by the Charles Theater. It is at the Famous Ballroom that the LBJS presented John Coltrane almost 50 years ago, on 5/7/67, in what was to be his very last concert. There has been some confusion in the past regarding this, but the concert recorded at the Olatunji center in April 1967 was Coltrane’s last recorded concert, not his last one. I am delighted to announce that the Charles Theater has agreed to host a special event on opening night of the film (there are afternoon screenings) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Coltrane's last concert in the building in which it took place, culminating with a solo performance by alto saxophonist (and new Baltimore resident!) Sarah Hughes. The evening begins with the film screening from 7:05PM to approximately 8:55, followed by 20-minute panel discussion/Q & A. The exact format for the discussion will be determined based on who is in the audience. In addition to Sarah and me, we hope to involve anyone who was a Left Bank member and/or was present at the concert. But the length of the panel is limited by the fact that there is another showing at 9:40PM. Finally, the evening will conclude in the lobby for Sarah's performance. We will begin between 9:30 and 9:45PM and end approximately an hour later. The concession stand closes around 9:45, but the theater said that drinks etc. from the next door Tapas place can be brought into the lobby. I am very excited that we were able to organize this event on just a few days' notice, and especially happy that Sarah is able to participate! I hope many of you can join us! Please share with your friends, in the hope that witnesses to this last concert can be aware of this event and may be able to participate in the discussion!
  3. Milt Jackson 'Off Spring"

    Clifford had it listed as his in a list of his pieces his widow has. Clifford copyrighted that title and the lead sheet is the same song. The 1957 copyright is certainly the source of this confusion. Never saw that lead sheet and I cannot look at stuff at LC anymore.
  4. Drummer Billie (Billye?) Brooks

    What do the notes to the Larry Young Resonance CD say?
  5. I will share your post with Paul. We have had so many deep discussions about Tadd in the last couple of days. I wish you could be there as well! Bertrand.
  6. Tonight in DC, Tadd Dameron biographer and saxophonist Paul Combs discusses Tadd's life and music as part of the JAZZForum series at UDC, from 7-9 PM. FREE! Then, tomorrow 4/20, from 5-7, Paul will present a concert of Tadd's music including a lot of rarities as part of the Take 5! Series at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Chinatown. He will be joined by some great DC artists: Danielle Wertz (vocals), Steve Herberman (g), Eliot Seppa (b) and Ele Rubenstein (d). Swing by if you are in DC! The concert is FREE! Bertrand.
  7. Lee Morgan Film

    There may be out-take footage from Wayne's interview. Maybe it will be bonus material on the DVD
  8. Lee Morgan Film

    I actually considered trying to create a spontaneous post-film discussion when it was shown at the National Gallery of Art in February, but they were showing another film after. Sort of Chewy's idea in reverse 45 years later, the wounds have not healed, not that they really should. Wayne Shorter's contributions were my favorite part of the film. I read it as Wayne telling us to remember Lee Morgan the man, not the murder victim. Bertrand.
  9. Hank Mobley In Holland

    I think track 2 is Sonny Red's Bluesville, not a Sonny Stitt tune as labeled.
  10. Unissued/Unreleased Grant Green

    Who is the drummer in the photo with Grant and Larry Young. Maybe Joe Chambers?
  11. What passes for jazz vocals these days is pitiful

    FWIW, some of my favorite vocalists on the scene today are Sarah Elizabeth Charles in NYC and Nicole Saphos (also a bassist), Lena Seikaly and Danielle Wertz in DC. The latter two were both semifinalists in the last Monk competition, but did not make the finals, which I found baffling. Bertrand.
  12. ***King Crimson Corner***

    Saw two gigs in Paris last month - amazing!!!
  13. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Dang, I was about to sign up tonight. Does the $30 option give the new XMas downloads?
  14. King Crimson - Construkction of light

    Oh. How is that one?