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  1. This is a listing of performances. What was recorded and what survives are two different topics. Did you get the Etta Jones CD? Hank is heard noodling in the background while Vernon Welsh does the intro.
  2. Left Bank releases upcoming

    I posted a complete listing for 1964-1989 in the discography forum. Thanks to Mike Fitzgerald for compiling it. It is still a draft. The booklet says Resonance is digitizing the tapes, so that's good news.
  3. I posted it elsewhere but it is worth posting twice. Mike Fitzgerald just went live with this. Please note this is still a draft:
  4. Baltimore Jazz Conference 10/17

    It did not go like I wanted, because I was told a minute before that it was verboten to talk about the tapes. I am not sure what the details are on that exactly, I am supposed to hear back. Not holding my breath. The few remaining members are still obsessed with having full control even after all these years. They do not get that they already relinquished control with their last two deals. Sending original tapes to Uptown and not keeping copies sure was a dumb-ass move. And somehow, the Lee Morgan tapes got lost to or from Dorn. Oops. There is book potential, but a long article first would be good. As you can tell, the members have no inclination to get into any specific details, and are even cold to those who try. We will have to look elsewhere. But the research continues and ultimately, who played when is what matters. Hot off the press, Mike Fitzgerald just went public with this: Please note that it is still a rough draft. Tons of questions will emanate from this. One that won't because instrumentation is not listed: Did Ray Draper really play Flugelhorn with Blakey in 1979? Waiting to hear back from Valery Ponomarev. Happy reading.
  5. For completists only....

    Where are the tapes now? Does he have a list?
  6. Baltimore Jazz Conference 10/17

    That would be great. I hope to guide the discussion in some unexpected directions. It's free, but you do need to register.
  7. Register for FREE at the link above for the zoom meeting. I will be on the Left Bank Jazz Panel at 2:30PM.
  8. How do I contact Sunnyside? Facebook did not work.
  9. Did Led Zeppelin Rip Off Spirit?

    Which Fecebook Page? I found several. Is her name Patrice Wolfe?
  10. Happy 80th Birthday, Gary Bartz!

    Isn't there a Coltrane Rules, Volume Two that is MP3 only? When did the Roy Brooks come out?
  11. The Whotles.

  12. Live Streaming Concerts

    YouTube is the best - I put it on the big screen TV and it stays there forever. Building quite a Library...
  13. Jack Walrath recently confirmed on Facebook that the titles for Cell Block F and Rockefeller were flipped, i.e., the first song on Changes One in Cell Block F. Both tunes are on the Bremen set. Will this be corrected?
  14. Andrew Hill

    Me too.
  15. Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus

    So it wasn't just unissued sessions?