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  1. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Patrick, that is indeed the plan. Hope to pin down a date in 2018 at the next committee meeting in late August. Note that it is actually the American Art Museum. Two museums in one building. I am also on a hunt for possible other charts and recordings. The fact that the live record had 4 tunes not on the studio albums, and that ejazzlines has 3 not on any record makes me think there was a lot more in the repertoire. Uptown has more DPBB than they released, but when they will come out is at Sunenblick's whim. Maybe some former members have charts. I am working through social media and other sources for this hunt, very exciting. The 3 unrecorded arrangements are killing!!! Bertrand.
  2. Prestige is back.

    Don Sickler may have been involved in the record. What songs are on there?
  3. Prestige is back.

    Yes, my friends Lena Seikaly, Christie Dashiell and Danielle Wertz were far better, but whatever. The guy who was third was good. The second place winner was dreadful.
  4. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    This has been in the works for years. Starts in 1968, so if you want Herbie Nichols info, you have to go in person or ask me.
  5. Ornette Coleman reissues?

    So they are putting it one CD? I assume it will fit, but they will have to leave off the 45 Man on the Moon. Too bad. Since Ornette had gotten the Masters back from Impulse, I think Denardo must be involved. Bertrand. Original masters. Sounds good.
  6. King Crimson

    Life is too short. Chewy had a great quote which I will dig up later. It actually convinced to go for the Paris shows!
  7. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    The Library of Congress website is a hot mess. You would never know they have boxes of copyright deposit lead sheets including unrecorded songs by composers such as Wayne Shorter, Tadd Dameron, Lee Morgan, Herbie Nichols, Gigi Gryce, Duke Pearson etc., including some songs otherwise lost in the Atlantic Fire. Useless project per the Librarians since some of the lead sheets have no chord changes. 15 years of sleuthing on my part dismissed by one bureaucratic asshole in a casual comment. Bertrand.
  8. My good friend, the great educator Charles Funn in Baltimore, purchased the Duke Pearson big band charts from ejazzlines and has been performing them with the Dunbar Alumni Band and the Dunbar High School Band. These include three charts that are not on the three Pearson big band records: Cristo Redentor, Chili Peppers and Unit 7. Fantastic arrangements, and maybe recordings will surface one day. They play one Monday a month at An Die Musik in Baltimore, and will continue incorporating Pearson arrangements into their Repertoire. Next one is this Monday 7/24, 7-9PM. Hope some of you in the DC/ Baltimore area can check out one of the shows! I am hoping to bring them to DC as well, stay tuned. Bertrand.
  9. King Crimson

    I splurged - will be seeing both DC shows 10/28 and 10/29, as well as in Allentown PA on 11/11. They were so great in Paris last year. Bertrand.
  10. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    I would like to know which Library of Congress collection this was in and how permissions were obtained from the estate. Bertrand.
  11. previously unreleased Bud Powell

    Interesting! What label is releasing this? Bertrand.
  12. Prestige is back.

    A couple of friends of mine were in the Monk vocal competition and should have come ahead of Jazzmeia Horn who is very mannered IMHO. Bertrand.
  13. Sexiest album covers

    I think that pachyderm was photoshopped in.
  14. Wynton Kelly Hank Mobley "Interpretations"

    The provenance/source of some of these Left Bank tapes remains a huge mystery which I am trying to unravel, but with not much luck so far. Some come from the society's archives, some not. Bertrand.
  15. So the Cedar CD has two trio tracks with Etta Jones recorded 2/27/72. According to Left Bank Yearbook, there were also two horn players on that gig: Hank Mobley and Charles Davis. So why did Dorn not release the tracks with Mobley? Several explanations are possible, including that only the trio tracks with Etta were actually recorded. Or perhaps Dorn was planning a separate Mobley set that never happened? I suspect Left Bank did not always record full concerts, but sometimes they did. This of course is the quintet that recorded The Breakthrough just a few days earlier. And, if there was a recording, it would be the last known Hank recording except the date with Tete Montoliu. Bertrand.