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  1. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    Is Tolliver prominent on this or is it a guest appearance? Does he solo on the Lee Morgan piece?
  2. Shirley Scott- Soul Sister

    Missing from my copy also. I actually had started a thread about this a while ago.
  3. Sexiest album covers

    Funny how Steeplechase album covers never pop up on this thread?
  4. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

    Oh right, I have the Murray. Which of the recent ones should I start with?
  5. Herbie Nichols - Love, Gloom, Cash, Love

    Oh, I did not understand that you had bought it. So that settles that. I do not expect a reissue any time soon, and even less for the bonus tracks to ever surface. I don't even know who has access to the vaults.
  6. Herbie Nichols - Love, Gloom, Cash, Love

    The story has always been that the 6 extra tunes were lost. The titles did not come out of the blue. The sheet music for a couple of these just recently turned up. Is it possible they never actually got recorded at the session and were just on a list - yes. If they had been found and slapped on to a reissue, I hope the word would have gotten out. This does seem to be a generic description. I have seen Japanese reissues that do not list the bonus tracks on the cover, e.g. Duke Pearson's Angel Eyes. I saw the Nichols CD in France, considered getting an upgrade even though no bonus tracks were listed, and decided against it. My experience with the Pearson had made me wonder. Then I saw this listing yesterday which made me wonder even more. Ideally, someone on the board would have bought this, but apparently not.
  7. Anyone know what the bonus track(s) is (are). Please don't tell me they found the missing 6 tunes and no one told me.
  8. Charles Tyler - Eastern Man Alone

    Thanks, I was misinformed then.
  9. Charles Tyler - Eastern Man Alone

    Am I correct in my recollection that the CD reissue of this is a needle drop from a scratchy LP?
  10. Blue Note NY Sharing Archived Concerts

    Are these up for good?
  11. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

    What is the ESP one?
  12. Ray Crawford

    That is my policy as well.
  13. Shirley Scott – One For Me reissue

    Mine is delayed from Amazon, but got the MP3s already. Needle drop? Really?
  14. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

    I was lucky to hear and meet Jacques last November in Baltimore. He was in town for a conference called Paris/Algiers at Hopkins. The first day focused on the BYG days. Shepp, Moncur, Burrell, Cyrille and David Murray were also there. Burrell, Coursil and Murray also did solo sets at An Die Musik each night. Coursil did a short set. A bit of poetry, a bit of trumpet. The second night was historical. Archie and Grachan joined the two Davids for a 20-minute jam. Jacques did not join them. Archie was on fire!
  15. Unexpected Sidemen

    Actually, I found a copy of the Vogue CD on Amazon, I went with that.